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  • Name: Louis Frank ( Louis Franck )
  • Date of birth: 28 December 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Zurich
  • Activity: musician, Director, writer
  • Family: married Dina Korzun

    Louis Frank: the biography

    Louis Frank – musician, artist, fame that took part in the Ukrainian alternative rock band

  • «Esthetic Education». In addition to her music career, Louis became famous on television in the role of actor, writer, and Director. Louis Alfred Frank was born in Zurich on 28 December 1971. His father Eric has earned his living by reselling the various works of art, later focusing on photography. The mother of future musician and filmmaker INES worked in PR at the world famous Sotheby’s auction. Specialized education Louis received in Moscow studying at the Moscow art Theater. In fact, it was there that he demonstrated the makings of a brilliant actor: after one of the performances Anouilh’s L Alouette, where Franco was given the role of king Charles VII, one of his teachers, the national actor of the USSR Oleg Tabakov, dubbed it «the Black Swan».

    After training in theater, Louis travels to the American continent, where he studied directing in Pittsburgh and working in the canadian advertising company «Cossette» at the same time actively acting and directing work in the theater of Montreal. There’s also Frank troupe creates

  • «Ensemble Sauvage Public», combining acting role with the work of the composer.

    Louis Frank: «Esthetic Education»

    At the beginning of the XXI century, Louis Frank lives and works in Moscow, doing fashion photography. In 2002, an event occurred that gave rise to the creation of his own musical project in this period in Moscow with a concert tour comes the famous Ukrainian band

  • «Okean Elzy». Frank helps the team with the filming of the video for the song «Friend» and along the way, moving closer to the two musicians of the band,
  • Dmitry Surovym and
  • Yuri Hustochka. The musicians gladly accept the offer, Louis with writing soundtracks of the second Franco film called «March». Then the trio began to explore the creation of one’s own group. Dmitry and Yuri leave «Okean Elzy» to soon to surprise the audience with their own creativity.


  • «Esthetic Education», was released in 2004. The musicians clearly distributed the roles among themselves: the Handkerchief was the bass player, Shurov took place at keys, and Louis Frank became the vocalist of the project. The band is considered to be Ukrainian and is based in Kiev. In parallel with the development of the group Frank exits and produces the film»
  • March.» «Esthetic Education» began to conquer the hearts of their fans since December 2004, when was released the first album of Face Reading.

    The popularity of «Esthetic Education» grew with each passing year. In 2005 was released the second album. In 2007, the «Esthetic Education» again surprised the public by presenting another album in the style of a theatrical production. The speech was launched «Green Theatre», which after the performance went viral. Similar fame and forgotten gallery «mystetskyi Arsenal», where the group presented its project, based on the eponymous Argentine silent film by adding music of his own.

    However, after 2008 the activities of the «Esthetic Education» began to decline. New works almost manufactured, and in 2009 Shurov left the project and founded his own group. In 2011, the group ceased to exist, and Frank took a creative break of two years in order then to return again.

    Louis Frank: creativity

    2013 marked the start of a new project Louis Franco, who received the name

  • «ATLANTIDA». The group were engaged not only music, but also combines a huge number of disciplines, including literature, theater, cinema and more. The first album of a new band came in the winter of 2013 and combines a variety of music from the Soviet era to modern styles. 12 September of the same year a new project Franco gave a concert on
  • Jazz Koktebel, which brought together at least 1,500 fans, and the presentation of the team took place only a little less than a week ago.

    At the moment, Frank has released 2 albums, and the Louis in 2015, took part in the filming of Alexei German Jr.

  • «Under electric clouds», where he played a major role, along with Chulpan Khamatova, Merab Ninidze, Anastasia Melnikova and other well-known Russian actors.

    Louis Frank: the private life

    Louis Frank is happily married to actress

  • Dina Korzun. The pair met back in College on courses of the Moscow art Theater. After the return of the franc to Russia in 1998, relations broke out immediately. Later Frank and Korzun will play an impromptu wedding in Yugoslavia, where Louis was filming his first film
  • «Picture», and in 2001, the couple officially got married in Geneva.

    Dina Korzun is a famous and popular Russian actress, who prior to her marriage to Louis was already married. First husband Korzun has a son, whom she brings up with Louis. Also, a pair of Frank-Korzun have two children: a daughter and a son.

    Louis Frank: discography

    • Face Reading
    • Leave Us Alone/Machine
    • Live At Ring
    • Werewolf
    • Bascet Case
    • Atlantida
    • Twockers

    Louis franc: photo

    Louis Frank

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