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  • Name: Liza Minnelli ( Liza May Minnelli )
  • Date of birth: 12 March 1946.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, USA
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: American actress and singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Liza Minnelli: biography

    A living legend of American cinema, the Hollywood icon, who has gathered major awards in world cinema, a great singer and just a great personality. All these stellar qualities embodied this unusual woman.

    Liza may Minnelli (often we call her Liza Minnelli was born in Los Angeles. She was a true Hollywood kid. Her parents, Vincent Minnelli and Judy garland are two experienced stars of «factory of dreams». Father – a famous Hollywood Director. Mother – actress and singer. Who else could be the daughter, if not a new star!

    Liza Minnelli with parents
    Liza Minnelli with parents | Liveinternet

    On screen, Lisa has appeared in 3 years, through the influence of my mom. Judy took the girl in the picture, where he played a major role. It was called «the good Old summer.» This ribbon was released in 1949, and starts the creative biography of Liza Minelli.

    After the divorce Judy, which remained little daughter constantly takes her on tours. Girl watching the whole filming process and life behind the scenes in detail. It is therefore not surprising that Liza Minnelli is the star dear mom.

    After the second marriage of the mother, the girl had a hard time. The mother is in constant depression, she had a problem with alcohol and later with drugs. That was born brother and sister have to look after Lisa. But this could be overcome if one, coming on the scene with her mother, Minnelli clearly didn’t feel that close with her mom, Judy garland, which the competition and comparison with young and talented daughter did not like.

    Liza Minnelli and Judy garland
    Liza Minnelli and Judy garland | Liveinterne


    In 1963, 17-year-old Liza Minnelli goes to new York to make her own career and to emerge from the shadows mom. Soon she stands on the stage of a theatre. At the same time she develops a musical career. A year after moving Minelli recorded his debut album, «Liza! Liza!».

    In the same 1964 Liza received her first award for a very well played role in a performance. Star actress and singer is skyrocketing on the horizon. Minnelli releases album after album. Acting become large. Play and vocals in this period both popular Liza, so she finds a better way of expression – the musical.

    In 1965, the artist received the prestigious award «Tony» for his work in the musical «flora the red menace». After a few months on the stage of Broadway premiere of a new musical show called «Cabaret». Liza Minnelli showered with prestigious awards and prizes.

    7 years later the musical «Cabaret» was filmed. He brought the actress and singer «Oscar», BAFTA award, a Golden globe and a few others.

    The film «Cabaret» began a cinematic biography of Liza Minelli. Critics and viewers of «Bang» take out the box office hits «new York, new York», «Arthur», «Stage debut», «West side waltz», «the Sterile cuckoo» and «Time to live». The last two pictures give her another Golden globe and the prestigious prize David di Donatello.

    It seems the only time Minnelli has summed innate flair for the stellar role, is her consent to play himself in an episode of «Sex in the city». The actress has appeared in the 2nd season, released in 2010. For this work she was awarded the «Golden raspberry».

    Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor
    Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor | Mi.Gee

    Filmography actress 20 films. But the music career of Liza Minnelli has developed no less successful: the singer’s 11 Studio albums. She also has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

    Personal life

    About the personal life of film legend. Actress and singer 4 times visited in an official marriage. But the number of novels attributed to her, the more these figures.

    Personal life Liza Minelli at different times was connected with the singer Peter Allen, Director Jack Haley, sculptor mark Giro and producer David gest. Named men were spouses of the stars.

    Liza Minnelli and David Gest
    Liza Minnelli and David Gest | Telenedelya

    In the early 2000’s celebrity had repeated all the mistakes of his mother. She developed addictions to alcohol and drugs. Fourth husband of Liza and David Gest, Minnelli was forced to undergo rehabilitation in a clinic. But after leaving she returned to the old way of life. After divorce with guest, she again underwent a course of treatment. She managed to stop.

    Now Hollywood actress helps to escape from the clutches of addiction, other drug addicts, donating large amounts of money for rehabilitation centres.


    • «Charlie Bubbles»
    • «Sterile cuckoo»
    • «Cabaret»
    • «Stage debut»
    • «West side waltz»
    • «Matter of time»
    • «New York, New York»
    • «Arthur»
    • «Time to live»
    • «Sex and the city 2»


    • Liza! Liza!
    • It Amazes Me
    • There Is a Time
    • Liza Minnelli
    • Come Saturday Mornin
    • New Feelin’
    • The Singer
    • Tropical Nights
    • Gently Confessions


    Liza Minnelli

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