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  • Name: Dana Borisova ( Dana Borisova )
  • Date of birth: 13 June 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Pinsk, Belarus
  • Activity: TV Presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Dana Borisova: biography

    Dana Borisova is an actress, journalist, TV presenter, most famous blond star of the Russian media sphere, which destroys all the stereotypes about blondes. Effervescent, intelligent, interesting and attractive, This has not ceased to attract the attention of the press, even when it became less to appear in public. Their success owes not only attractive in appearance but also determination, ability to get around the hardships of life with irony and a smile. Biography Dana Borisova is primarily the story of a bright and bold personality whose life was not always like a beautiful fairy tale.

    Dana Borisova was born in 1976 in a small Belarusian town of Mozyr, but hometown doesn’t remember when she was just a few months, her family moved to Norilsk. Self-discipline and rigor to itself it owes to parents. Father Alexander Borisov served in the militia, and mother Ekaterina Ivanovna Borisova worked as a nurse.

    In his childhood, Dan was lonely: parents always were at work, with peers relations, being slender and inconspicuous, the boys didn’t like her, and be active in clubs and teams and good grades in all subjects peers and was not able to forgive her. This was a passion for music and played the piano. Outlet in her solitude, had a younger sister who was born three years after moving Borisovich in Norilsk: This read her books and always shared the candy that dad had brought, feeling guilty for something that spends little time with children.

    As a teenager, Dana Borisova once saw an ad in a class of journalism, who for the sake of the experiment conducted by the broadcasting company of the city of Norilsk. «What if?» decided was Given and went to try their hand. She herself was surprised when she was able to pass strict competitive selection. The girl was not very high opinion about their abilities, so the result of the selection, I was pleasantly surprised. Thus began the career of Borisova in journalism.


    On the TV screen The first came at the age of 16 Media sphere always liked her. While in high school, Dana led the transfer for young people called «Zebra» and has established itself as the speaker of the Norilsk TV channel. This later became the host of the TV show «congratulations». After ascertaining in his own talent, the girl decided to try his luck in the capital and immediately after graduation he moved to Moscow.

    Since 1993 Dana Borisova studied at Moscow state University. University. But, unlike the entry, training there call successful she could not due to multiple failures and omissions that are caused by shooting in the television show for the soldiers called «Army shop», which she got in 1993. Of course, to combine study and work was not easy, and Given preferred jobs.

    After the program «Army Shop» on the bright blonde started talking to the media. Actually this started with the success of Borisova in the role of the presenter. Learned it on the streets, and among the soldiers, whose intended transmission, This became a real idol – every day leading came a lot of letters with declarations of love.

    And though it looked so life is beautiful and smooth, This was of a different opinion: for her, this period was quite difficult. The family of the new star just moved to Sergiev Posad. So, after finishing smiling from the screen, the girl ran for the last train, where repeatedly became a victim of theft. And the family was not okay – my parents split up, causing the mother of the presenter moved to Moscow, and his father — in Belarus.

    Personal life the actress was not easy, but the career was instead on a steep rise. In 1996 Borisov did something that neither of the presenters of the former Soviet Union before it – was shot for the magazine «Playboy». This led to the official investigation, but there is a silver lining — so the popularity of the girl flashed even brighter. From the program «Army Shop» Dana went in 1997.

    In 2002, This is recognized as the most popular girl on the Internet, thanks to which she was invited to the reality show «Last hero -3». This show demonstrated a gentle blonde woman that the harsh life on a desert island – not for her. After retiring from the show, a girl came in the other program became one of the leading program «Cougar Town». This work changed the habits Data, and in the TV show «the Domino Principle» blonde appeared before his audience in a new way – now Borisov has become much colder and sharper, suited for the format of this transmission.

    Then Dana Borisova started to try yourself in the role of the actress. The film «Bear hunt», however, became her only acting job.

    Until 2012 Borisov has disappeared from the screen and happened after his triumphant return – the TV presenter appeared in the popular Ukrainian television show «Battle of Psychics», and then show the First channel «Tower». In 2014 on the channel Pepper Borisov led the show, «Machine», together with Viktor Loginov.

    Personal life

    Well-known TV presenter was attributed to many novels. In 2005, she met with businessman Maxim Aksenov. After some time, the couple began to live together in the apartment of Maxim, which was in the center of Moscow. They lived in a civil marriage. In August 2007 Borisova and Aksenov a daughter, Pauline, and less than a year, Maxim left the family.

    Then there was a difficult period for Dana Borisova, came the depression. The financial issues of the former beloved decided through the courts. However, later in This Maxim and have established friendly relations.

    After this unpleasant period of Borisov became actively monitor themselves, lost weight, openly and unashamedly talking about that had plastic surgery and is soon going to get married with her new lover Andrey Tishchenko. According to This, they’ve been Dating for three years live together and the relationship they develop just fine. June 22, 2015 Dana Borisova was married to Andrew. Eight months after the marriage it became known that This had filed for divorce.

    Television projects

    • Army shop
    • The last hero 3: staying alive
    • The city of women
    • Last hero 5: super game
    • The Domino principle
    • This morning
    • Business morning


    Dana Borisova

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