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  • Name: Lindsay Lohan ( Lindsay Dee Lohan )
  • Date of birth: 2 July 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: American actress, singer, designer and model
  • Marital status: Not married

    Lindsay Lohan: the biography

    Shocking Lindsay Lohan – a vivid and very sad example of the consequences of fame that falls on the child. Although, in fairness, I must say that fully grown and Mature person often does not stand the test of copper pipes. What to say about the little girl, whose parents started doing the star as soon as she turned 3 years.

    Today, Lindsay Lohan is not only a famous American model, film star, singer and designer. Her name is often remembered in connection with the new scandal, which produces the girl relentlessly, delighting thirsty sensationalism of the paparazzi or fans of «yellow» news.

    Lindsay Lohan in childhood
    The star child | Togotogo

    Charming red-haired girl was born in new York in July 1986. Like many children, she had been a fidget and fidget. But the parents saw it as artist. And since they had money, they decided to invest in the promotion of the future stars. The head of the family Michael Lohan, a stockbroker, inherited from his father’s multi-million dollar «spaghetti» business. It was his he sold and began to invest in independent Hollywood projects and daughter.

    Lindsay’s mother, Dina Lohan, a former dancer and employee of «Radio City «Rockette»,» the artistic personality and beauty, which tried to force in the movie. But to make a career failed. Their dreams of a big film industry, she decided to put the baby Lo. 3 years, Dina has led a daughter on various casting calls and photo shoots.

    Lindsay Lohan with mom
    With mom Dina | In Toys

    Bright – in all senses of the word – the little girl with thick red pigtails and freckles were noticed by the representatives of the famous modeling Agency Ford. Lindsay Lohan appeared in commercials, «Wendy’s & Jell-O», «Gap», and «Pizza Hut». Thus, Li-Lo seen on TV in 3 years of age. In many commercials she has appeared, together with actor and comedian bill Cosbie.

    Up to 10 years in the Bank girls have gathered more than 60 works in advertising. Lindsay was invited to play Ellie Fowler in the popular TV series «Another world». She appeared in several episodes, but the Directors managed to notice it. Redhead Lindsay Lohan feel relaxed in front of the cameras, the benefit of shooting for it began with 3 years of age. It on the first take did everything that required the Director did not make a fuss and behaved as an adult actress.


    In 12 years, the cinematic biography Lindsay Lohan went sharply on the rise. This happened after the release of the family Comedy «the parent Trap» where the young actress played the role of twin sisters Hallie and Annie. It is noteworthy that the on-screen sisters when the external similarity had opposite characters.

    The actress brilliantly coped with the task and after the release of a Comedy on the big screen in 1998 woke up if not famous, then certainly known. She bathed in the first rays of glory and rejoiced at the first awards. It was called «breakthrough of the year» and «actress of the year», was interviewed and filmed for Newspapers and magazines. And the Studio «Walt Disney pictures» suggested Lindsay Lohan a lucrative contract to take in three projects.

    Lindsay Lohan
    Early photos |

    The mother of the young actress Dina Lohan, at that time already, the socialite began to coordinate all contacts and work schedule daughter whose career is moving up. The three youngest children – Michael, Aliana and Dakota – received low maternal care. But Lindy Lohan was surrounded by excessive care and attention mom. Dean realized that the eldest daughter is very talented and is a good investment».

    Inundated with offers from film Directors Dina Lohan skillfully and carefully «screened» for prominent roles. Ordinary and uninteresting work, she immediately rejected. Thus, the daughter didn’t spray the power on secondary and low-budget projects and did not become a mediocre actress.

    Lindsay Lohan
    Gained fame at an early age | Woman

    The screens came melodrama «Leadership of light» and «As the world turns». These films strengthened Lindy Lohan in the status of a young star and was enshrined in the memory of the audience. The girl was invited to a popular TV show about children’s health, which was called «Healthy children». Here-Lo has been with her mother and business Manager.

    Lindsay Lohan had a hard time. In fact, besides the endless filming and auditions she had to learn. At first it was a good time and even have demonstrated outstanding abilities to the exact Sciences. But working in the movie swallowed all the time without rest, and she Lohan eventually gave preference.

    Under contract with the Walt Disney Studio artist he starred in rating the Comedy «the Perfect toy», where he worked with Tyra banks, «Find key» and «Freaky Friday». In the last film she came on the set in a duet with Jamie Lee Curtis. This comic strip Mark waters ‘ in which Li-Lo got the main role was named the first commercial project of a young artist. In Comedy, the audience first heard singing Lindsay Lohan. She sang the song «Ultimate».

