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  • Name: Luc Besson ( Luc Besson )
  • Date of birth: 18 March 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Paris
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: French film Director, screenwriter and producer
  • Marital status: married to Virginie Silla

    Luc Besson biography

    Luc Besson was born in March 1959 in Paris, in a family where both parents worked as diving instructors in the Mediterranean company, which owned a network of resorts in many countries. All children’s and youth Luke passed on the coast of Yugoslavia, Greece and other countries, resorts by the sea. Luc Besson the example of the parents were also fond of immersion. He was engaged in underwater photography. But a special love of Paris were dolphins. Working with them he wanted to devote his entire life. But everything changed in case. In 17 years, Besson unsuccessfully plunged into the deep and almost went blind. The guy had to end the forever diving because of the risk of complications.

    Luke returned to Paris, where he was left to himself. At that time my parents divorced. Each of them had a new family. Luke began a difficult period of finding their place in life. He graduated from high school, but without much success: study was not interested. Dabbled in different jobs, but also to no avail. One friend helped Besson, had the photography skills, get the Studio as an assistant Director. Luke is so pleased with this activity that after 2 years he went to Hollywood with the intention of becoming a Director. But factory of dreams is not immediately accepted the young talent. Besson returned to Paris and was immediately drafted into the army.


    Returning from the army, Luc Besson came back to the Studio. He never finished special courses or University, preferring in the Director’s practice to learn the craft. After 3 years, he independently directed music videos.

    Debut film, which begins a cinematic biography of Luc Besson, it becomes short «Penultimate». She appeared in 1983 and was made in their Studio, Besson. Colleagues appreciated the work of novice Director. After a year, Luke submitted a new picture. It was a black-and-white silent film called «the Last battle». This tape is notable in that the audience first saw on the screens Jean Reno. Subsequently, Besson will have him in their projects. And then the film of the young Director received several awards. Particularly enjoyable were two, awarded at the festival in Avoriaz.

    But the real success came to the Hatch Besson in 1985, when large he released his third project «Underground». Through the year the British film Academy nominated the tape as «the Best foreign language film». In this picture Besson again took Jean Reno. We can say, the Director and actor have worked together for glory and popularity.

    In the same 1986 Luc Besson has demonstrated that he is not only a good Director but a great producer. In this capacity he made two successful films – «Kamikaze» and «Taxi». Both films had great success and considerable fees.

    During this period, Besson renames his Studio. Previously, it was called «Movies of the wolf,» now «Movies of the Dolphin». And he starts shooting one of his most successful paintings. The extremely topical tape «the deep Blue» is the first project of Besson’s English. It is based on Luke, all his childhood and teenage years spent at sea, and laid the real story of two pioneers of free-diving Frenchman Jacques Mayol and Italian Enzo Majorca. World champion Mayol is known for being the first in the world reached 100-meter depth without scuba gear. And again Besson involved in the movie Jean Reno. The actor played Enzo Majorca and Jacques Mayol image appeared Jean-Marc Barr. The girl Maillol was played by the then little-known actress Rosanna Arquette. After the film the young Director has fallen world the glory. This work brought him several «Starov» and many other awards.

    1990 a new tape Luc Besson’s «Nikita». The main role of the Director took the young Anne parillaud. And again an incredible success. After 3 years, was filmed a remake of «Nikita» called «point of no Return».

    After a year, Luke returned to his beloved sea theme and removed the popular scientific documentary film «Atlantis».

    The next film Luc Besson filmed in Hollywood. The picture of «Leon» was released in 1994. And again starring «the talisman» Besson – Jean Reno. He played the killer. Fragile girl, who had sentimental feelings for the killer, played by Natalie Portman. The tape had a great success among the audience. But critics saw the painting artistic value. «Leon» has not received important awards, which led the Director to a large depression. Hollywood again cold took the Frenchman.

    But the Director learned the necessary lessons and was able to implement the standards of Hollywood to your next project – «the Fifth element». The main role in the tape played by Milla Jovovich – aspiring actress and model. The project was invested us $ 90 million. World hire has brought $ 260 million.

    Luc Besson decided to consolidate the success, taking Jovovich in the ribbon – drama film «Joan of arc». But the expected success has not received. On the contrary, it was a failure. Besson always had a hard time of failure. This time he «dropped out» of active directorial work for 6 years. Back to the audience he had in 2005. Screens out a successful romance Besson’s «angel-a». A little later came films about king Arthur.

    In the period when Luc Besson stepped away from the Director’s work, he was engaged in producing. In these years came the famous painting «the dancer», «13th district: Ultimatum», «Bandidas» and the sequel «Taxi» and «Carrier».

    One of the most famous recent projects Luc Besson’s sci – Fi picture «Lucy». This Thriller, where the main role appeared Scarlett Johansson, released in 2014, and included in the list of the 10 best films of the year by «Time».

    Besson is considered the best producer and Director of our time. He showed that he can work in different genres. On account of the French Director has more than 152 pictures.

    Personal life

    In 1986, Luc Besson was married to Anne parillaud. She starred in the film «Nikita», created specifically for Anna. But at Besson and parillaud lived only 5 years. This marriage had a daughter Juliette.

    2 years after breaking up with parillaud personal life Luc Besson again improved: he began an affair with a 16-year-old Maiwenn Le Besco. The young actress appeared in his movie «the Fifth element», playing a Diva singer. The marriage of Luke and Maiwenn was a civilian. Together, the couple lived a short time, but the result of their relations was the birth of the second daughter of Besson – Shana.

    On the set of «the Fifth element» Besson not only became close with Maïwenn Le Besco, but with Milla Jovovich. To her left, the Director Maïwenn. They married in 1997, but have lived together for a couple of years. Again, the marriage ended because of infidelity of the Hatch.

    In 2004, he married actress Virginia sill. It is not just a movie, but is also a co-producer Besson. To this marriage were born three children: daughters Satin, the Waist is the son of Mao.


    • Kamikaze
    • Taxi
    • Blue
    • Nikita
    • Leon
    • The fifth element
    • Joan of arc
    • Angel-A
    • The carrier
    • Bandidas


    Luc Besson

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