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  • Name: Lucy Liu ( Lucy Liu )
  • Date of birth: 2 December 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Queens, new York, USA
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actress, producer, Director
  • Marital status: not married

    Lucy Liu: biography

    Lucy Liu (full name Lucy Alexis Liu) — Hollywood actress, model, artist and producer. Has a surprisingly attractive and aristocratic appearance, is completely devoid of Asian stereotypes work every day for 14 hours.

    Lucy masterfully plays the accordion, loves skiing and horses, is fond of climbing and Filipino martial arts of Arnis, Eskrima and Kali. It has a height 160 cm, weight 53 kg, pour vegan.

    Lucy Liu
    Lucy Liu | SantaBanta

    Lucy was born December 2, 1968 in new York in a poor family of Chinese immigrants who left home country to start a new life in prosperous America.

    Lucy’s mother, Cecilia Liu, with a degree biochemist from Beijing. Father Tom Liu — Builder from Shanghai University. Lucy is the youngest of 3 children. She has an older brother John and sister Liu Jenny Liu.

    Full give the girl a good Foundation for life in America parents at the age of 5 years send daughter to a prestigious specialized school new York Stuyvesant High School. In 1986, the girl successfully finishes school, participates in cultural exchange program in Singapore and arrives at new York private University.

    Lucy Liu
    Lucy Liu | Teatr agency

    Trained from prestigious universities confused by the sarcastic atmosphere and after a year, Lucy transferred to the University of Michigan. After graduating from University with an academic bachelor’s degree qualification «Chinese language and culture,» she additionally receives extensive training in the field of dancing, elocution, fine arts and acting.

    On the last training Lucy tries his hand at cinema. She starred in the adventure kinoskazki «Alice in Wonderland». Being Asian-American student in the film Lucy elementary plays the blond, blue-eyed Alice.

    Inspired by the experience and great success in the movie, Lucy decides to change the way of life and to plunge into the world of professional acting. In the fall of 1990, the girl tells the parents that he intends to move to Los Angeles and become a professional actress.


    Arriving in Los Angeles, Lucy begins to develop his acting career. She works as a waitress in a public restaurant and is visited by hundreds of casting auditions. Nationality and type Oriental girls allow it to quickly integrate into the actor’s environment. She offered only a small role and participation in the television show.

    After minor roles in film and television in 1998, Lucy was offered a role in a Comedy drama «ally McBeal», created by David E. Kelly. The role of the vicious and ill-mannered Ling Under allowed Lucy to become one of the prominent Hollywood Actresses and to in 1999 «Emmy» for best actress the second plan.

    Lucy Liu in the movie
    Lucy Liu in «Charlie’s Angels» | CineMagia

    In 1999, she has appeared in films, but mostly in secondary roles. Lucy portrays a high-class BDSM prostitute named pearl, associated with the Asian mafia in the Thriller «Retribution», playing the role of saleswoman in the Thriller «true crime», appeared in the comedies «Molly» and «the Marriage game earthly dwellers», takes part in the Saga of «play it to the bone».

    The year 2000 brought Lucy Liu more serious role. She plays a kidnapped Princess pee Pee in a Comedy film with Jackie Chan «Shanghai noon», starring in the box office Thriller «Charlie’s Angels».

    Lucy Liu
    Lucy Liu | Fanpop

    In 2001 she was invited to become the official face of the cosmetic brand Revlon (Revlon). Lew gladly accepts the offer.

    In 2002, she starred in the magical Thriller «Ballistic: Ex vs. sever» action movie «Coder», the musical «Chicago.»

    The year 2003 was for the actress especially saturated. In early June, came the second part of the blockbuster «Charlie’s Angels – 2: forward Only». The fall is the fourth film Director K. Tarantino’s «Kill bill». In 2005 Lucy Liu starred in the canadian trilogy «Three needles» and a Thriller based on real events «Domino».

    Lucy Liu
    Lucy Liu | Dream wallpaper

    In 2006, with the actress leaves the crime Thriller «Lucky number Slevin», in which she starred, and its partners are Josh Hartnett, charismatic Bruce Willis and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman. Her films «Put that away», «Watching the detectives», «Vampire», «nicknamed» the Cleaner». The actress also appears in the television series «Dirty sexy money».

    In 2008, she participated in the dubbing of animated films «Kung fu Panda» and «Fairies» and their sequels «the Fairies — the Magical rescue» and «Fairies Lost treasure.»

    Lucy Liu
    Lucy Liu | Fash dance

    In 2011 he published two grossing film with her participation, including atypical drama «a substitute Teacher» funny Comedy «Someday this pain will bring you benefits.» The actress starred in the detective series «Elementary» is a new version of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes these days. Lucy in the film, plays Joan Watson, the assistant of the famous detective.

    In 2013, Lucy gets an invitation to become a member of A. M. P. A. S.

    Personal life

    Reporters repeatedly «betrayed» Lucy marry very different men, seeing her at a joint photo. Relatively recently she attributed the novel with the financier Noam Gottesman, then she allegedly met with actor George Clooney and film Director Zach Helm. Itself, however, Lucy claims not ripe for any of the novels and create a full family.

    Lucy Liu with my son
    Lucy Liu with my son | Starkiddo

    Lucy is not married, now lives with her son in new York, studying different religions: Buddhism, Taoism and Jewish mysticism. She declares that she believes in things spiritual origin associated with meditation and singing. In her youth she studied Chinese philosophy, therefore, all metaphysical believes and today is very exciting.

    In 1991, the actress underwent a mastectomy — surgery to remove breast cancer. It was a very difficult period in her life with a long recovery period.

    Lucy Liu
    Lucy Liu | LiveScience

    Since 2004, she is a member of the Chinese-American organization Committee of 100 (Committee of 100).

    The actress is a staunch supporter of equality for gay marriage. And

    August 27, 2015 she announced the birth of a son, which she carried by a surrogate mother.


    • Ally McBeal
    • Charlie’s Angels
    • Ballistics: the Former against Siver
    • Kill Bill
    • Charlie’s angels: Full throttle
    • Coder
    • Vampire
    • Cashmere mafia
    • The man with the iron fists
    • Elementary


    Lucy Liu

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