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  • Name: Loïc Nottet ( Loïc Nottet )
  • Date of birth: 10 April 1996
  • Age: 20 years
  • Place of birth: Courcelles, Belgium
  • Activity: the Belgian singer, participant of «Eurovision-2015»
  • Marital status: not married

    Loïc Note: biography

    In the first days after the end of the contest «Eurovision-2015», held in Vienna, the hashtag #rapapp became one of the most popular in Russian social networks. The reason for this explosion of interest was 19-year-old participant from Belgium loïc Nottet, charismatic competitor, who won the Russian audience with a rousing song and unusual performance.

    Biography of Loïc Nottet originates in Belgium. Loic was born 10 April 1996 in the Belgian town of Courcelles, Wallonia. The boy grew up very musical, rhythmic and with a childhood dream to sing and dance. This is fundamentally at odds with the will of the father, saw his son to play football. But over time, seeing his son’s success, dad gave up. The family is now strongly supports Loïc and not imagine it without music.

    Loïc Note says he likes to learn from their mistakes. And he can easily solve any challenges. The Note is a very rare phobia, the guy is terrified of mosquitoes. «I am very afraid of mosquitoes… I like snakes, spiders, rats and so forth, but not mosquitoes!» — admitted to journalists the musician.

    In his free time, loïc dancing, writing prose and poetry. About music said that she needed him to be «at ease». «I need dancing and acting. I need art in General. I would like to achieve a top musical career, to enter the market of France and England. If I stay in Belgium, for me it will be a great lose, «says the Note, in an interview.

    Loïc Note: «The Voice Belgium»

    Despite his young age, loïc Nottet in the homeland in may 2014, took second place in the third season of the Voice Belgique («the Voice of Belgium», an analogue of our project «the Voice»), where his mentor was Beverly J. Scott. Loic played the hits of Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Otis Redding, John Newman and Pharrell Williams. Then he was only 18 years old.

    After winning «the Voice» singer woke up famous. Thanks to the sincerity of his style loïc became a favorite with the Belgian public. After the show he signed a contract with the record label Sony Music Entertainment continued to perform at various concerts. Participated in a tour of members of the Belgian show «the Voice», which was completed in June 2014 at the Cirque Royal in Brussels.

    In October 2014, Loic presented his first video, a cover version of the song «Chandelier» singer Sia, which has received positive feedback from the original performer of the track.

    Loïc Nottet: Eurovision-2015″, 4 place

    When it came time to select a participant from Belgium «Eurovision-2015», there’s no such thing: the choice fell on Loïc Note. Although the final of «Eurovision», the young singer did not get into the top three, taking fourth place with a score of 217 points, Note has managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers, including Russian. Russia at the contest put the Loic one of the highest scores – 10 points. A line from the song «Rhythm Inside» (Inner rhythm») rose to the highest positions in ratings of Russian-speaking Twitter. Such unprecedented attention, the contractor has caused not only a beautiful voice and a pleasant appearance. The Russians conquered his sincerity and facial expressions.

    Helped the Belgian contestant and Russian commentators Yana Churikova and Yuriy Aksyuta, who immediately after the first semi-final of «Eurovision» was named Loïc Note your favorite.

    The song «Rhythm Inside», which was proposed by Knott’s in Vienna, he composed night. Loïc started to play the piano and suddenly caught the tune. Loïc fully developed the concept of this project. He wrote the music, melody, worked on the choreography, participated in creating the look and visual effects to be used during a speech in Vienna.

    The question is, does he have a lucky ritual before going on stage, Loic said that he loves to restore strength, referring to the stars.

    The video for the song «Inner rhythm» filmed at the Studio «BlitzWork» in London. The video shows the contrary, as philosophically says the young singer, «it means that we all can be black, white, yellow, green or even blue on the outside. Inside we all have one color: inside we’re all red.»

    Loïc Note: personal life

    Personal life Loïc Note – almost a clean sheet. In his 19 years he did not marry nor have families. Many sources claim that Loic refers to the representatives of nontraditional sexual orientation, but the guy does not comment on such media reports.

    Loïc Note: photo

    Loïc Note

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