    Lindsay Lohan in the movie
    In the movie «Freaky Friday» | estilo

    The actress was at the peak of popularity when premiered her paintings «mean girls,» in which Li-Lo was played, I think, his last adolescent role. This is a classic school Comedy, which tells the story of a teenage girl KD and not very pleasant truth about the behind the scenes of the American school. Lohan first met on the set with Rachel McAdams. In the kitty Lindsay has another statuette from MTV for best actress.

    In the same 2004, fans saw a favorite artist in the wonderful Comedy «Star stage», where she starred in a brilliant company with Adam Garcia, Glenn Headley and Megan Fox.

    This was followed by «adults» working in serious projects.

    Lindsay Lohan
    In the beginning often played in comedies | Paparazzi

    Lindsay Lohan, which were most often carried on comedic roles, had long dreamed to try myself in other roles. Especially much she wanted to «end» with a Comedy after the failure of another tape of the «light» of the genre called «Kiss for luck».

    Soon the desire came to fruition. In 2006, Lindsay Lohan was offered the role in the historical drama «Bobby» about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The following year on the screens out another drama – psychological Thriller «Chapter 27» about the murder of John Lennon. The artist got the image of a Lennon fan who befriends his killer. The skill shown Li-Lo in this film, praised Sharon stone and Meryl Streep. They said that «she literally lives in front of the camera». And only the crew knew how difficult it is with Lindsay Lohan, constantly late, and timetable of shooting.

    Lindsay Lohan in the movie
    In the movie «Chapter 27» | muzobzor

    In 2007, Maxim magazine named actress the sexiest woman of the world and put her name on the list.

    Comedy seems to be chasing the star: during this period, the actress starred in a light Comedy «Partners», where the main role went to Meryl Streep and Kevin Klein. The project was a huge success and brought back Lindsay’s love for the comic genre.

    So when Director Garry Marshall suggested Lindsay Lohan for the role in its Comedy pilot «Georgia rule», the star immediately agreed. Moreover, in this film she was offered to play the main character – spoiled girl Rachel, who comes to Idaho to his strict grandmother Georgia. By the way, grandma played herself Jane Fonda. Comedy appeared on screen in 2007 and received an excellent critique and a warm audience reception. Fans of Lindsay Lohan talking about her triumph.

    Drugs and alcohol

    But few people know what happened in the filming of the project. In reality, Lohan was like two drops of water similar to its headstrong heroine, Rachel. Her life is already firmly entrenched alcohol and drugs. The delay after a serious hangover, truancy, disruption of shooting – all of these are regularly observed by the operators, producers, fellow actors. Jane Fonda was deeply outraged by the behavior of young colleagues. She said she had never met with such unprofessional and disregard for duties.

    Lindsay Lohan
    Took place alcohol and drugs | Lol tv

    Once Lindsay Lohan was taken to the hospital directly from the set. She was a «sunstroke». But the nature of this «strike» is then discussed and criticized the whole crew, forced once again to change the work schedule. The girl sank to the bottom in deeper, going on binges and benders, which are readily cracked yellow Newspapers and tabloids.

    In the next three years breakthrough in the career of Lindsay Lohan has not happened. She starred in the mediocre Comedy «labor pains», in the failed Thriller «I know who killed me» and the brutal action film «Machete». It seems that the former cheerful and charming girl with honey-Golden hair permanently gone.

    Problems with the law and treatment

    In the spring of 2010 Lindsay Lohan did not appear in court hearings on the case on violation of traffic rules in a state of intoxication. The judge issued a warrant for her arrest. But after the bail order was revoked. In may this year, the Hollywood actress was ordered to attend weekly lectures about harm of alcohol, to abstain from alcohol, wear an alcohol bracelet and regularly tested for blood levels of drugs.

    In July 2010, the judge ruled that Lindsay Lohan violated the terms of probation. Court issued a decision on a capture of 90 days. Besides, after a prison star ordered to undergo treatment for drug addiction in one of the specialized clinics.

    Lindsay Lohan in a courtroom
    In the court room | Warsop new

    But behind bars, the actress spent a total of 14 days. Its a crime not associated with violence and prison (fortunately for Lindsay) was crowded. August 2, after leaving prison, Or Lo immediately went to the clinic. Dependence on drugs and alcohol she had been treated for 90 days.

    Few weeks after discharge from rehab Lindsay Lohan failed a drug test. As it turned out, she could not resist and used the cocaine. This Hollywood actress honestly admitted in his Twitter account. She regretted not able to overcome himself, and stated that «Addiction is a disease, which unfortunately doesn’t happen over a night.»

    In November 2011, the celebrity was sentenced by district court to 30 days in prison.

