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  • Name: Lisa Kudrow ( Lisa Valerie Kudrow-Stern )
  • Date of birth: 30 July 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress, screenwriter, television producer
  • Marital status: married

    Lisa Kudrow: biography

    Lisa Valerie Kudrow-stern born from a Jewish family. Her father, a leading neurologist in the world, mother is engaged in tourism business. The ancestors of the future actress lived in Minsk region, and then they emigrated to America. Here on 30 July 1963 she was born Lisa Kudrow.

    Her childhood was spent in Pòrtol (California), where she went to school, played tennis, swimming, studying French. After school, the girl entered Vassar College, graduating in 1985. Lisa received a bachelor’s degree and was going to do research work. She moved to Brooklyn where he lived and worked for her father, he was willing to help her.

    Perhaps she might have been a talented scientist, but one meeting changed her life. In Brooklyn, Lisa Kudrow met with a friend of his brother, comedian John Lovecam. John has convinced a striking blonde with green eyes is that they will have a bright acting future. The girl listened to his advice and enrolled in acting school. However, she was confident in my abilities, it was incredibly difficult to show emotion in front of the audience.

    Somehow Kudrow saw the announcement of a set of actors in improvisational theatre and came to the casting. Director considered her talent and took her under his wing. In 1989, Lisa Kudrow graduated from courses at the theatre and became a member of the troupe.


    Lisa dreamed about television. She auditioned for various TV projects, including as a presenter, but she had no luck. Finally, in 1992, the actress adopted the role of a waitress in the TV series «mad about you».

    When after two years starring in the TV series «Friends» was supposed to be the twin sister of her character, this role is also suggested Lisa Kudrow. The actress says that she is very happy with her character, because she shares many common features with Lisa. Phoebe Buffay in her performance turned out bright and unusual, remembered by the audience. She says that «Friends» was bright and light show. It now seems that for the audience it remained Phoebe. The actress admits that sometimes she misses her character.

    Kudrow was nominated six times for the award «Emmy». In 1998, she received the best supporting actress. A year earlier the actress played the main role in the film «Rommie and Michelle’s reunion». In the same year, she starred in the movie «Opposite of sex», then People put it in the TOP 50 most beautiful people in the world.

    Now she is already over forty, and with age Lisa Kudrow clearly feels the competition from the younger generation, and this for her is an ordeal.

    In 2005 she started acting in the title role of the series «the Return», which is also produced. Critics praised the project, but the ratings were low. The series was closed.

    Currently, Lisa Kudrow is a producer, and on the screen appears not so often as we would like, with small roles. She starred in «Hotel for dogs», «excellent student of easy virtue», an episode of «Cougar Town». After a break in 2013, she played the role of a politician in the TV series «Scandal.» This work was the first dramatic role in his career. In 2014, the NGO decided to return to the project «Return». Lisa Kudrow again removed it.

    Personal life

    The actress kept her virginity until the age of 31, she’s proud of it. Kudrow said that she endured to the wedding because I wanted to bring joy to their partner. Of course, she had dreamed that he would appreciate the honor. Everything in life and it did.

    May 27, 1995, Lisa Kudrow became legally married to Michel stern. Her husband owns an advertising business. Three years after the wedding the couple had a son Julian. Happy family living in a private home in Beverly hills. Lisa says that with the birth of a son, her life changed completely. However, she had to start working when the child was six months. In an interview with the actress repeatedly said that they felt guilty when they took the baby to the shooting. The only thing now is sorry about is that you do not birth to her second child – was postponed this moment.

    Lisa Kudrow – vegetarian. Spare time she spends with family, and teaches creativity at the school for children from disadvantaged families.


    • «Dance with death»
    • «P. S. I love you»
    • «Neighbours. On the warpath»
    • «Excellent student of easy virtue»
    • «Friends»
    • «Scandal»
    • «Hotel for dogs»
    • «The girl on the train»
    • «Paper man»
    • «Fella»


    Lisa Kudrow

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