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  • Name: Lyudmila Sokolova ( Sokolova Lyudmila )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activity: Singer, actress, member of season 3 of the show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: Married

    Ludmila Sokolova: biography

    Music jazz, Blues and rock, wrapped in velvet and gentle tones of voice in the skillful handling of the Russian singer Lyudmila Sokolova, wins the heart of any music lover.

    Volgograd region city of Volzhsky – the birthplace of the famous singer. Lyudmila was born 19 October 1972 in a family with a strong musical taste, so in early childhood is tightly contacted with music, and this love helped her to achieve incredible success in self-development and career.

    In addition to conventional secondary education Sokolova received music in piano. Her success in teaching was seen by many teachers and were confident in the limitless talent of the girls. After graduating from high school, Ludmila Sokolova continued development in the University of linguistics N. A. Dobrolyubov Nizhny Novgorod, where he studied foreign languages (English, German), which in this period of time she actively uses when singing songs.

    Creative way Ludmila Sokolova

    After graduation, began the ascent to the musical Olympus. In 1992, in Nizhny Novgorod Lyudmila actively worked on «Radio Prestizh», where it started to charm everyone with their delicate timbres of voices, and the all-Russian competition of young performers «In the Wake of the Volga» and receiving the «Grand Prix» only added confidence in the correctness of his choice.

    Perhaps one of the most popular branches of career Lyudmila Sokolova is the song «I am a wave of new wave» with DJ SMASH team. It is in this composition one has seen the face of the singer, but her beautiful voice was admired by many.

    In 2009, Russia has learned to face the girl, who released his first but not the last clip is the song «Dial my number» rotation on «MUZ TV». 2010 brought the singer to win in the nomination «Best vocal» on radiopremii «GOD of the AIR 2010». And spun a whirlpool of events: participation in projects of Alla Pugacheva and radio «Alla» in 2011, performance at a concert in the Kremlin.

    The next highest rung of the career was a duet with the group «lube», and the creation of the song «Long time», which in 2013 received the award «Golden gramophone». And this year brought Lyudmila Sokolova’s release of a video clip under producers Igor Matvienko for the song «Women spring«.

    Since childhood, passionate about music and accustomed to her, Ludmila Sokolova had a good taste in the selection of songs that «made» her favorite performers: Tina Turner, Sade, Sting, Bryan Adams, and many jazz and Blues singers.

    Personal life Lyudmila Sokolova

    Of course, apart from the song of life Ludmila Sokolova lives and for the sake of their four children. «Children – a real decoration of my life» — says the singer.

    She is a true professional, followed by chase producers, but despite the rapid career, Ludmila Sokolova leads a quiet family life in which no one is left without her love and boundless kindness.

    Ludmila Sokolova in the show «the Voice»

    In 2014 Ludmila Sokolova has decided to participate in the show «the Voice» season 3. The first appearance on the stage of the project during the blind auditions with a sensual and deep song «Fall into the sky» charmed all star mentors of the project. It turned absolutely everything, but chose Ludmila Sokolova unsurpassed Leonid Agutin, who was closer to her work.

    Speaking of the first 4 release of season 3 of «the Voice», Sokolova was without a doubt the brightest release. But this is what has provoked a storm of criticism on the Internet . After all, first on «the Voice» come not professionals, and those who just want to learn how to be. But in spite of this, a girl with a gorgeous figure and beautiful eyes won the hearts and souls of many fans who are waiting for her new songs under the guidance of Leonid Agutin.

    The fight Ludmila Sokolova and Sevil Veliyeva – one of the highlights of issue 7 of season 3 of «the Voice». Girls gracefully sang the song «If you can hear» Polina Griffis. Leonid Agutin, based on knowledge and experience, expressed a preference for Lyudmila. But here Bilan, whose voice Sevil touched to the core, exercised my right and left Seville on the show, which will now fight for victory in his team.

    Stage «Knockout» presented Lyudmila Sokolova two strong contenders Arthur best and Sofia Rubina-hunter. Sokolova performed the song «Tu Mi Manchi Amore Mio» Laura Pausini. Mentors noted that this performance was solid and strong.

    This opinion was Simon who sent Sokolov and Besta in the quarter-finals.

    In the first quarterfinals of «the Voice,» which of the three participants in the semifinals will only have one, Leonid Agutin «pushed their heads» titans of his team — Ludmila Sokolova, Georgy Yufa and Mariam Merabova. Giving George and Mariam English composition, the instructor decided to prove to the audience that Lyudmila Sokolova, despite its role, sings Russian songs.

    In the first «live» Ludmila Sokolova performed the song «You are here» from the repertoire of Diana Gurtskaya. In recognition Agutin, Sokolova coped with the task even better than in rehearsals. Mentor has distributed its 100% as follows: George Yufa -30%, Ludmila Sokolova — 20%, Mariam Merabova — 50%. The audience put Sokolov in second place, giving her the 38.2%. However, to circumvent the favorite of the audience Marabou Lyudmila failed and she left the show «the Voice.»

    Perhaps it is the «Voice» project will help open up new facets in the works of Lyudmila Sokolova, who, at 42 years old has reached incredible heights because of their love for music and the education of teachers of foreign languages helps her to attract the attention of not only fans of Russian songs.

    Photos Of Ludmila Sokolova

    Ludmila Sokolova

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