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  • Name: Lilia Lavrova ( Lilia Lavrova )
  • Date of birth: 30 January 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Nikolaev
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Lilia Lavrova: biography

    Russian actress Lilia V. Lavrov is of Ukrainian origin. She was born in the South of Ukraine, in the regional center of the Nikolaev area in January 1989. Parents noticed early her artistic abilities girls. She sang beautifully and well parodied pop stars and movie.

    Mother took Lily to the local music school, where the girl chose the piano. Hobbies besides music Lily Laurel opened a great ability to learn foreign languages. The girl studied at school with advanced study of English, in addition to which he studied and the French language.

    Lavrov is a man of versatility. The girl managed to not only learn to play the piano and speak English and French, but also to play sports. She chose a rather «exotic» for girls: fencing and Kyokushin is one of the most tough and «male» types of karate.

    Bright appearance and grace of a Lily Laurel also remained unclaimed. The girl collaborated with a modeling Agency «White Lily», is known that it is from here began their journey to the future success of the participant of group «via gra» Olga Koryagina and now the famous model Tatyana Kasyanovskaya.

    After school, Lily Lavrov went to Moscow. She entered GITIS where studied in the Studio Scheinin. In parallel, the girl managed to get a diploma the people’s friendship University, where he studied law. After graduation, Lily entered the magistracy, choosing the Department «International law».


    A cinematic biography of Lily Laurel originates from 2011. Then she studied for 2-year student of GITIS. This year, the actress received several proposals. It was a role in the series. Lily played the main characters in some episodes taken from individual subjects. «Detectives,» she portrayed a character Alice in the series, called «Envy». In the project «Daddy’s girls» Lily appeared in the form of Katie Platinovoi, and in the series «Understand and forgive» the audience saw Lavrov in a series of «Golden stitch», where she played Irina Averianova.

    Named tape was a great start in the career of a young artist. In 2012 Lilia Lavrova again received several offers, and all of them – from the producers of the series. Viewers saw the Ukrainian beauty in the melodrama «the Unequal marriage», «Formula of happiness» and «You are not alone».

    Student of GITIS Lavrov managed to not only acting, but also participated in performances of the Studio theatre of the University. She played Lydia in «big sister» and lady Chiltern in the play «an Ideal husband».

    Creative career of Lily Laurel is developing rapidly. Girl invited to take part in a TV show. As a successful model, Lily becomes an independent expert in the program «Fashion verdict» on «the First channel».

    2013 is also full of events and new roles. Lavrov appears again in the popular melodramas and projects. It is possible to estimate in a criminal film «the Trail», and in multiserial film «Wasp» and «nanny».

    After GITIS young actress with Ukrainian roots, takes his troupe of Nikita Mikhalkov. In addition to filming a movie Lilia Lavrov continues to appear on the stage. She actively collaborates with the theater «Dialogue». In the play «a Hundred years at lunch,» the actress brilliantly portrays the 100-year-old ballerina, revealing to the audience his talent with a completely new face.

    Considerable fame brought Lily Laurel starring role in the melodrama «the Heart of a star», released in 2014. Here actress has played a modest librarian with a mediocre appearance and a bad heart, whom colleagues call «the Mouse». The reincarnation of beauties and models in Laurel nondescript girl was pretty interesting.

    In 2015 the fans of Laurel saw the actress in the melodrama, «Friday», where she appears on the screen along with Danila Kozlovsky. And in 2016, Lily Laurel on the screen will be even more: it is involved in 4 films and 2 TV series.

    Personal life

    Currently, the work schedule of the actress is extremely rich. Personal life Lily Laurel abundance of many novels – young actress gives very little cause for gossip in the tabloids. Now Lily is not married. She has a boyfriend, but his name is carefully concealed from the press.


    • «Detectives»
    • «The unequal marriage»
    • «Formula of happiness»
    • «Daddy’s girl»
    • «Navy seals»
    • «You are not alone»
    • «Heart star»
    • The team
    • «Friday»


    Lilia Lavrova

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