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  • Name: Lily Collins ( Lily Jane Collins )
  • Date of birth: March 18, 1989.
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Guildford, United Kingdom
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: actress, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Lily Collins: biography

    Lily Collins, daughter of famous musician Phil Collins from his second marriage. Her parents met in 1980, and four years later got married. March 18, 1989 they had a daughter Lily. After 12 years of marriage my parents divorced, and 5-year-old Lily’s mother left for the United States.

    Childhood girls passed in Los Angeles. A child Collins attended acting classes at Academy of dramatic art, has participated in performances of local theater. But she dreamed about journalism.

    At age 15 Lily was leading a column in the magazine «Elle Girl». She found the phone of the chief editor and called as long as the Secretary is not joined with it. Lily Collins wrote articles for other youth publications, and even authoritative «Los Angeles Times».

    The girl graduated from an elite school at Harvard and enrolled in the University of southern California, where he studied journalism. She never used the connections of his famous dad. Lily’s journalistic career began on the channel «Nickelodeon» as a correspondent. In 17 years she has interviewed celebrities.

    Lily Collins with warmth speaks about that period of life, said that her characters were charming and considerate, willing to answer questions, so the interview was very strong.

    Modeling career

    Start a modeling career became a casting, organized by the house of Chanel. Lily was selected from hundreds of candidates to showcase branded dresses on «the debutante Ball-2007». The show was held in a prestigious hotel of Paris and was broadcast on television in the reality show «The Hills».

    In 2009, popular in Spain and Europe, the gloss of Glamour has named Lily Collins as the best model of the world, and her picture appeared on the cover of a famous magazine. A year before this event, young model was awarded the prestigious prize «Young Hollywood» — she won in the nomination «New faces on the red carpet».


    Lily debuted as an actress in two years. It was a series «problems of growth», filmed by the BBC. In 2008, Collins played a cameo role of a schoolgirl Phoebe in the TV series «90210: the New generation».

    The following year she starred with Sandra bullock. She played her daughter in the cult film «the blind side». This experience became her success, critics praised the game for Lily.

    Then there was a two-year lull. Lily auditioned for roles in the films «Juno,» «Twilight» and «the Kids are alright», but it is not approved. Failure, as an actress, made her stronger.

    Luck to her in 2010 when Lily was invited to the shooting of action «Pursuit». Her partner in the film was Taylor Lautner. Lily Collins recalls how on set she had to fall on the giant hill at 90 degrees. She made it exactly to hit the target. In the fight scenes, the actress often fought in the camera because they were shot in a small confined space. The Director demanded from the actors a maximum impact and credibility.

    In 2012, there was another iconic work — the main role in the film «Snow white. The revenge of the dwarves». In the same year Lily Collins was approved for the main role of the film «death machines: City of bones». This film with a fantastic plot marked a new stage in her career. The audience and critics began to compare Lily Collins with Jennifer Lopez and Kristen Stewart.

    One of the last works of the actress — painting «love, Rosie». In it, Collins appeared as a young girl who faced difficult life circumstances, and grew up quickly. This film is a beautiful story of love conquering.

    Personal life

    Personal life Lily Collins while there is no permanence. In the movie «the Chase» she met actor Taylor Lautner, between them broke out passion. The actress says that falling in love was not in her plans, especially because at that time she was Dating a stuntman. But the heart wants what it wants. Their relationship lasted almost a year – Lily was often in the company of the handsome Taylor. The reasons for the gap pair keeps secret.

    After having an affair with Lautner actress tied a short relationship with actor Cord Overstrom, then reporters saw her in the company of Zac Efron.

    On the set of the painting «the mortal Instruments: City of Bones» Collins began an affair with partner Jamie Campbell Bauer. In August 2013, the pair announced that part. Two years later, Lily told fans that again meets with Bauer, but the relationship lasted only a few months.

    Now the actress devotes his spare time to his hobby and travel. Her dream is to play with Meryl Streep.

    Lily Collins and today interested in journalism, writes articles for magazines and has his own blog. The actress enjoys photography and dreams of one day becoming a Director.


    • «The chase»
    • «The blind side»
    • «Love, Rosie»
    • «The shepherd»
    • «The mortal instruments: City of bones»
    • «The English teacher»
    • «Unnamed project of Warren Beatty»


    Lily Collins

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