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  • Name: Ludmila Zaytseva ( Ludmila Zaytseva )
  • Date of birth: 21 July 1946.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: the farm East of Krasnodar Krai
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Lyudmila Zaitseva: biography

    Lyudmila Zaitseva was born in 1946 on the farm «East» in the Kuban. The stories of the actress in the biographical film «the worse, the better», she grew up a very independent child – father Basil died early, and mother – a hereditary peasant and farmers – had to raise a daughter alone because the little People learned from childhood to take care of themselves.

    Family always in poverty, Ludmila was forced to wear boys ‘ shoes, which cost five times cheaper «Shuttle-traders». In trying to do something to help the mother, immediately after the eighth grade, she enrolled in night school to combine study with work. She has worked as a janitor, a laborer at a construction site sztukateria, deep down dreaming of becoming an actress.

    Lyudmila Zaitseva
    Lyudmila Zaitseva | News Of Azerbaijan

    Not surprising – despite the circumstances in which they had to live, mother of the future stars of the Soviet music loved the movie and tried not to miss any of the sessions that the mechanic is constantly arranged in one of the stables. After the first visit to this improvised cinema Lyudmila Zaitseva decided to devote his life to cinema.

    Lyudmila Zaitseva moved to the capital of the Soviet Union in 1965 and from year to year tried to become a student of the School-Studio of MKHAT, but three times failed to pass the competition. Country girl read excerpts from «the Kids» by Anton Chekhov, tried to conquer the selection Committee «Eugene Onegin» by Alexander Pushkin, but it was in vain to surprise the host was not her.

    Lyudmila Zaitseva in his youth
    Lyudmila Zaitseva in youth | tvnz

    Despite the setbacks Lyudmila stood firm and didn’t plan to go back home. In 1965 she was able to go to the Ryazan youth Theatre, where he played in the children’s performances. In addition to performing simple roles charismatic heroes and the denizens of the forest, Lyudmila Zaitseva trained pantomime and improved vocal skills.

    Daily work has resulted in the actress felt the growth of skill, and in four years after leaving home, Lyudmila managed to move a career forward. In 1966 it took a student in the drama school of Boris Shchukin theatre Institute, which she graduated in 1970.


    In the second year of training, Zaytsev made his debut on movie screens – trusted her a small role in the film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s «the Story of Asya Klacina…». This movie was released only in 1987, and has received numerous awards, and in 1994, the Director even filmed a sequel.

    Lyudmila Zaitseva on stage
    Lyudmila Zaitseva on the stage | Sight-info

    Lyudmila has found a permanent job in the Theatre-Studio of film actor six years after education in 1976. Before that Zaitsev has already got some fame thanks to the iconic military pattern «…the dawns here are quiet» directed by Stanislav Rostotsky and not only. Main man, thanks to which the actress became so successful, was Vitaly Melnikov – it can rightly be considered a mentor Ludmila. He decided to trust her with one of the leading roles in the picture as soon as I saw her work in the film «Hello and goodbye» (1972).

    Although the samples were very poorly – young actress feared and played poorly in front of the camera – he was sure that she’s the perfect candidate for execution of the heroine Alexandra. Zaitsev has long liked him – he was going to call her in his latest film «Seven brides corporal zbrueva».

    Lyudmila Zaitseva in the film
    Lyudmila Zaitseva in the film «Hello and goodbye» | Movie-Theater

    «Hello and goodbye» is a wonderful timeless movie. This good romance, leaves behind a thought-provoking and mood of light grief, tells of a mother (played by Lyudmila Zaitseva) – the farmers, the ordinary toiler, which suddenly throws the husband. The actress managed to embody the image of a strong and independent woman, at the same time revealing her vulnerable and gentle soul.

    It was after this work begins the actress Lyudmila Zaitseva start to notice people from cinema and theater, although sometimes on the street recognizes it and regular Soviet audience. They can understand – after watching the film the image of the heroine many liked his sincerity and soulfulness. The audience saw it as a collective image of the Soviet woman. Director Vitaly Melnikov was able to pick up and reveal the perfect actress for his movie. Many years later, Ludmila continues to call him a man, to whom she owes her career.

    Lyudmila Zaitseva in the film
    Lyudmila Zaitseva in the film «Little Vera» | Movie-Theater

    After that, the actress began to invite to the shooting, and she left a mark in many masterpieces of Soviet cinema. The audience especially remembered for her role in the drama «Little Vera». The main heroine Rita — the average Soviet citizen with two children, the days and nights working. This image was close to the Soviet citizen – in the country there were millions of women like her. The film became a piece of cinema era and the decline of the USSR.

    For the first time after rebuilding the head practically did not appear on screens only in 1997, she played the role of Evdokia Lopukhina in another joint work with Vitaly Melnikov «Tsarevich Alexei».

    Lyudmila Zaitseva
    Lyudmila Zaitseva | Movie-Theater

    At the beginning of the Millennium Lyudmila tried on the image of Catherine Macklenburg during participation in the historical series «Secrets of Palace revolutions». She also noted in small roles in many Russian films «zero». Despite the age, she is in no hurry to retire.

    Personal life

    The first and only husband Gennady Voronin was a writer and actor. She met him in the Altai during the filming of «the Holidays of childhood.» They are in happiness and harmony lived together for almost fifty years until, in 2011, they death separated.

    Lyudmila Zaitseva with her husband
    Lyudmila Zaitseva with her husband | RIA Novosti

    She barely survived the death of her husband and walked away from her only because of family. Her daughter Vasilisa Voronin also became an actress. She already has a son for whom Lyudmila Zaitseva has been a wonderful grandmother – the children always loved.


    The best movies of the actress:

    • Pechki-Lavochki (1972);
    • Hello and goodbye (1972);
    • The dawns here are quiet (1972);
    • On their own (1973);
    • Rain – Paul (1974);
    • Our debts (1976);
    • Seeing (1978);
    • Little Vera (1988);
    • Dreams of an idiot (1993);
    • Secrets of Palace coups (2000-2008)


    Lyudmila Zaitseva

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