    Received treatment at a rehabilitation center | Female first

    About drunken fights Lindsay Lohan was legendary. Tabloids constantly relished the details of her antics in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. To some extent, the behavior of the actress due to the disorder in the family. The father blamed the mother that she let her daughter’s life «downhill.» The couple began to live separately. Lindsay throughout the incident blamed myself. Mental discomfort «shot» of cocaine or liters of alcohol.

    Lohan’s close friends knew that a permanent water bottle», with which she never parted, it is nothing like a vodka soda. The clubs star asked friends to pay for her alcohol, so parents didn’t see it in the accounts by credit card.

    Lindsay Lohan
    Breakdowns occurred quite frequently | Telegraph

    After a lot of break career of a star continued. Lindsay Lohan returned to screens in 2012. The most notable works in subsequent years can be called the movie «Liz and dick», where Lee-Lo played along with Elizabeth Taylor, «the Canyons» and «At the bottom». A few popular projects such as «Choir», «scary movie 5» and «scream Queen», the actress appeared in the role-a cameo.

    In 2013, the media again has information about what happened at Lindsay Lohan drug overdoses. She told that long ago done away with their weaknesses and managed to overcome them. But the reality was different. The infamous photo appeared in the tabloids. Then-Lo was dancing in a drunken stupor on the table, it fell right near the bar. The actress rarely called to do, knowing about her behavior and preferences.

    In the filmography Lindsay Lohan is not only prestigious awards but also intinerary bad for the characters. For example, for work in the Comedy «Kiss for luck» singer was awarded the «Golden raspberry» as «worst actress». But for a brilliant role in the film «Freaky Friday», she received the award «Golden globe».

    Music and songs

    Vocal talent was discovered Lindsay Lohan in childhood. Since then it enjoyed it developed. The year 2004 was marked by the Hollywood star with the release of their debut album entitled «Speak». This CD was represented by the popular single, «Rumors». Fans of Lindsay Lohan admired the diversity of her talent and drive soon became «platinum» and took the fourth position in the national chart.

    It was rumored that the talented red-haired singer showed interest in Madonna. Allegedly, she even planned a duet with Lindsay Lohan. A well-known company for the production of Barbie dolls released a copy of Lindsay with the same lush copper hair and freckles. The doll was decorated with a number of these same toys with replicas of Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell and Marilyn Monroe.

    Personal life

    Increased attention to personal life Lindsay Lohan was due to not only her stardom, but naughty behavior. Annoying paparazzi following her everywhere, knowing that a scandalous star «will not fail» and will certainly give food for gossip and «best picture» for the tabloids.

    The first novel, which was written by the journalists, was the novel Lindsay Lohan with singer Aaron Carter. At that time she was only 16 years old. It was rumored that the novel became a cause of enmity Lindsay Lohan actress Hilary Duff. After all, Aaron seemed to care after both a charming and famous ladies – Lee-Lo and Hilary, not knowing which of them to prefer. When Lindsay found out about it, she immediately broke up with Carter.

    Lindsay Lohan and Aaron Carter
    Aaron Carter | E News

    Mom star, Dina Lohan, in an interview called first love daughters of Aaron Carter, and star of the «Show 70-x» to Wilmer Valderrama. It seems that he revealed to her all the «charms» and disadvantages of night Los Angeles. After their breakup, life, Lindsay Lohan has gone downhill, but Valderrama strengthened kinoolimp and became an in-demand actor and fan of Hollywood stars.

    Personal life Lindsay Lohan since her breakup with Wilmer turned into chaos. The Cavaliers changed as in a kaleidoscope. Beauty attributed to short according to the model and handsome Spencer Folsom and a TV presenter Calmom best.

    Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto
    C Jared Leto | Bashny

    During the filming of the drama «Chapter 27» Lindsay Lohan met Jared Leto. Broke novel, but it quickly ended. Red-haired beauty switched to a handsome man who stole the best friend of Paris Hilton.

    But in 2006, the wind star fell in love with a famous restaurateur Harry Morton. But dissolute life, and vicious passions very soon forced Morton to turn away from the girl. She passed a rehabilitation course at a clinic and started a new novel. This time with a girl.

    Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson
    Samantha Ronson | Spletnik

    Scandalous affair with DJ Samantha Ronson lasted three years. This relationship began in 2008 and was accompanied by separations, reconciliations, ostentatious passion in public and violent showdown. In the end, this novel is stopped.

    But it didn’t stop shocking antics. It seems that the star itself has become the personification of scandal. In 2014, the world wide web got a list of men Lindsay Lohan that she allegedly made up myself. In it are 36 names. Fans of «hot and spicy» saw Joaquin Phoenix, Justin Timberlake, Orlando bloom, Benicio del Toro, Colin Farrell, Zac Efron, Heath Ledger, Lukas Haas, Jamie Dornan and many others whose names are known to all.

