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  • Name: Lisa Boyars ( Elizaveta Boyarskaya )
  • Date of birth: 20 December 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: Actress
  • Marital status: Married to Maxim Matveev

    Liza Boyarskaya: the biography

    Its origins biography of Liza Boyarskaya takes in the famous family of actors Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian. The actress has an older brother, Sergei. The girl knew that her parents — the people’s artists of the USSR, became famous throughout the country, but it is not going to follow in their footsteps. Future star dreamed of becoming a PR Manager or journalist. And the desire was bolstered by the possibilities, because at school she became the main solo entertainer parties.

    Few people know, but for the first time domestic audience saw on the screens of the future star back in 1998, at the age of 13 years. Liza Boyarskaya proposed to transform into a girl-addict from a wealthy family. In that eventful day, the home phone rang and a male voice asked to speak to the phone Michael. Beloved by many Soviet viewers Musketeers was not at home, he is on the set of the next film. Caller voice Lisa Boyarsky explained the situation, and then the man offered her the role of direction. Though did not share the clever and beautiful Lisa and the preferences of the parents to the cinema, but the consent has given.

    The years went by, and at the time future favorite of millions planned to file his papers at the faculty of journalism.But during the entrance examination, she suddenly realized that it was not her profession. Then the girl decided to try his hand at theatrical University and not lost. She managed to enter the Academy of theatre art, while Lisa boyars became the ninth actor in the dynasty. It is impossible to ignore the fact that all exams, the actress passed «fair», despite the well-known names of the parents, a young girl no one did.

    Liza Boyarskaya was enrolled in a course of Lev Dodin, strict but fair Director. Therefore, in student years, she plunged into learning the basics of acting and proved his talent.

    Liza Boyarskaya: movies

    The first role went to the actress while still a student in high school, then she played in the play «King Lear» beautiful Generally. Later this character, the artist even got the prestigious award «the Golden soffit».

    After graduating from the theatre Institute Lisa was invited to work in the Young Studio of the Maly drama theatre – Theatre of Europe. Here boyars were involved during the study, but after graduation it is officially adopted in the state. At that time, the actress was quite famous in the vastness of Russia. About it spoke and wrote not only as the child of legendary parents, boyar became self-sufficient and promising personality.

    Since 2004, the candidacy of Liza Boyarskaya was interesting cult Russian Directors. She first appeared in a small war drama,»

  • The bunker», the image of a young sister Erna was on her. A year later, the star actress really ignited in Russian cinema, and it showed itself in all its glory. Lisa Boyarskaya showered with offers from film Directors and dramatic historical paintings. As later admitted the actress herself, role in historical films capture her the most. Two years after the triumph she starred in the melodrama, then her colleague on the set was Alla Surikova. In the movie «
  • You will not leave me» Liza Boyarskaya for the first time played on the same set with his famous father. In 2007, photos of Lisa Boyars appeared on posters war movie Helena Silent «
  • I’ll be back». The girls game was a triumph, strength was not long in coming. When I began shooting a continuation of the legendary «Three Musketeers», Lisa was invited to sing the role of the daughter of d’artagnan. To the surprise of the crew boyar refused the offer, explaining his decision by the fact that the script doesn’t suit her. One of the prominent roles of the Boyar was the heroine of Nadia in the film «
  • The irony of fate. The sequel». Lisa grew up on this movie, so to play in its continuation became for him a matter of honor. On a film set with her together real gurus of the business and the audience favorites – Sergei Bezrukov and Konstantin Habensky.

    After the release of «twist of fate. Continuation» has begun filming of the acclaimed movie «

  • Admiral» about the legendary Admiral Kolchak, where a colleague of Lisa at the tape again became Konstantin Khabensky. Boyar played the role of Anna timireeva to – the sweetheart of the protagonist.

    In the fall of 2008, Lisa boyars began to cooperate with the producer center «Art-Peter» where involved so far in the entreprise «Cyrano de Bergerac» with Sergey Bezrukov in a leading role.

    Liza Boyarskaya: the private life

    Life of Liza Boyarskaya for a long time was developed because of the reluctance to escape from-under parental guardianship. In 2010 started the film «do Not tell», where fate brought the actress to the star of the film «Stilyagi» Maxim Matveev. Today the husband of Liza Boyarskaya says that at that time even could not think that this girl would become his wife.

    Boyar Matveev and for a long time did not want to publicize their relationships, as Maxim at that time was sealed with the marriage with Jana Sekste, actress «Snuff». The first spark between the actors ran in the summer of 2009 on location in Kiev. After a month of shooting on the film «do Not tell» the main theme for the bulk of the discussion was the affair between actors.

    To save the family failed, and after some time, the actor Packed up and left his wife. Liza Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev exchanged rings in one of the Central Registrar of Saint-Petersburg in the summer of 2010.

    In April 2012 the couple had a son Andrew. Boyar did not leave the stage until the sixth month of pregnancy.

    Liza Boyarskaya: filmography

    Filmography of Liza Boyarskaya has 47 movies. To date, the most striking of them:

    • «Deadly force»
    • Bunker
    • «Its another life»
    • «Storm the gates»
    • «You will not leave me»
    • «The irony of fate. Continued»
    • «Admiral»
    • «Do not tell»
    • «Five brides»
    • «Happy new year, moms!»
    • «Long way home»
    • «The fugitives»

    In 2015 is expected to release three films with the participation of Lizy Seigniorial: «Moon-Moon», «provincial», «Status: Free».

    Liza Boyarskaya: photo

    Liza Boyarskaya

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