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  • Name: Love Aksenov ( Lyubov Aksenova )
  • Date of birth: 15 March 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Love Aksenov: a biography

    Love p. Aksenov (maiden name Novikova) was born 15 Mar 1990 in Moscow. Parents of the future actress no relation to the film does not have, the girl’s mother is a medical worker, has worked in the pharmacy for about 20 years, and the father is in the military.

    At school, Luba was a good student, always pleasing parents good grades, so they are never faced with school problems daughter. Since childhood Aksenov showed creativity, speaking almost at all the school festivals and concerts. At the end of the school Love he entered GITIS (workshop Scheinin), the biography of Lyubov Aksenova merged with the creative development stage.

    Aksenov recalls his first appearance at the faculty with a smile. When the entrant came to the first lesson in elocution, she was scared of what is happening. On the floor lay 20 people who gave a strange grunt. It later turned out that the way the guys performed a relaxation exercise. After watching a few minutes of this picture, Love decided it was a cult hit with horror ran out of the room and called my mom.

    The words of the mother of the girl remembered for a lifetime. And reminded Aksenova, that «Moscow was not built in a day», and career of the artist is not limited to one receipt, you need to sweat a little before you Shine on the stage. As time passed, the Love began to join in the creative atmosphere and found that is not so bad.

    Aksenova have never had any desire to quit acting and start doing something else. Girl interested in many things, but thanks God I chose the road of his life. The actress says that she has the ability to transform into different roles, so always learns something new. Its main principle is to bring it started to end, and not give up halfway, so all the forces gives while becoming an actress.


    Movie actress Love Aksenov was in 2010. After graduating from GITIS, the actress starred in the first series «Our neighbors». Then the actress got a leading role of Christine Panfilova in multi-season TV series «Closed school», and then played in many secondary scenes.

    In 2013, Aksenov has filled up with new offers to act in films: «the Best girl of the Caucasus» — Nina, the series «Studio 17» sleepy series «to Survive», where she played the role of Marina — one of the prisoners of the bunker. The latter brought the popularity of all the actors starring in the film, is no exception and Aksenov. Luba’s career soared after participating in the filming of the series «Survive».

    Filmography of Lyubov Aksenova has several well-known projects.

    Personal life

    Despite their young age, Love Aksenov already married. Her lover was producer Paul Feldman. With her future husband Luba met in the cinema thanks to common friend, whom the actress was invited to the premiere of the short film «the Rose,» with her participation. Then one picked up a Paul for the company.

    That night, the future spouses to communicate better failed, because Love does not pay attention to the young man. After a week Aksenova and her future husband met again and had a very warm relationship. Since the personal life of Lyubov Aksenova is inextricably linked with Paul.

    The actress says that happily agreed to change the passport and to take her husband’s name. Love Aksenova and her husband are best friends. My husband knows all about the actress, understands the intricacies of her profession, therefore, is largely able to support your favorite.


    • Our neighbors
    • «The mirror»
    • «Closed school»
    • «Stories»
    • «Survive»
    • «Studio 17»
    • «The best girl of the Caucasus»
    • «Embracing the sky»
    • «Loves not love»
    • «Moscow never sleeps»
    • «Flipout»
    • «Dirt»
    • «These eyes opposite»


    Love Aksonova

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