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  • Name: Lucy Lawless ( Lucille Francis Ryan )
  • Date of birth: 29 March 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: mount albert, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actress, singer, model, singer, and the winner of the contest «miss New Zealand-1989»
  • Marital status: married

    Lucy lawless biography

    Lucy lawless new Zealand actress, famous for starring in the adventure film «Xena — warrior Princess», as well as effectively played in the movie «Eurotrip», «the Boogeyman» and the TV series «Battlestar «Galactica» and «Spartacus.» In addition, Lucy has made a career as an actress, she is known as a singer of Broadway musicals, a fashion model and the winner of the contest «miss New Zealand».

    Lucy lawless in childhood
    Lucy lawless in childhood | VK

    She was born March 29, 1968 in the suburbs of Oakland the little town called mount albert. Nee future star’s name was Lucille Francis Ryan, she was one of six children of the mayor of mount albert, Frank Ryan, also has a banking business, and his wife Julie, a school teacher. Lucy has four older brothers and one younger sister.

    Lucy lawless in childhood
    Lucy lawless in childhood | VK

    Before the girl went to school, she was a real Tomboy and in one game is not inferior to their brothers. Maybe it was to curb the mischievous «boy» character’s parents gave Lucy to school at the convent. The nuns had managed to instill her love of English literature, as well as, noting her vocal was given roles in the school musicals. So the scene Lucy lawless first appeared very young.

    Lucy lawless in his youth
    Lucy lawless in youth | VK

    In 17 years, the girl goes to the philological faculty of the University of Auckland, where he also continues to develop singing skills in a student Studio. But after a year Lucy was quitting school and together with her boyfriend, goes on a journey around the world. To feed themselves, the pair were interrupted by small jobs, for example, grapes were harvested on the farm, worked in the mine, made maps of the mines and so on.

    Lucy lawless - winner of the beauty contest
    Lucy lawless — winner of the beauty contest | VK

    She came home already with my husband and a new name, Lucy lawless, under which it soon learns the whole world. But the first step on the path to glory has become a beauty contest for married women, which she won in 1989 and received the title of «Mrs. New Zealand». In fact, she was only 21, so the modeling Agency stood in line make the girl photo shoot. After a series of promotional videos young beauty came to the television screen.


    For the first time new Zealanders can see Lucy lawless in a Comedy show «Funny business» and then she began to transmit «travel Journal» on the channel «Air New Zealand Holiday». Lucy soon made a successful career of an actress, but also on the work of the presenter is not forgotten. For example, in 2003, the actress on the channel «Discovery» introduced a cycle of documentary films entitled «women warriors of the. Each of the films talked about really existed warrior, and the main emphasis was made on their lives beyond the battlefields.

    In addition, Lucy lawless led the ceremony of awarding the new Zealand music award and took part in the popular American show «Famous duets», which took second place. Following this success, she has given recitals in Roxy, new York and Chicago. Lucy sang many new songs, and even tried a new music genre — R&B. Also I should add that Lucy in the role of Betty Rizzo from a theatrical production of «grease» won the hearts of Broadway fans.


    In the feature film Lucy lawless first appeared in 1990. First she got a small role such as a nurse in the drama «a Bitter song» or one of the girl players in the sports melodrama «the End of the Golden age». And then the actress got into a fantasy adventure «Hercules and the Amazon women». First, the pilot edition, she performed the role of the villain named Lissie, then turned to the friend of the centaur Lyla. And in the series she had to unexpectedly replace the ailing actress Vanessa angel and to stand in the way of a woman-warrior of Zeta.

    Lucy lawless in the movie
    Lucy lawless in the movie «the Amazing journey of Hercules» | VK

    Lucy lawless had only three episodes of the TV series «the Amazing journey of Hercules» to win the hearts of viewers. The producers of the project immediately found additional financial resources and run parallel to the TV series «Xena — warrior Princess», where Lucy was already in the spotlight. This series has become very popular on all continents. However, in «the Amazing journey of Hercules» actress continued acting for three years.

