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  • Name: Old Lika ( Lika Pavlova )
  • Date of birth: 3 September 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Vilnius
  • Activity: the Russian singer, DJ, music producer
  • Marital status: married

    Lika Starr : biography

    Today the name of the singer images of Old half-forgotten a bit, but not long ago she was mega-popular person in the domestic show-business. Because Lika Star – the first girl-DJ in Russia. She was also a singer, which starred the most expensive video clips.

    Lika star, whose real name is Lika Olegovna Pavlova, was born in September 1973 in the Baltic States. Her childhood and teenage years were spent in Vilnius. As strange the name of the daughter gave the father. He adored the works of Anton Chekhov and knew his biography. Remembering that beloved classic called Lika Mizinova, Oleg Pavlov the name given to the girl.

    It was my father, Oleg Vladimirovich Pavlov had an enormous influence on the daughter. He was very bright and talented person. Graduate Institute of Cinematography, graduated from the directing Department, he worked in the specialty, and chose journalism. Doing the job the newspaper «Izvestia», where he worked in the late 1960s, Pavlov went on a business trip to Vilnius. There, met a beautiful Lithuanian Aldona-Wasu Tankeviciute, he stayed to live.

    Lika Pavlova met the expectations of the Pope. She grew up a very eccentric, bright child. The two largest of her capture, between which broke the girl has been sports and music. The first Face has reached considerable heights. The title «master of sports» came to her in adolescence. But in 14 years, the future star quit the sport and concentrate on the music. In 15 years, after the death of her beloved father, the girl left the house.


    Having got acquainted with DJ Vladimir Fonarev (known as DJ Lantern), Lika an Old «lit up» work at the console. She liked the duties of DJ, the girl quickly mastered the profession and has learned all of its intricacies. She rejected the existing template that is a job for the boys. Face proved it by his example, becoming the first DJ girl in Russia.

    In Moscow Lika star met her future producer Sergei Obukhov. He liked the vocals, stage persona of the young singer, and butts came from her «spin». In the early ‘ 90s in collaboration with producer Lika Old was able to release her first single called «bi-Bi taxi». The song instantly became a hit. Immediately behind it came several more. Taken together, the songs took shape in the debut album «Lika Rap».

    The popularity of the new singer grew by leaps and bounds. Focusing on the outrageous, the girl with the help of producer quickly turning into a star. Lika star was the first of the local celebrities who dared to pose in the Nude for the Russian edition of «Playboy.» The effect was comparable to the explosion in a crowded place with a bomb.

    Bright event of 1994 was the emergence of unusually Frank for the time the video for the song «Let the rain». Video shot many aspiring and unknown film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk.

    That star Faces Old rose swiftly and brightly, you can judge by the appearance of the singer at the Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva. Claims of the Face, the diva has invited her to his theater, promising to make number 1 in the country. But, again, with the words Faces of Old, she refused this honor because he considered himself the first number in the country. And she didn’t want to become a puppet in the hands of Alla.

    A controversial article in the yellow publications devoted to the singer with the Baltic roots, followed one after another. Were presented to her a terrible «sins», most of which she did not commit. Perhaps it was part of the advertising strategy of the producer or the singer.

    In 1995, the biography of the Faces of the Old banked sharply. After the birth of her son, the singer decided to take some time to interrupt his speech and to devote time to the baby. But at the time just released her new album, «Fallen angel». It was invested a lot of money and the producer demanded hard work and busy touring schedule. Controversies over violent showdown. Won Lika Old, which withdrew the rights to sell 5 thousand records.

    The star managed to open her own Studio, calling it «AS Studio», and she began producing beginners.

    Not long to wait for a new batch of «fresh» scandals, which again made Lika star on the top. In addition to rumors about her romantic connection with Ilya Lagutenko, the singer and producer has added fuel to the fire, appearing with two DJs – Groove and Mutabor – scandalous show «the Naked truth». Here, the characters shared with the whole country secrets inside show business of the country.

    After a perfect scandal Lika Old permanently left the UK. Here in London she began to work with the musicians of the band «Apollo 440».

    In 2003, Lika Old recalled his homeland, becoming a member of the project «the Last hero».

    Personal life

    14 Lika Pavlova met with Vladimir Fonarev. Then Vladimir was a rising star discos. The couple was having an affair. Fonarev and helped the young Face to take the first steps in the profession of DJ. But the relationship ended in a painful breakup.

    Personal life images of Old gained new momentum after the meeting with businessman Alexei Mamontov. Far from the world of show-business people for some time, became a reliable support for the 22-year-old girl. In 1995, Lika gave birth to first child of Artemis. But after the Mammoth was embroiled in a gang war, which at that time happened very often, Pavlov, taking a young son, was forced to hide from enemies of her husband. It was a difficult period in her life. Then my mother died Faces.

    After the black strip the Old Face was back in its heyday and is in favor of the Alla Pugacheva. But after rumors of a romantic connection with the singer and diva-in-law Vladimir Presnyakov Face disappeared from the domestic show-business. Say, his career occurred at the behest of Alla.

    Today Lika Old lives in Sardinia. Her husband is a businessman Angelo Sich. The couple had two children. In 2004, the daughter Allegrina, and in 2011-m – son mark.

    20 APR 2016 Lika Old he reminded himself. In the program «Alone with all», she admitted Yulia Menshovoj and the audience that at the time she was having an affair with Fedor Bondarchuk. According to Leakey, she then frankly told his wife. The star of the ‘ 90s claims that his guilt in front of Svetlana Bondarchuk and Christina Orbakaite feels. Like, she was a free woman. Therefore, the blame for the novels «on the side» rests solely on men.


    • «Lika Rap»
    • «Fallen Angel»
    • «More than love»
    • «I»


    Lika Star

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