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  • Name: Lolita ( Lolita Gorelik )
  • Date of birth: 14 November 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Mukachevo, Ukraine
  • Activity: singer, actress, TV presenter, Director
  • Marital status: Married to Dmitry Ivanov

    Lolita: a biography

    Lolita – a bright representative of the Russian show-business, singer, host, actress and a simple woman without complexes.

    Lolita Markovna was born in the autumn of 1963 in the Carpathians, in the city of Mukachevo. Childhood and youth future star held in Lviv. Dad conducted the orchestra and worked as an entertainer, mother sang in a jazz band. While their parents toured, the little Lolita was my grandmother. In 1972, mom and dad got divorced and after 2 years the father emigrated. The mother, together with Lola moved to Kiev.

    Biography Milavskaya began after the school girl tried her vocal skills in the team of the mother and met with Irina Ponarovskaya of VIA «Singing guitar,» which took first singing lessons. She then began working as a backing vocalist.

    The young singer, inspired by the success, he entered the Tambov Institute of culture (directing faculty). In 1985, Lolita film moved to Odessa, where she helped education. She begins to speak at the Odessa regional Philharmonic society, where it displays the numbers in the conversational genre miniatures.

    For career development IBA moved to Moscow. The experience gained over the years came in handy while searching for work at concert venues.

    Lolita: cabaret Duo «Academy»

    In the provincial Philharmonic Lolita met Alexander Tsekalo. In 1987, because of the frequent conflicts she left the Philharmonic, and he decided to try himself as a professional singer.

    The result Tsekalo and Palladium have created a cabaret-duet «Academy», which enjoyed great popularity until the late 90s. During this time, Lolita has given concerts in Europe, the CIS and the United States, recorded several albums («Little coup», «Mebelnye dances», etc.).

    Interesting and unusual Duo tall girls and short husband became popular, it was compared with a pair of «Sony and cher». More than ten years, the couple performed together, tried themselves in the role of presenters. They were such programs as «TV pizza», «Morning post» and «Good morning, country!».

    However, due to «irreconcilable differences» personal life Lolita and Alexander gave a crack, and they broke up. Despite the divorce, the work is still tied artists — nobody wanted to stop working with cabaret-a duet «Academy».

    However, in 2000, She leaves Brian to break the cooperation with great pleasure.

    Lolita: solo career

    Solo career Lolita the site began with the release of the song «Flowers». In January 2001 he released a self-titled album, which has sold 50 thousand copies.

    Since October 2002, he plays Matron «Mama» Morton in the musical «Chicago.» In December of the same year removed for Playboy (photo session devoted to the musical «Chicago»).

    Lolita led the program «Without complexes» (2005-2007). In September 2008 became the host of the TV show «superstar-2008» on NTV.

    New creation Lolita — album «Fetish» censorship does not pass through specially made erotic photos. Due to the limitations of, the singer released edition of the CD with 12 songs, including the track «a farewell to arms!», written by music producer, composer and poet Elena Kiper.

    «I’m not interested in fashion trends, sing what falls on my soul. My album is a good mix of high poetry and fashion music», She said about the album «Fetish».

    In 2009 he released a collection of hits «Separee», including the single «Stop the world», which many have called the anthem of the LGBT community.

    In 2011, Lolita becomes a member of the jury of the musical talent show «factor a». The main goal of the project is identifying and developing the singing talent of the contestants.

    In the winter of 2012, held a benefit «Madam President». Lolita decided to submit yourself as a candidate for the head of the country. It was introduced to modern political strategists, made a test of aptitude, and the best songs of the singer sounded as a pre-election campaign. In the same year It becomes the leading program «Saturday night live». August 30, 2012 submitted the young singer Oleksandr Onofriychuk and the winner of Crimea Music Fest.

    In 2013, according to Forbes, Lolita included in the list of twenty richest Russian musicians. In November 2014, the singer released the album «Anatomy».

    Lolita: personal life

    If many stars carefully hides his personal life, Lolita candidly shares these details with the fans.

    So, in 1985 She first married. Her lover was actor

  • Alexander Belyaev. He supported her endeavors, watched the first steps of the future stars in art, helped to correct mistakes and their consequences. A year Lolita marries
  • Alexander Milyavsky. This marriage was «fake», the purpose of its conclusion – obtaining a residence permit for Moscow. However, it is under the surname of her second husband, the singer became known to the General public. The third choice Lolita the site was
  • Alexander Tsekalo. In the end, this Union brought the girl from Mukachevo to the pinnacle of success — it is widely known in the tandem. Marriage gave her daughter eve, but in the end he was destined to end. Along with this came to an end and their creative Union. In 2004, IBA was married to businessman
  • Alexander Zarubina. Their love did not last long – the couple broke up in 2009. In the spring of 2011, the media reported on the fifth marriage of Lolita Milavskaya. This time her lover was
  • Dmitry Ivanov. The guy is a trainer for the game of squash and the seventh racket of Russia. He is 11 years younger than her, but such a difference does not confuse the actress.

    Lolita: discography

    • «Little coup»
    • «Mebelnye dance»
    • «I want to, but are silent»
    • «The wedding»
    • «Flowers»
    • «Fingerprints»
    • «Show of the divorced women»
    • «Curiosities»
    • «Fetish»
    • «Anatomy»

    Lolita: filmography

    • «Show weevils»
    • «Die of happiness and love»
    • «Evenings on a farm near Dikanka»
    • «Cinderella»
    • «Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro»
    • «It’s all flowers»
    • «The Kingdom of crooked mirrors»
    • «The new adventures of Aladdin»
    • «Red Riding Hood»

    Lolita: photo


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