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  • Name: Love Bachankova ( Lubov Bahankova )
  • Date of birth: 8 June 1989.
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Love Bachankova : biography

    Love Bachankova was born in June 1989 in Minsk. For her parents the occasion of the birth of children was double, because she was born not alone, but together with her sister Faith. At that time the family already had two grown children. And with the advent of this noisy pair of twins in the house became more fun in two times.

    Parents Luba is not associated with the world of theatre or cinema. Dad works as an electrician in Minsk metro, and my mother works as an administrator.

    In early childhood, the Love Bachankova of becoming an actress did not even think. This profession seemed something unattainable. But the girl grew up very artistic and creative child. She, along with her sister Faith ran to a local dance Studio, where he studied ballroom and modern dance. Engaged in acrobatics in the sports section and took voice lessons. And together with the sister put home performances for family. The remaining energy Luba «dumped» on your favorite basketball. For some time the sisters attended the Minsk school of arts, where he established himself in the desire to become Actresses.

    After graduating from secondary school Love Bachankova together with her sister, went to Moscow. She had no idea how their paths may diverge, as from an early age girls have grown and evolved together. They are difficult to distinguish and outside.

    Unfortunately, the examinations in VGIK Love Bachankova, like her sister, failed. But the girls decided not to return home, and to stay in the capital. They wanted to better understand this city and to prepare for entering. To material difficulties by Bankowym was not used to. The future actress was not spoiled, after all, grew up in a simple large family. Therefore, the Luba, along with the Faith found where to get the money for the most necessary: they worked at various corporate parties and events, both great singing and dancing.

    And in 2008 Love Bachankova successfully passed the exams and along with her sister were enrolled in a course of Alexander Mikhailov.


    A cinematic biography of Lyubov Bankovoj began in 2010. Together with her sister she co-starred in rating TV series «Doctor Tyrsa». Although the girls got a small role, but they were lucky to play together with stars of the Russian cinema by Michael Porechenkova, Kseniya Kutepova, Sergey Gasanovym Novel by Mardanovym. This first experience was invaluable.

    But in 2010, immediately after the filming of «Dr. Stipa», Love Bachankova and her sister received the offer to star in another project called «Nanotubule». That the Directors of the film are looking for main characters that were similar to each other, the budding artist learned from classmates. When she and Faith came to casting the creators of «Nanotube» is incredibly happy. As it turned out, they had already almost lost hope to find a couple of suitable Actresses. At the audition, the Directors were convinced that the sisters Bankowy not only similar, but talented. They got everything that was required of them.

    «Nanolub» Love Bachankova played work of NASU, whose prototype was the student of Nina. The role of Nina received the Faith. Play humanoid robot was not easy, because the lube it was necessary to constantly monitor the emotions and facial expressions. But the artist did a great job. This film brought lube Bankovoj popularity. And yet – many of the new proposals from the Directors.

    In 2012, Love Bachankova received a diploma of film and continued to act in films. In the same year she appeared in two films, one of which – the melodrama «Andrey» – she got the main role Masha Shilina.

    That career the Belarusian actress is moving upward, they say recent projects in which she starred. In 2013, Luba Bankovoj got starring roles in the films «Penelope» and «Ninkina love», and in 2014 the same stellar role in the melodrama «Not guys happiness» and «Brotherly bond».

    In 2015, Love Bachankova has pleased fans with his appearance in the action-Packed 20-episode melodrama Dmitry Kuzmin «only the beginning». Together with Anatoly Rudenko, the actress played a very convincing.

    Personal life

    About his private life, Belarusian actress does not like to talk. She tries to stay away from the omnipresent media, who are constantly trying to find out private details and inflate them from the scandal.

    It is known that personal life love Bankovoj he had a happy. Like her sister, Vera, Luba married. But her husband’s name she never discovers. According to some information from social networks, the actress already has a daughter, her name is Barbara.


    • «Doctor Tyrsa»
    • «Nanotubule»
    • «Elysium»
    • «Andrew»
    • «Don’t cry for me, Argentina!»
    • «Ninkina love»
    • «Penelope»
    • «Not guys happiness»
    • «Fraternal ties»
    • «Only the beginning»


    Love Bachankova and Faith Bachankova,

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