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  • Name: Louis de Funes ( Louis Germain David de Funes de Galarza )
  • Date of birth: 31 July 1914
  • Age: 68 years
  • Date of death: 27 Jan 1983
  • Place of birth: Courbevoie
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: French film actor, Director, writer
  • Marital status: was married to Jeanne de Maupassant

    Louis de funès biography

    Louis Germain David de funès de Galarza, whom we know as an outstanding comedian of world cinema, Louis de Funes was born July 31, 1914 in one of the communes of the French Department of Hauts-de-Seine at 8 kilometers from Paris. Parents of the future actor in 1904 he moved to France from Seville, because their families had opposed this Alliance. Carlos Luis de Galarza, was in the legal profession. But after leaving Spain, he had to learn a new profession – the diamond cutter.

    Louis de Funes from early childhood showed a lot of talent. He was fluent in French, English and Spanish, she drew beautifully, was very artistic and also played the piano. But the small size and funny faces that he loved to pose, was not allowed to take it seriously. A guy called Fufu. When he grew up, got a job as a pianist in one of the many establishments in the Pigalle district of Paris, famous for its cabaret «Moulin Rouge» and brothels. Visitors loved the little musician in a virtuoso performance of jazz songs and funny antics.

    When Paris was occupied by German troops, Louis de Funes took a job as a teacher of English at one of the music schools. After the war, the future comedian decided to try acting in films. To do this, he had recommended to friends and acquaintances. Louis de Funes in the pre-war years attending drama courses, the famous French actor rené Simon. Now it’s time to apply the received knowledge in practice.


    A cinematic biography of Louis de Funes began in 1945. The aspiring artist starred Jean Staley «Barbizon temptation.» The film did not bring Louie tangible success. Like several of the paintings, where the artist appeared in episodes and small roles of the second plan. Only in 1958, 13 years after the debut, Louis de Funes became famous. And famous far beyond his native France. This happened after the release of pictures of «Not caught — not a thief», more commonly known as «Blair». The actor played in this Comedy the main character – poacher named Blair.

    60 years of the peak of the acting career of Louis de Funes. Year came out a few movies, always bring comic artist of the new wave of love and glory. Special sympathy of spectators brought Louie’s trilogy about Commissioner Juve and Fantomas. The comedian played brilliantly minded Commissioner. Initially it was assumed that the series will be 10, but after the third part called «Fantomas against Scotland Yard» popularity began to decline, and the Director Andre Unabel decided to limit myself to three episodes.

    The same huge success was marked by the release of the next two comedies, with the participation of comedian. The painting «the Cuckoo» and «the Big walk» looked chock-full of audience halls all over the world. Louis de Funes worshipped and adored everywhere.

    In March 1973 the artist has been awarded the country’s highest award-the Legion of honor of France. He is still actively acted. But in 1975 Louis de Funes had a heart attack. Immediately followed the second. The doctors categorically forbade the actor to work with. He settled in his old castle Chateau de Clermont near to Nantes, and began to lead a quiet, regular life. Some time Louis was gardening and got interested in breeding new varieties of roses. One of them was even named after the artist. But long live as a hermit full of energy actor could not. And when Louis de Funes received from Director Claude Zidi the script for a new Comedy «the Wing or a leg» he couldn’t resist and gave his consent to the shooting. Then there were several great comedies. The last one is «Le Gendarme et Les gendarmettes» – was released in 1982.

    Despite the fact that the career of Louis de Funes developed rather late and slowly, he managed to play in more than one hundred films.

    In January 1983 Louis de Funes did not. He died of a heart attack. After the death of Louis de Funes the castle, where the last few years he had lived was sold.

    Personal life

    Even a few years before the war, Louis de Funes married. His first wife was Germaine Louise Elodie Carruaje. To this marriage was born a son Daniel. But in 1942, their marriage broke up.

    Personal life Louis de Funes was adjusted a year later, when he met the great-niece of the legendary author of the novel «Dear friend» by guy de Maupassant. Augustine de Jeanne Barthelemy de Maupassant was a Secretary at a music school, where, during the war, Louis was taught solfege. They lived together until the death of the French comedian. In this happy 40-year marriage de Funes born two sons, Patrick and Olivier.

    None of the sons of the artist is not followed in the footsteps of a legendary father. Olivier chose the profession of pilot, Patrick became a doctor.


    • Not caught — not a thief » (Blair)
    • Fantomas against Scotland Yard
    • Big walk
    • Idler
    • The gendarme and aliens
    • Wings or legs
    • Le gendarme et Les gendarmettes


    Louis de Funes

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