    A novel of Egor Tarasovym

    In the fall of 2015, media reports were filled with information that Lindsay Lohan has a new boyfriend – the son of a billionaire from Russia Yegor Tarabanov. The guy at that time was only 22 years old, he had British citizenship and worked in real estate. Lohan was older Yegor for 7 years, but that didn’t stop the pair almost immediately to declare himself a bride and groom.

    In March 2016 in his Instagram actress posted a photo of Yegor, in which he examines things and said that now they would live together. But soon the lovers were on the front pages of the tabloids because of the rapid explanation of the relationship. However, first the pair quickly reconciled.

    Lindsay Lohan and Yegor Tarabanov
    Egor Tarasovym | Nymag

    As Tarabarov he had his own business and was very wealthy Beau, Lindsay Lohan again got an opportunity to continue to Bohemian lifestyle. After all, two years before their meeting, the actress dissipated all previously earned and declared himself bankrupt. She even moved to live with her mother, because they do not have money for rent.

    Along with Tarasovym Li-Lo appeared in an expensive ski resort in the Alps and on the beach in Costa Rica. While violent quarrels, often turning into a fight, not stopped. Photos often got in the press. However, Lindsay Lohan introduced the groom with his parents, which never happened before.

    Lindsay Lohan and Yegor Tarabanov
    Egor Tarasovym | Twitter

    In 2015 shocking beauty took to the red carpet in honor of the «The Asian Awards», which came along with Tarasovym. She was dressed in a luxurious dress from the «Fendi».

    But the idyll ended in the summer of 2016. On the beach in Greece, the couple again had a fight. Soon there was a message about a breakup.

    Meanwhile, Russia also closely watched the development of relations of a Hollywood star with a rich native of Russia. Andrey Malakhov invited the controversial star on the show «Let them talk». Lindsay Lohan demanded a huge fee the size of half a million dollars.

    It is unknown what amount stopped the producers of the show and the star, but the interview did take place. Lindsay Lohan spoke about the scandalous parting with the son of the oligarch. She said she had planned the pregnancy from the beloved Russian and had very serious intentions to create a family. She liked his parents, but they are too lightly treated to the fact that their son raises his hand on the bride.

    Lindsay Lohan and Andrey Malakhov
    With Andrei Malakhov | 24 Channel

    Said Lindsay Lohan and that she was sick of supporting Yegor. According to her, it didn’t work, so to pay his bills I had for her. Guy’s rich father sent you to study. First Yegor Tarabanov Lindsay seemed open, honest and sweet. She felt beside him protected and weak woman. But soon everything changed. 30-year-old Lindsay Lohan had to support a young lover, however, he did not hesitate to raise her hand.

    It is noteworthy that the groom proposed to the star the hand and heart, but the ring at the same time she had to buy herself. In the end, the actress took a hard and painful decision to breakup.

    The question Malakhov, why Lindsay Lohan demanded a meeting with Vladimir Putin, she replied that she just wanted to protect themselves during a trip to Russia. Because a former lover had been receiving threats and a ban on participation in the program.

    Lindsay Lohan
    Photos of actress | Woman advice

    During the show the Hollywood star shared her plans for the future of the family, which will be not less than 4-5 children. And she dreams about her own cosmetics line and charitable giving.

    Lindsay Lohan said that he broke off the engagement with Tarasovym completely. It seems that her life has a new man. New boyfriend she met in Greece. In any case, it appeared a romantic Instagram photo with the Greek entrepreneur Dennis, Papageorgiu. Publish photos actress started immediately after the rupture of relations with the descendant of a Russian oligarch.

    In October 2016 has information about the accident with Lindsay Lohan. While relaxing with friends on a yacht in Turkey, she almost lost a finger. Star tried to raise the anchor, but the ring finger is stuck in a loop. When the woman pulled a hand out of the water, saw with horror that one finger is missing. Friends recovered quickly and found a fragment of a finger.

    Emergency surgery in one of Turkish hospitals managed to save Hollywood artist finger.


    • 1996 – «Another world»
    • 1998 – «the parent Trap»
    • 2002 – «spy Kids»
    • 2003 – Freaky Friday
    • 2004 – «Bad girls»
    • 2006 – «Companions»
    • 2006 – «Bobby»
    • 2006 – Chapter 27
    • 2007 – «Georgia Rule»
    • 2010 – «Machete»
    • 2013 – «the Canyons»
    • 2014 – «Two broke girls»


    Lindsay Lohan

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