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  • Name: Lilita Ozolina ( Lilita Ozolinya )
  • Date of birth: 19 November 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Riga
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: the Soviet and Latvian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Lilita Ozolina biography

    To millions of viewers of the former USSR Lilita Ozolina associated with Martha, the beloved heroine of melodrama «Long road to dunes». Many years March was an idol, a symbol of beauty and femininity for many Soviet women.

    Lilita ozoliņa was born in November 1947 in Riga. Mom Lilita Albertina, had a direct link with the world of cinema: before the war, she worked as an assistant Director. The father Arvid Ozolins, was a test pilot. It is known that after the war, he fell under the steamroller of repression, because he refused to move into the ranks of the red army. Older sister Lilita, Wii, died in exile, where I went together with my parents.

    Apparently, my mother’s love for the world of cinema has passed on to the daughter, because in 8 years of Lilita Ozolina took the first step in the movie. She went to audition for the film «Echo», where he searched for the girl in the role of a shepherdess. And although the «first pancake» turned out «lumpy» and She did not, she had not changed her dream of becoming an actress. The girl under the guidance of her mother started to comprehend the basics of the acting craft and a few years later, in 1965, she was accepted into the «Popular Studio movie actor», who worked at the famous Riga film Studio. Ozolina has successfully passed a difficult competition, leaving behind many of its competitors.

    Learning in the «people’s Studio», Lilita Ozolina has decided to combine theory and practice. So after a year, she got a job at the Art theatre named after John Rainis. At this stage the young artist made his first steps in the profession.

    In 1971, after graduating from the Studio of Lilita ozoliņa continued to study at the acting faculty of the Latvian Conservatory named Vitola.


    Cinematic biography, Lilita, Ozolini began in his student years. The actress made her film debut when he was in «folk Studio». The first Director, was entrusted the First role turned out to be her teacher Aloiz brench. The same man who in 13 years will do a «Long road to dunes». Perhaps it is symbolic that Rattle began the ascent, Lilita, Ozolini the career ladder. In his painting «When rain and wind knock on the window», which was released in 1967, the young actress starred in the role of Welty.

    A successful debut in the Rattle opened a new actress to other Directors. Soon Ozolina appeared in the films «twist – turn», «Queen of brillante», «the beams in the glass and Oleg and Ayna». It should be noted that in all these projects she mainly appeared in feminine and romantic blonde.

    To break this pattern and show ended in a different role has been Director Gunnar Ilinskomu, invited Ozolinu in your project «Sonata over the lake.» Here’s admirers blond actress saw her unusual and new. Lilita Ozolina showed on the screen explosive temper and was quite organic in the way negative heroine with all the flaws and dark sides of nature. The passions that raged in the «Sonata over the lake,» throughout the film kept the audience in suspense. In this picture Ozolina was able convincingly to demonstrate that it can act in different genres and roles.

    But to Wake up famous and mega-popular in the Soviet Union lo the Ozolin did it after the dramatic romance «Long road to dunes». Aloiz brench took the actress in the role, which she is more loved and knew the audience: a gentle and feminine Martha Ozols. Heroine, which, despite its apparent vulnerability, managed not to break down and not to betray, having carried through all my life his faithfulness and love.

    After the release of the mini-series in 1980, people from around the Union had stopped the Riga film Studio letters. The first Ozolinu adored. She instantly became a legend. Her name was called daughters. Pictures and posters with the face of the actress sold out immediately. Under her character had a haircut and dressed. For the role of Martha, the artist received the State prize. Fans called the First as «Latvian sun».

    Success in romance Riga Strumming made the actress even more popular with Directors. Ozolina has appeared in numerous paintings, the most striking of which can be called the musical «a Brief exhortation to love,» Comedy «private life of Santa Claus» and a political detective «the Double trap».

    All these projects were released in the mid and late 1990s. And then at the Riga film Studio and all the other in the crumbling of the Soviet Union, began the decline. Lilita Ozolina was filmed almost playing only on the stage. It can be seen in native Art and in the Riga theatre of Russian drama. Later ozoliņa involved in the productions of the theatre «Daile».

    In 2014, when the First Arvicola the Ozolin 67 years old, she played a mistress of Pablo Picasso in the production of «Picasso’s Women». The actress appeared in the image of Olga Khokhlova, a former ballerina of the Diaghilev troupe and daughter of a tsarist General. Critics have noted an incredible and versatile game Lilita’s Awedony that was able to convey the complex feelings of the heroine by the brilliant artist – unrelenting passion and simultaneous hatred.

    Now Lilita Ozolina lives in Riga and continues to work on the stage. Her working day is painted on hours.

    Personal life

    Lilita Ozolina in his nearly 70 years, remains beautiful, slim and elegant woman. It is known that the actress kept herself in good shape with regular training on simulators.

    Personal life Lilita, Ozolini – the secret behind seven seals. Actress, readily agreeing to the interview, immediately stipulate a «forbidden» topic is family.

    Some media sources it is known that the actress was married more than once. It is unknown why the marriages were dissolved, but no one ever heard from an actress of bad words about the former men.

    In one of the marriages in Riga actress was born the only daughter Liliana. In her profession, she was a journalist, some time was Director of the Latvian TV channel MTV. Now engaged in business.

    The question that was always interested in viewers who watched «Long road to dunes» – with whom from heroes Lolita, Ozolini had an affair. As recognized by the actress, in fact, office romance was not with the Romas Ramanauskas, played by Richard Losbergi or Juozas Kiselyak, whom viewers know as Arthur Bang. Heroes tied exclusively friendship.


    • «Turn – turn»
    • «Queen of Brilliantov»
    • «The beams in the glass»
    • «Oleg and Ayna»
    • «In the claws of black cancer»
    • «Sonata over the lake.»
    • «Long road to dunes»
    • «Ticket to Riga»
    • «Private life of Santa Claus»
    • «Double trap»
    • «Women Of Picasso»


    Lilita Ozolina

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