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  • Name: Lisa Arzamasova ( Elizaveta Arzamasova )
  • Date of birth: March 17, 1995.
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Liza Arzamasova: biography

    Elizaveta Arzamasova — early Russian cinema. In the movie, the girl removed six years, but her extensive filmography are the envy of many famous artists of Russia. Iconic role, the young actress became the heroine of the series «Daddy’s girls» Galina Vasnetsov, which was a specimen of genius and sanity. However, fortunately most Actresses, the role of «geeks» for it is not entrenched, despite the enormous popularity of telenovelas.

    The future movie star was born in the early spring of 1995 in Moscow. Career in the movie Elizabeth wanted literally from the cradle. 4 years Arzamasova became involved in the music Studio at GITIS, where he was the youngest in the group. At that time, as other students tried to perform their first dances on the stage, little Lisa moved in her lap. The mother could not get enough of the success and aspirations of her daughter and tried to help her. The woman made a portfolio for the young artist and sent him all of the agencies. It turned out that the child actors are very popular in movies, and on Arzamasova showered with offers of filming. Debut of a young actress in the movie took place in 2001, when Lisa was just 6 years old. Since then she has not stopped acting and to develop their talents.

    In 6 years, the actress already was seriously engaged in dancing and singing, actively participating in all the talent contests that were held in Russia and abroad. Lisa even went to Hollywood, where it competed with other talented children for the first place in the talent competition. Unfortunately, to win the artist failed, although she conquered the judges with his amazing vocals and uninhibited on stage.

    In 2010, thanks to a friend Arzamasova he recorded his first solo song called «I am your sun», which soon removed the clip with the support of Dj Sandrique.

    After graduation in 2012, Elizabeth surprised everyone and filed documents in the Humanitarian Institute of television and radio broadcasting them. M. A. Litovchin. Arzamasova chose more interesting for her and promising production Department.

    Elizaveta Arzamasova: theatre

    Elizabeth’s career on theatre stages began in 2003 with participation in the musical «Annie.» The casting Director was looking for a young girl who had vocal and acting training. Elizabeth perfectly fit the description and was invited to audition, where he immediately impressed with his playing of the Director Nina Chusova.

    The young talent did not cease to invite to leading roles. At the theater «New Opera», the actress has played the role of daughter of the Russian Emperor, Anastasia Romanova, which again made critics talk about a rising star.

    In 2010, began long-term cooperation Arzamasova with Director Sergey Aldonina, thanks to which the actress first played the role of Juliet of Shakespeare’s legendary production of «Romeo and Juliet». Bet she was at least talented actor Philip Pale. Elizabeth did not hope for success and even waited for failure, but Aldonin gave a chance to the young actress. In the future, the Director again claimed the actress for the lead roles in their productions of «Conspiracy in English» and «Blaise», which premiered in 2013.

    Elizaveta Arzamasova movies

    The debut of the young actress was held in the television series «Line of defense», where Elizabeth played the little daughter of the chief of police. And in 2002 Arzamasova played in the film called «Ark». When the Director suggested that perhaps the girl wants to play princesses like other girls her age, Elizabeth in all seriousness said that she does not care whom to play. Arzamasova proved to be very popular at the cinema in the next 5 years she played in over 10 different projects ranging from TV series, ending with «great movie».

    The real success of a young actress brought the series «father’s daughter», where Elizabeth played the role of one of the daughters of the main character Galina Vasnetsov, famous for his childish intelligence. On casting the actress was very nervous, she had to play the role completely opposite to her. But as soon as the artist wore glasses, and just «feel» your character and understand how to act.

    Assistants for the selection of actors was completely satisfied with the talent of the young actress. Arzamasova coped with its task with enthusiasm. The shooting of the series was delayed for 6 years, during which Lisa grew up together with her character. Now after watching the first series Arzamasova understand how much has changed and how more experienced in terms of acting was herself.

    The actress received many interesting proposals about the shooting. In 2011, Elizabeth has played in the bibliographic series «Dostoevsky» the role of Sophia Kovalevskaya.

    Since 2012, the artist actively participates in the dubbing of foreign films. The first work of Lisa in this field was the articulation of the character of Princess Merida from the animated film «Brave». In the same year Arzamasova voice spoke the character of the domestic cartoon «the snow Queen» by the name of Alvida.

    In 2015, Elizabeth played a major role in the TV series «My favorite dad», aired in January.

    Elizaveta Arzamasova: personal life

    Viewers could watch the maturation of Elizabeth almost in real time. From the little girl actress turned into a young girl. With the onset of the 18th anniversary of Elizabeth almost all the media started to Woo talented actress. At the time there were rumors about her affair with a colleague at «Daddy’s daughters» and the play «Romeo and Juliet» by Philip Pale. In one interview, the actress said that with Philip it is associated exceptionally friendly and working relationships, but to comment on his personal life declined.

    Elizaveta Arzamasova: filmography

    • Line of defense
    • The ark
    • Kulagin and partners
    • Trapped in time
    • Daddy’s girls
    • Love in the big city
    • The Brothers Karamazov
    • Dostoevsky
    • Corporate
    • My favorite dad

    Elizaveta Arzamasova: photo

    Liza Arzamasova

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