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  • Name: Linda Tabagari ( Linda Tabagari )
  • Date of birth: 24 August 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Linda tabagari : biography

    Star Linda tabagari broke out very early. But, contrary to expectations of sceptics that it doesn’t go off, and with time burns brighter. Probably only native Linda know that it’s not luck or luck and incredible hard work girls. Because their 20s, she has a filmography, and achievements in life that inspire respect, even the venerable artists.

    Linda tabagari – Muscovite. She was born in August 1993 in the Russian-Georgian family. Mom and grandma Linda noticed very early that their child is not only adorable, but talented. In a specialized kindergarten, where he studied musical gifted children, a girl stood out among the others. She was an indispensable participant of all concerts and festivals.

    At 5 years old began modeling career Linda. On the podium of the school of models of Slava Zaitsev little actress did not hesitate and not being afraid of the spotlight, showed the children’s clothes of the famous Russian couturier. To see Linda, tabagari it was possible on television: she advertised cosmetics «Little fairy».


    Vivid and memorable for the actress was in 1998. Linda tabagari were involved in the musical «Annie», where she played Elvira. For this work, 5-year-old girl was awarded the audience award of the festival «Moscow debuts» and the prize » TEFI for the best children’s role.

    A cinematic biography of Linda tabagari began when she was 9 years old. The girl appeared on the screen in the popular TV series «Kamenskaya», where she played the daughter of major Korotkova. The role of Nadi, a little actress performed during 2002-2003.

    Once again return to the image of the daughter of major she had in 2004. On the screens out the picture «private number» in which Linda played the daughter of the main character. Never 10-year-old actress did not allow myself to complain or abandon the exhausting filming, although work on the site was sometimes 16 hours a day.

    Strange, but in the same year, tabagari starred in 3 projects: the melodramas «Only you» and «Two fates» and crime series «Hour Volkova». The experience came in handy. Going to a casting for the 2nd season of the TV series «kadetstvo», the young artist was able to bring his considerable experience in the movie. She was immediately approved for the role of Rita Pogodina. This work is loved by millions of viewers the series brought Linda, tabagari to the pinnacle of success.

    But to relax the girl did not, because in 2007 he began shooting the film «Grandson of Gagarin», followed immediately by two more projects: the film «waiting for the miracle» and the TV series «the Limit of desire.»

    It is noteworthy that the continuous shooting process went on simultaneously with training Linda tabagari mathematical grammar school and the Gnessin music Academy, which she finished externally. In addition, the actress speaks English quite well.

    To strengthen the success of the movie the talented Muscovite could in 2008. She was invited to the popular youth series «Ranetki» and the melodrama «Healer».

    The most prominent projects that have released in recent years was a series of tape «After school» and «Chernobyl. Exclusion zone». Fans of Linda tabagari can also see my pet in several music videos.

    Personal life

    During the filming of the series «kadetstvo» Linda shared that he plans to get an acting education in the School-Studio MXAT. But I guess priorities have changed her. It is known that tabagari chose not theatrical institution, and the Russian state University of Economics (Russian state trade-economic University). However, Linda is not going to leave the craft of acting, just decided to make your life more versatile.

    Personal life Linda tabagari on the second plan. Admirers of her talent have suspected the affair of the actress with a colleague on «Kadetstvo» Alekandra Golovin, but the guys are just friends. Yes, and load them such that the time to build a relationship, they just do not have time.

    In a few hours of leisure, Linda loves to ride horses. Horseback riding is her favorite pastime.


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    Linda Tabagari

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