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  • Name: Lucía Mendez ( Lucía Méndez )
  • Date of birth: 26 January 1956
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: león de Los Aldama, Mexico
  • Activity: Mexican actress, model and singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Lucia Mendez biography

    Lucia Leticia Mendez Perez was born 26 Jan 1956 in león de Los Aldama in Mexico. Father Antonio Mendez Velasco specialty was as a chemical engineer, and his mother Martha Ofelia pérez méndez was a homemaker and involved in the upbringing of children. His childhood, the girl spent on a ranch with my grandfather and grandmother.

    Mendez at an early age began to show artistic talent, interested in the life of film and theatre. Wanting to develop the talents of their daughter, the parents sent her to study at the Academy of fine Arts. The teachers highly appreciated the creative potential of women, thanks to their support Lucia already at the age of nine became the host of the morning radio program «Larks». Her big dream was a career on TV.

    After graduating from the Academy, his father insisted on her studying in the USA on a speciality the philologist. Lucia didn’t resist the decision of Antonio, and for several years he went abroad, where the perfectly learned English. Home the future star returned already by a qualified translator and teacher.

    Fulfilling his father’s will, Lucia Mendez decided to realize his dream and devote himself to acting. Her desire was supported by the mother, who provided invaluable moral support to the future star of Mexican soap operas. In 1972 the girl was noticed by theater Director and offered a role in the production. In the same year, Mendez received an award as «the most beautiful face of the year» from the Mexican journal «Heraldo». Through participation in the performance «

  • Nothing about sex, because we are innocent» Mendes spoke about all of America, she received several prestigious awards and was honored with his own wax figure in the Hollywood Museum.

    Lucia Mendez: TV shows

    In 1972 Lucia Mendez made his debut in the series «the Italian is going to marry». She continued her participation in the popular Mexican telenovelas, in parallel acting in commercials. In 1980, méndez participated in the filming of the television series «

  • Kolorina» where he played a bright and unusual for a Mexican audience the image of a prostitute. Songs for this project were recorded by the artist in collaboration with the Spanish composer Camilo Sesto. Most popular Mendes brought the role in the telenovela «
  • Nobody but you», the producer of which were made by its patron, Ernesto Alonso. The series was shown not only in Latin America but also in USA, Germany and CIS countries. Mendez received the award for «Best actress» from the Association of critics in Latin America, and its composition»
  • Corazón de piedra», which became the main theme of the series, was nominated for American Grammy «Best Latin pop artist».

    In 1994, Lucia Mendez signed a contract to participate in the series «

  • Marielena» from «Telemundo», the shooting of which took place on the territory of the United States. However, according to the previously signed contract with the Mexican company «Televisa», the actress had the right to act only in their projects. The actress demanded to immediately leave the show and return home. The success of the project «Marielena» in the USA was so impressive that the Mexican star has ignored the threats of the owner of the channel and continued shooting. So the name of Lucia Mendez for several years was in the «black list» Studio «Televisa», which at that time owned almost all the media in Latin America. In 1996, Lucia returned home and signed a new contract for five years with the channel «TV Azteca». In 1998, she again appeared on television in the series «the Three lives of Sofia».

    In 2008, the actress participated in the filming of the Latin version of the world famous series «

  • Desperate Housewives». Lucia Mendez and to this day starred in the TV series. In 43 years of his film career, she participated in more than thirty projects, most of which are popular and loved series of the tapes.

    Lucia Mendez: music

    Lucia Mendez also known as a talented singer. Her vocal talent was noticed by the famous Mexican composer Juan Gabriel after the actress sang the song «New love» for the film «Alien». Together with the composer, the artist recorded his first solo album, «Siempre estoy pack final en ti», which was released in 1975.

    Since 1980, for it was to write the composer Camilo Blanes (Sesto). Album with his songs «Sólo una mujer «, which was released in 1984, had an incredible success among the audience. For him Lucia was awarded «

  • Grammy» as «Best Latin American singer». In 1983, Mendez was awarded the title of Queen of the festival at the International song festival in viña del Mar.

    The singer is incredibly popular in his homeland and in the United States. Her albums have received numerous awards, and the songs many times finished in the top of the charts. Despite the fact that Lucia sings in the native language, she has a lot of fans around the world.

    During his 30-year music career, Mendes has recorded and released 25 albums that included original songs, and songs for TV shows.

    In 2006, the famous Mendez launched the production of its perfume line «Vivir by Lucía Méndez». Her project has received several awards, and in 2013 she released her second fragrance «Aura». Also Lucia has released a line of cosmetics «Oxivivir de Lucía Méndez» on the basis of liquid oxygen for women of Mature age.

    Mendez is the founder of a charitable Fund specializing in aid to children who have hearing problems.

    Lucia Mendez: personal life

    At eighteen Lucy was in love with his partner on the film, the famous composer

  • Valentina Trujillo. The artist offered the girl to marry him, but Lucia had dreamed of becoming an actress, and even could not think about family and marriage, so refused composer. Trujillo eight days later married another woman. Lucia’s heart was broken. His first song «Siempre estoy pack final en ti» (I always think of you) she devoted beloved. In 1985 the actress was in love with his colleague on the film «Nobody but you»
  • Salvador Pineda. Their romance was beautiful and bright, but was short-lived. For the filming of a commercial for the company «Coca-Cola» Lucia met her future husband, Director
  • Pedro Torres. In 1988 the couple got married, and a few months later the couple had a son, Pedro Antonio. My husband supported Lucy during the filming of the TV series «Marielena» when was the trial with the Studio «Televisa». In 1993, the couple filed for divorce. In 2004, Mendez married again. Her lover was Cuban
  • Arturo Jordan. Their wedding was incredibly luxurious, and was attended by many well-known individuals of Latin American show business. However, three years later the couple divorced.

    Lucia Mendez: filmography

    • Italian is going to marry
    • Stranger
    • The Minister and I
    • Kolorina
    • Vanessa
    • No one but you
    • Draw love
    • Marielena
    • Three of the life of Sophia
    • Desperate Housewives

    Lucia Mendes: photos

    Lucia Mendez

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