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  • Name: Lika Nifontova ( Liana Nifontova )
  • Date of birth: 5 March 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Kazan
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: the Russian actress. People’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Lika Nifontova biography

    With a wonderful actress Lika Nifontova the audience met after the release of the series «Liquidation». Then there were several popular projects. But to call Nifontova star of the national cinema is difficult – it is more of a theatrical artist.

    Lika (Liana) Nifontova was born in March 1963 in Kazan. Family, where the younger girl had moved from place to place not once, not twice. This frequent change of habitat dictate the work of parents: they were theatre actors. Not hard to guess that the daughter grew up backstage at theatres, where he worked for mom and dad. The first Face came on the scene when she was barely 3 years.

    Today, the actress does not remember who asked her to play, but the appearance on stage and hundreds of looking at her eyes made a lasting impression. Probably, then, little Liana realized that will certainly grow and come back into the scene.

    At a time when the family lived in Tbilisi, Lika Nifontova visited ballet school. But soon the family moved again, this time in Rostov-on-don. There’s a girl and graduated from high school. And immediately went to the capital to enroll in drama school. Not to say that parents knew the seamy side of the acting profession, was delighted with the choice of his daughter. But to interfere did not.

    In 1984, Lika Nifontova successfully graduated from the WTU behalf of Boris Shchukin and was accepted into the troupe «the Satyricon».


    Theatrical biography Faces Nifontova began in a remarkable period of formation of the «Satyricon», the brainchild of Konstantin Raikin. The Director immediately appreciated the skills of the young actress and began to trust her first, the role of the second plan, and then key.

    «The imaginary invalid», «Hercules and the Augean stables», «What is our life?» all these ideas are certainly many would have lost if they did not play Nifontova. Konstantin Raikin trusted her roles in a variety of roles and was confident that the actress will cope. The most valuable thing in her manner of playing is an amazing truth and deep insight into the psychological way of their heroines.

    Whether Mrs. Baker from the play «These free butterflies», Gertrude from «hamlet» or a court lady from «the Naked king» – Lika Nifontova was wonderful.

    Together with Arkady Raikin she played in performances of «Face», «What is our life?» and «Mr. Todero – the owner». The last performance made Nifontova celebrity. About the game theatre critics wrote reviews in the most delightful colours. The role Fortunati was so bright that it nearly overshadowed the main character – himself, Todero, played by Raikin.

    Lika Nifontova and today goes on stage the legendary «Satyricon», as one of the leading artists of the theater. During her career she has played about two dozen roles. Now in her repertoire from 3 characters in «the Seagull». Great success at the theater, enjoyed the production of «London show,» in which Nifontova plays Mrs. Higgins.


    A cinematic biography of the Leakey Nifontova began in 1983. After a small role in the film «To my!» followed by a long 10-year break. The actress worked in theater.

    The popularity of Nifontova as a movie actress came after a remarkable series of projects her husband Sergei Ursulyak. The first was the acclaimed series «Summer people», where Nifontova played a prominent role. But the real fame came to the actress after the release of the series «Liquidation», where the actor got the role of Nora, beloved kinoperson Vladimir Mashkov. Immediately after the show became a hit. All the actors playing in it, instantly appeared on the peak of popularity.

    Successful of the project Nifontova in pictures Ursulyak «Failure Poirot», «Isayev», «Life and fate» and «the Quiet don». In the latest tape, the actress went though a small but powerful role – dressmaker. But brighter and even more interesting was the heroine Faces Nifontova in the drama «Life and fate». Here, the artist played Lyudmila shtrum, the wife of the protagonist of the tape.

    Personal life

    The first marriage Faces Nifontova was a student. The young actress married her colleague Yuri Nifontova. It was his name it is today, because the audience, especially a theater, the artist was remembered under her.

    In the «Satyricon» Nifontova met actor Sergei Orascom. Ironically, he was the classmate of Yuri Nifontova. Besides, on the same course studied and first wife Ursulyak – Galina Kadirli. The couple grew up the daughter of Alexander Ursulyak (today she’s a famous actress). But broke the affair ruined two families.

    Since 1986, personal life Faces Nifontova associated with Sergei Orascom. First they just lived together, but then quietly got married in a Moscow registry office. Both left comfortable flats and a long time wandering in the strange corners. At one time he lived with his friend Michael Shirvindt. Then thanks Raikin got a room in the hostel.

    Fortunately, now ex-spouses to communicate and not hold grudges on each other. Alexandra Ursulyak, according to Lika Nifontova, full member of the family. She is friends with half-sister, daughter of Nifantovo and Ursulyak – Daria Ursulyak. She also followed in the footsteps of parents and became an actress. In my father’s film «the Quiet don» Daria played Natalia Melehova.


    • «To his!»
    • «The summer people»
    • «Composition for Victory Day»
    • «Russian ragtime»
    • «The Failure Of Poirot»
    • «Isaev»
    • «Liquidation»
    • «Life and fate»
    • «Thing of nature»
    • Tikhiy Don


    Lika Nifontova

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