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  • Name: Linda Hamilton ( Linda Carroll Hamilton )
  • Date of birth: 26 September 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Salisbury, MD, USA
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: American actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Linda Hamilton: biography

    Linda Carroll Hamilton was born in Salisbury in September 1956. Into the light she appeared not one, but almost at the same time (6 minute difference) with twin sister Leslie. At that time, the couple Hamilton are already growing up the eldest daughter. A year after the appearance of the twins born son.

    When Linda and Leslie was 5 years old, their father, a physician by training, was killed in a car accident. My mother soon married a second time. Her husband was the police chief of Salisbury.

    In childhood Linda Hamilton was most worried about the similarities with her sister Leslie. The girl did everything possible to be different from his «photographic copies». This fierce struggle for otherness turned into a real problem: Linda was a mental disorder. I was diagnosed with manic-depressive syndrome. To distinguish it from the sisters, Hamilton not only sheared, and dyed hair, but shortened eyelashes and gained weight. At one time she weighed 75 pounds.

    Linda Hamilton
    Linda Hamilton | Korok.Gee

    To fight the disease, had to resort to using antidepressants and treatment by a psychiatrist. Looking ahead, we must say that Linda coped with the disease and in 30 years he and his sister became best friends.

    In childhood Linda Hamilton about the acting profession not even thought of. She dreamt of becoming an archaeologist or a fireman. However, many of the sisters went on stage, where he played in Amateur theatricals.


    In 1979, Linda Hamilton graduated from College in near Washington College provides comfortable. After him together with her sister went to Maryland, where he studied in the same College. Apparently, it was there the girl finally decided on the choice and decided to become an actress. Maryland Hamilton went to new York, where he enrolled in acting courses and the famous Lee Strasberg.

    Linda Hamilton in the movie
    Linda Hamilton in «beauty and the beast» |

    The first steps in the career of Linda was made in California. It was used in the popular series «Secrets of Midland Heights». This project earned her recognition. With regard to debut in a feature film, it took place in 1982, when the big screens out drama «the murder Game».

    Glory descended on Linda Hamilton in 1984. Viewers saw the film by James Cameron «the Terminator», was immediately turned into a cult. The girl here got the main role. She starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger. It seems that even the filmmakers, at first glance, the usual fantastic thrash category «B», did not expect such a big success. All of the participants woke up the stars.

    The sequel «Terminator 2: judgment day» had even greater success. Linda Hamilton made the list of 50 most beautiful people in the world.

    Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron
    Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron |

    And the actress was awarded the prize of MTV. At that time she already had a nomination for «Golden globe» and «Emmy» for the role of Catherine Chandler in the film «beauty and the beast».

    Among other projects, starring Linda Hamilton, this is not the movie «children of the corn», «king Kong lives», «black moon rising» and «Dante’s Peak». In the latter she played in tandem with Pierce Brosnan.

    Personal life

    The star was married twice. First husband of Linda was her colleague Bruce Abbott. The long-awaited pregnancy Hamilton ended in a miscarriage. But the kid is still there spouses. It was called Dalton. But the son is not able to strengthen a faltering marriage, which the actress developed bipolar disorder. Frequent depression and nervous breakdowns precipitated a rupture with Bruce.

    Soon personal life Linda Hamilton adjusted. During the filming of «Terminator» actress became close friends with James Cameron. Broke novel was the cause of the divorce of Director wife Kathryn Bigelow.

    James Cameron and Linda Hamilton
    James Cameron and Linda Hamilton |

    The couple in 1993, had a daughter who they named Josephine. In 1997 they legalized relationships. But after 2 years this marriage ended in divorce.

    Today the actress with the children living on the Sunny coast in Malibu. After the divorce with Cameron, she received more than 50 million dollars of compensation and is secured by a woman. However, she continues to work hard and can not give up the pernicious habit of Smoking.


    • «The murder game»
    • «The terminator»
    • «Terminator 2: judgment day»
    • «Children of the corn»
    • «King Kong lives»
    • «Black Moon Rising»
    • «Beauty and the beast»
    • «Dante’s Peak»
    • «Christmas cottage»
    • «Broken»


    Linda Hamilton

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