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  • Name: Lyubov Zaitseva ( Lubov Zayceva )
  • Date of birth: 6 may 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Yaroslavl oblast
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Love Zaitsev biography

    Love Zaitsev, a young Russian actress, star of TV series «mothers and Daughters» and «Hour Volkova». She was born in the Yaroslavl region, but soon the parents put the daughter to Moscow. A little girl Luba held auditions and numerous auditions, but instead comprehensive school visited the cinema.

    As a very young girl got on the television screens, when she was invited to the popular children’s comic newsreel «jumble». She has participated in several subjects, the most famous of which is a series about a teenage crush, «Speck of dust». At the end of the school Lyubov Zaitseva entered the Higher theatrical Institute of Shchepkin, where she enrolled on a masters course Nikolay Afonin and Vladimir Seleznev.


    For the first time in a feature film Lyubov Zaitseva has debuted in 1993. It was the teen drama «Vic rag-tag and the car» in which 11-year-old Luba played one of the students at the boarding school. In the next picture, she has appeared in adulthood in 2004 in the Comedy film «Four taxi drivers and a dog» in the role of the former antagonize, independent girl Tani Rockynol. In the story the actress had in the frame to interact not only with professional actors, but with Figaro, a puppy Dachshund, who «played» a dog named Jasmine.

    Then Zaitseva was followed by a series of bright negative characters. In 2007, in the melodrama «mother-Daughter» she created on the screen image of the girl of Jeanne with a very difficult character. In the film her character is constantly building obstacles to the main character. In 2008, the continuation of the popular television series «Two fates» she got the role of Lucy, which is no longer limited to small dirty tricks as the previous heroine actress, and makes real meanness. According to Lyubov Zaitseva, she was very difficult to get into that character, since the behavior of the heroine to her psychologically incomprehensible and morally unacceptable.

    Even more popular has brought Love criminal drama «the City of temptations» and the detective on the life of the police «Hour Volkova». In the last series she was involved in over 3 seasons, first appeared in the third part of the picture in the role of a police Lieutenant Jeanne Cucumbers.

    Love Zaitsev is known for its strict principles on the set, which relate mostly to explicit scenes. All erotic episodes, where the plot should appear to her character, Zaitsev replaces the understudy, as the actress is not ready to deviate from its rules. Even a scene with the kissing crossed out in the script, because Love accepts them only if reasoned necessary.

    In 2016, Zaitsev received the invitation of the organizers of the TV project «Without a net», where celebrities paired with professional gymnasts to show balancing act miracles. The actress says that she was very difficult since we had 10 days to learn the software on which other participants worked for about 3 months.

    Personal life

    A few years ago Lyubov Zaitseva was a loud affair with the actor Alexey Panin. The couple was named one of the most extravagant, but ended the relationship even more loudly. With names Zaitseva and Panina was associated with numerous scandalous interviews in the press, litigation and other high-profile events.

    Some time after parting with Panin’s Love got married, but after a previous relationship, prefer to hide their personal life from the press, and her husband’s name to a wide audience is still unknown. The family raised a daughter, Mary.

    Love Zaitseva creative, loves to experiment. Some time ago, having visited one of the Moscow exhibitions, she is so into this art that hired a professional teacher of photography. And recently the girl was fond of skiing and have devoted to this task a few weeks of vacation, which is held in the mountains of France.


    • 2004 — Four cabbies and a dog
    • 2004 — private number
    • 2005 — man of war
    • 2007 — mothers and Daughters
    • 2007 — made for each other
    • 2008 — Two fates 3. New life
    • 2009 — City temptations
    • 2009-2010 — Hour Volkova
    • 2011 — the marriage under the will. The Return Of Sandra
    • 2015 — PA


    Lyubov Zaitseva

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