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  • Name: Lubava Greshnova ( Lyubava Greshnova )
  • Date of birth: 5 July 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Kharkov
  • Height: 171
  • Activity: Ukrainian and Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Lubava Greshnova: biography

    Lyubava Greshnova S. was born in Kharkov in July 1988. In the childhood years family and friends the girls realized that a growing artist.

    Biography lyubavy Grechnevoy began when she was barely 13. Lyubava was entrusted to lead the program «Children’s cinema», which was broadcast by Kharkov TV channel. First, the girl performed the hosting duties, but soon started to write scripts for transmission.

    Finishing secondary school, Lubava knew exactly who he wants to be. She easily entered the Kiev University named after Karpenko-Kary, selecting acting Department. The future actress was fortunate to learn from great masters, people’s artist of Ukraine Valentina Winter. Under the guidance of talented teachers Lyubava several years studied the basics of acting.

    In the first years students Greshnova began to emerge on the scene. By the end of training she has had some brilliantly played roles in productions of «Bear», «Thiel», «the Brothers Karamazov». In the latest production of Dostoevsky’s novel, the actress appeared in the form of Grushenka.

    In 2009, after graduating high school theater, Lubava Greshnova was accepted into the troupe of the Kiev theatre «Suzirya». A year later the singer is back to work leading. On the channel «STB» she was a popular television show, «Weighed and happy».

    Since 2012, the actress lives and works in Moscow.


    A cinematic biography lyubavy Grechnevoy is developing successfully. The young actress a very responsible approach to their roles. One day she had to meet screen image to lose 12 kg of weight. Although the role of Lyubava and choose, but the willpower and desire to win, the actress demonstrated. It is not surprising that soon Grechnevoy career rapidly went up.

    With regard to the determination and iron will, they do not just need a young actress. For example, acting in the film «Glory», Lubawa had in a very short time to learn English. She coped with the task. And in the project «Bring back my love», she played 2 roles at once. For hair and makeup … every day Grechnevoy need 5-6 hours. The actress had to play in a wig and contact lenses, which is intolerable in my eyes. For removing makeup also had at least 3 hours. But sugar says that these and many other sacrifices she is willing humbly to make time, because this is required by the profession.

    The first successful roles some of us are her work in several acclaimed TV series. In the film «Neighbors» Lyubava played a cameo role, but was found on the set with such well-known actors of Russian cinema, as Maria Aronova, Sergey Gabrielyan and Olga Tomycine. To sharpen acting skills and improve Lyubava had in the project «the Route of mercy» and «Love and a bit of pepper.»

    In «the Route of mercy», viewers saw the actress in the image of the charming Zoe Kurochkina. This show was memorable for showcasing joint work with wonderful artists, and in the melodrama «Love and little pepper» Greshnova played the daughter of the main character of Larissa. This role was approved Ekaterina Strizhenova.

    The young actress has gained experience in two projects about the everyday life of law enforcement officers. Greshnova played a role in the crime series «under the law» and «Foundry».

    Personal life

    For several years the name of the actress associated with the name of her colleague Michael Wheat. Michael also has Ukrainian roots. Besides, he studied In one University. But the novel came later, when the artists met on the set of the melodrama «Bride of my friend.» For a long time, young people go through life together.

    Not long ago, Michael made an offer of Lubawa. It happened on the oceanic coast of the Dominican Republic hot, very romantic setting. Young people do not disclose the date of the scheduled event and promise to make a double celebration for myself and family with friends.


    • «The route of mercy»
    • «Love and a bit of pepper»
    • «Lights years»
    • «Give my love»
    • «Beautiful life»
    • «Demons»
    • «Under the law»
    • «Time sins»
    • «House for two»
    • «Glory»
    • «The neighbors»


    Lubava Greshnova

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