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  • Name: Lyudmila Zorina ( Ludmila Zorina )
  • Date of birth: 1 may 1941.
  • Age: 75 years
  • Place of birth: Saratov
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actress, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: widow

    Lyudmila Zorina : biography

    Now Lyudmila Zorina is known primarily as the wife of the star of Russian cinema Oleg Yankovsky. But there were times when it was exactly the opposite.

    Lyudmila Zorina was born in may 1941 in Saratov. Its hard to call childhood happy because it fell on the war years. But the acting talent of Ludmila evolved and became more noticeable in the post-war school years.

    After graduating from school, Lyudmila Zorina immediately enrolled in the local drama school. In 1964, after graduating, the young actress was invited to the service in the Saratov drama theatre.


    Biography of Lyudmila Zorina, and her career began on the stage. Soon the red-haired actress has become a leading theater actress. If she was involved in the play, it certainly was waiting for a full house. Saratov theatre-goers remember Zorin in remarkable performances as «104 pages about love», «Talents and admirers», «Masquerade» and many others, in which she played the main characters.

    Amid the brilliant successes of Lyudmila Zorina, and her husband Oleg Yankovsky looked pretty modest. It was talked about not only as the «husband Zorina».

    In 1968, when the Saratov drama theater has toured in Lviv, in the hotel restaurant Oleg Yankovsky saw Vladimir Basov. He was just picking actors for his picture of the «Shield and sword». The appearance of the unknown Saratov artist seemed incredibly «Aryan». So Jankowski was invited to the role of Schwarzkopf.

    After a successful photo session Oleg Yankovsky decided to try his luck in the capital. Went to see him the devoted and faithful wife Lyudmila Zorina. She gave up her career, not for a moment doubt the correctness of the decision.

    In 1973, Zorina and Jankowski was admitted to the troupe Lenkom. Ludmila and here has found his niche. In productions by Mark Zakharov, «the Revolutionary etude», «Autograd XXI», «Thiel» and «the Guy from our city» the talent of the actress was spotted experienced the Metropolitan theater. But the biggest joy for Zorina was the success of her husband, whose career rapidly went up.

    In «Lenkom» Lyudmila Zorina served from 1974 to 1998. «Mary Tudor», «Romulus the Great», «Masquerade», «Memorial prayer», «Two women»: these performances in Saratov, the actress managed to open up fully and gain thousands of fans.


    A cinematic biography of Lyudmila Zorina is much more modest theatre. The actress only appeared in a few films, but they made her famous.

    In 1978 Lyudmila debuted in the role of Eugene in the film «the Guy from our city». In 1983 she appeared in an episode of wonderful pictures «Flights in dream and reality», in which the main role performed by her husband. In this film, Zorina played the deceived wife of a rebel Makarov.

    In the late 1980s, viewers saw the actress in the episodes of the drama «the Kreutzer Sonata» and the dramas «Amapola». But in the film «the Barbarian and heretic» Zorina got a highly visible and challenging role of Maria Filippovna.

    After the death of her husband, the artist is no longer playing in the theater. Occasionally she appears in movies and TV series.

    In 1999 Lyudmila Zorina received the title of Honored artist of Russia.

    Personal life

    With husband Oleg Jankowski red-haired beauty I met at the 3rd year of the Saratov school. The pair became close in Moscow. Tourist trip to the capital the management of the school was awarded the best students, in the forefront of them was Lyudmila Zorina. A little time has passed, and the students played a gay wedding, where I walked the entire course. They never parted. Their lives will never be tainted by professional jealousy of the success of his halves.

    Personal life Lyudmila Zorina was associated with Oleg Yankovsky until the tragic death of the artist. Ludmila for forty years doing everything in her power to make her man feel happy and secure. Warm home and a reliable back – this is what became of the famous artist his wife. It seemed that their marriage is getting stronger, although this star family has not been spared from the rumors and gossip.

    Son Philip Jankowski followed in the footsteps of parents and became a famous actor. Together with his wife, actress Oksana Vander, he gave the parents of two beautiful grandchildren.

    After her husband’s death in 2009, Lyudmila Zorina continues to cherish the memory of the artist, not allowing to cast a shadow on his reputation. Thanks to Zorina from the television broadcast were dropped transmission, which, as is now fashionable, was going to pull the light of the old rumors and gossip about Jankowski.


    • «The guy from our city»
    • «Flights in dream and reality»
    • «The Kreutzer Sonata»
    • «Amapola»
    • «The barbarian and a heretic»


    Lyudmila Zorina

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