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  • Name: Linda Evangelista ( Linda Evangelista )
  • Date of birth: 10 may 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: St. Catharines, Canada
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: canadian top model of Italian origin
  • Marital status: divorced

    Linda Evangelista: biography

    Model chameleon. This was the name of Linda Evangelista for her amazing plastic and changeable. At the time, the magazine «People» included a beauty in the top 50 most beautiful people in the world. The supermodel, who was standing in line with some of the best known hosts of the catwalk like Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington, was born in may 1965 in Ontario. She grew up in the canadian town of MISSISSAUGA, known only by proximity to Niagara falls.

    Beauties in his veins flowed the blood of the Italian. Parents were immigrants. Men – father and older brothers Linda worked at the automobile plant. The family was dominated by the Catholic tradition. The only girl, the youngest child my parents loved and pampered as I could. Learn Linda did not want the teachers complained about the teenager constantly. But one day the girl said the angry mom that came from another unpleasant meeting with teachers is that she does not care, kicked out of school or leave to complete their education. She will soon be or a chef, or a nun, or a model.

    Probably the last mom Linda liked the most. The woman persistently were simple and high daughter, Shoe size which reached 42 at the auditions. There is no less urgency was rejected the girl saying it, even approximately does not correspond to the model parameters.


    Hard to believe, but the first beauty contest in the life of Linda Evangelista «Miss Niagara» was a failure. The girl was expelled from a number of contenders in the middle of the competition. However, the future supermodel was sure that her time will come. And was completely right. His first contract with a modeling Agency Linda Evangelista, that is, besieged. Rather, starvation was taken by one of the scouts modeling Agency «Elite».

    There is a semi-legend that night, after a failed competition Linda entered the room a scout and threatened that if he did not make it a model, call the police and declare that the man raped her. Scout laughed and ordered the girl to undress. Now I surprised myself a future model. But no dirty thoughts, the agent was not. He forced Linda to walk around the room, turning your head to bend over. Morning exhausted Evangelista walked out of the room with the draft contract.

    Her way to the top of the model of Olympus was indeed difficult. The girl was plump. With the growth of 176 centimeters, it had «not model; the» waist 64 cm. The only thing that could boast of beauty with cat eyes neckline is long thick hair. It advertised air conditioners. But one day rival cut sleeping Linda her luxurious braid. So the girl was punished for prickly character. Fashion hairdresser of the Agency «Elite» had compassion on the weeping Linda and made her extremely short haircut, dye your hair in an incredible color. Only then around noticed all the incredible advantages of the appearance of the Evangelists. Her career rapidly went up.

    Couturier, given the experience amazing transformation Linda boldly experimented with her looks. Incredibly, the Evangelist was different haircuts almost all hair colors and styles. One year, the model could change your hair color 17 times.

    New York Evangelist moved to Paris. At first she was wherever she was invited. I took any job. Only 3 years later Linda finally got lucky. She appeared as a model for the legendary edition of «Vogue». After a successful photo session, she immediately offered to be a model edition. Soon the image of beauty with a green «cat’s-eyes appeared on the pages and the covers of «Elle», «Marie Claire» and «Harper’s Bazaar».

    Model biography of Linda Evangelista has grown with new pages: the girl was invited for the advertising companies of the legendary fashion house «Chanel», «Dolce Gabbana», «Dior», «Ralph Laurent», «Calvin Klein». However, all, whose names on hearing. The model named «Chameleon» was super popular.

    In the early 1990 s, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell were the three most sought-after models in the fashion industry. Fees beauty has reached dizzying heights. The Evangelist belongs to the phrase «I don’t get out of bed for less than 10 thousand dollars a day.» Later, many years later, Linda had to make excuses for this arrogant words. In adulthood, the Evangelist did a lot of charity work, collecting together with his team millions of dollars to fight AIDS and HIV.

    After a few years break in the modeling career, which was the result of one of the novels Evangelists, she returned to the podium in 2001. And again, a triumph.

    Now Linda Evangelista over 50. But she does not regret that he no longer went to the podium and removed the cover of the mega-popular publications. She is happy with what has become wiser. Evangelista contends that enjoys life and what happens to her in this moment.

    Personal life

    As her modelling career, personal life, Linda Evangelista has not always evolved smoothly. For the first time the model married Director of the Paris Agency «Elite» Gerald Marie. But he really wanted a baby, which at the time – point of career peak model could not afford it. It was a difficult ascent to the Olympus of fashion, to in an instant to give up everything for a simple family happiness. Marriage is cracked and destroyed.

    Then had an affair with George Michael. But before the crown of the scandal broke. The singer admitted to his sexual orientation.

    When was the bitterness of another broken dreams, in the life of Linda Evangelista came back love. This time so strong and comprehensive, for which Linda was ready on everything, on renunciation of the world of fashion, the appearance of the child, which will «ruin» her figure and appearance. But marriage with the goalkeeper Fabien Barthez did not happen. At the 6th month of pregnancy, Linda lost the baby. Some time the couple lived together, but in 2002, the feelings disappeared completely.

    Short, from 2006 to 2007-th years, an affair with a famous billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault ended as soon as Linda Evangelista told him about her pregnancy. Pinot has disappeared, having exchanged the model for a Salma Hayek. Almost simultaneously, Linda and Salma had children. Evangelista gave birth to a son. In 2012, she proved that the child’s father is Pinot and sued the billionaire a decent amount of money and alimony.

    On recent novels former supermodel known that she was Dating billionaire Peter Morton. But these relationships never resulted in marriage.


    Linda Evangelista

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