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  • Name: Lina Hidi ( Lena Headey )
  • Date of birth: 3 October 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Hamilton
  • Growth: 166
  • Activity: British actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Pedro Pascal

    Lina Hidi: biography

    Lina Hidi was born in Bermuda, where he served her father, an officer from Yorkshire. 5 years old Lina lived on the archipelago, after which her family returned home. In Yorkshire, spent his childhood and teenage years for the future actress.

    However, at that time the girl was making plans about the acting profession, she was more attracted by the world of fashion and style. Hidi dreamed of becoming a famous hairdresser. But somehow a photo of 17-year-old Lina got into the hands of the agent, selects the cast of the film «water». After casting, the part in which Hidi took out the banal curiosity, the girl called to act. She agreed.


    For his debut film «water» Hidi carefully prepared. She took Boxing lessons and horse riding. The result played a role proved to be a good hallmark of the aspiring actress. In this picture Stephen Gyllenhaal Lina appeared on the screen together with the already well-known actors Jeremy irons and Ethan hawke.

    The following 5 years after the first paintings were very saturated. Lina starred in 12 films. The most notable of this series was the film «remains of the day», «Century», «Grotesque» and «Great Merlin». A good work of a young artist critics call her the images in the series «Hunger» and «Band of gold».

    The painting «Aberdeen city», released in 2001, was more than successful career ascent Lina Hidi. For this work she was awarded at the film festival in Brussels, the honorary prize as the best actress of the year. In the same period, was released two tapes, warmly received by audiences and critics. This painting «Roaches» and «Onegin».

    The following roles were vivid and memorable, although significant rewards Laziness has brought. The situation was corrected the film «the 300 Spartans», where Hidi played the Queen Gargo. This role brought the British 3 prestigious nomination.

    A real gift of fate, the British actress believes the role of Sarah Connor in the TV series «Terminator: the battle for the future» by James Cameron. For this work, Hidi nominated for a Saturn Award. Blockbuster «Judge Dredd 3D» and followed it action painting «Ship night» and «the mortal Instruments: City of bones» was a turning point in the career of the artist.

    But all these previous successes were insignificant compared to the immense international fame that brought Lina Hidi popular TV series «Game of thrones», where she played Circeo.

    Personal life

    During the filming of the film «the jungle Book» Lina Hidi met Jason Fleming. Broke out between the actors, the affair lasted 9 years. The relationship was serious, and Lina even got a tattoo with the name of the beloved in the Thai language. But this love is destined to fade.

    In 2006, Lina met a musician Peter Paul Loranom. Through the year the couple legalized their relationship. In this marriage in 2010 was born the son Wylie Elliot Lauren. But in the next year Peter and Lena suddenly broke up.

    In 2013 the British actress in the movie «Game of thrones» met with Chilean counterpart Pedro Pascal. Since then the pair lives in a civil marriage. In July 2015, Hidi and Pascal daughter, Tallulah, Kiarra Hidi.

    In his spare time, the actress does yoga, which became interested in Indian life. She also loves Boxing lessons which takes in London’s sports centre.


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    Lina Hidi

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