    Lucy lawless in the movie
    Lucy lawless in «Xena — warrior Princess» | VK

    It is worth noting that in his most famous project «Xena — warrior Princess» Lucy lawless refused to understudy and all the stunts were performed by myself. Insurance decorators covered the battlefield, gymnastic mats, and then covered them with mud and grass. And in six years the actress has not received any injury on set. But she was waiting for a serious test of live popular program «the tonight show with Jay Leno». Lucy in the way Xena had to enter the Studio on horseback, but the animal was scared, stumbled, and together with the rider fell from the platform. The woman received a severe injury of the hip, the restoration of which took almost a year.

    Lucy lawless in the movie
    Lucy lawless in the movie «Eurotrip» | VK

    In the twenty-first century, the actress had received many offers, but she decided to play the episodes in the cash projects. It was his policy choice, as Lucy lawless believes that short appearance on the screen requires more concentration and more skill. She starred in one episode of «the x-files», portrayed the girl-punk in the blockbuster «spider-Man», turned into Amsterdam sex lady in the teen Comedy «Eurotrip», played the main character’s mother in the horror film «Boogeyman».

    Lucy lawless in the movie
    Lucy lawless in the film Spartacus: blood and sand» | VK

    Later, Lucy lawless still accepted the invitation and for leading roles in the movie «Day of the Locust», the science fiction series «Battlestar «Galactica» and the horror film «Deadly swarm». Big success awaited action adventure «Spartak». Lucy stood there in the image of Lucretia with the first season of «Spartacus: Blood and sand». Also the actress played this role in the prequel «Spartacus: Gods of the arena».


    Today Lucy lawless has not ceased actively to act in films. She played Diane Lewis in the fifth and sixth seasons of the mockumentary Comedy «Parks and recreation» appeared in the superhero series «Agents of «S. V. T.», turned to the Countess Palatine Ingrid von Marburg mystical with the historical drama «Salem».

    Lucy lawless in the movie
    Lucy lawless in the TV series «ash vs evil dead» | VK

    The last two years, Lucy lawless is an integral part of the series, filmed in the genre of black Comedy «ash vs. evil dead». She plays the role of ruby Nobi and, along with actors Bruce Campbell, Jill Marie Jones and Ray Santiago is the protagonist of this parody of horror.

    Personal life

    While still a schoolgirl, Lucille Frances Ryan met and started Dating the same age, whose name was Garth lawless. With him the girl went on a world trip and during the voyage, married him in 1988. After traveling Lucy lawless and her husband settled in the Australian town of Kalgoorlie, but when it turned out that the future actress waiting for the firstborn, the family returned to Auckland. In New Zealand, Lucille gave birth to daughter Daisy.

    Lucy lawless, her first husband, Garth and their daughter Daisy
    Lucy lawless, her first husband, Garth and their daughter Daisy | VK

    The first marriage of the actress lasted until 1996. Because of the frequent trips of the spouses connected with the filming in the movie, the relationship between Lucy and Quenching began to deteriorate, and they decided to leave. Two years later, Lucy lawless is again a married lady. On the set of the TV series «Xena – warrior Princess», she met with one of the Executive producers Robert Tapert, and they begin a romantic relationship.

    The wedding of Lucy lawless and Robert Tapert
    The wedding of Lucy lawless and Robert Tapert | VK

    The wedding took place on 28 March 1998, a year and a half Lucy lawless, who decided not to change the name after divorce, or after a new marriage, is a mother again. They have a son Robert, born Julius Robert Bay. Now the family is educated and younger brother Julius, Jude mayro, who is younger brother of three years.

    Lucy lawless sons Julius and Jude
    Lucy lawless sons Julius and Jude | VK

    Lucy lawless is a member of the company to protect the environment «Greenpeace». In 2012, the actress along with six like-minded people seized oil ship, which stood off the coast of New Zealand, which was supposed to go to drill wells off the coast of Alaska. Lucy lawless and her fellow more than three days kept the ship under its control and demanded that «the Chukchi sea be left alone» until the police detained the activists and sentenced accomplices to 120 hours of community service.


    • 1995-1998 — the Amazing journey of Hercules
    • 1995-2001 — Xena — warrior Princess
    • 2003 Tarzan
    • 2005 — the Boogeyman
    • 2005 — Deadly swarm
    • 2008 — bedtime Stories
    • 2005-2009 — Battlestar Galaktika
    • 2010-2012 Spartacus
    • 2012-2014 Parks and recreation areas
    • 2015-2016 — ash vs. evil dead


    Lucy Lawless

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