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  • Name: Liev Schreiber ( Isaac Liev Schreiber )
  • Date of birth: 4 October 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: San Francisco, USA
  • Height: 191
  • Activities: actor, Director, writer
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Naomi watts

    Liev Schreiber: biography

    Liev Schreiber – American actor, who became famous thanks to the film in the style of action and horror, including «Scream,» «Phantoms,» «the omen» and «X-Men: the Beginning. The Wolverine». Also famous as a theatre actor. In 2005 he was awarded the prize «Tony».

    He was born in San Francisco, in a family of creative people. His father, tell Schreiber, was an actor and Director views. Mother Heather Milgram is a painter who says that he named a son in honor of the writer Leo Tolstoy. A year after the birth of a baby of the Schreiber moved to Canada, where they lived together for 3 years, after which the parents decided to divorce. Heather, along with the child moved to new York, worked as a taxi driver, to make dolls and sell them.

    The mother, who was a very eccentric woman, eagerly watching the cultural upbringing Left. She insisted that he listen to classical music, read a lot, especially Russian literature, as her ancestors were from Russia and Ukraine. In addition, the young Schreiber was forbidden to watch colored movies.

    At the age of 12 Liv caught stealing, in consequence of which the mother sent him to a Hindu school Sri Ganapati Satchidananda, which was located in Connecticut. After returning to new York he studied at the municipal school, where he was a pariah after word spread about his past theft, as well as for the opinions about his family as «weird.» In high school, Liev Schreiber went to a private school «Academy of friendship», which first came on the scene in the school play and discovered his penchant for the profession of actor.

    After high school he enrolled at the Massachusetts College Hampshire, and then studied at Yale University where he majored in dramatic art. After that, Liev Schreiber went to the capital of England and began to attend a drama class at the Royal Academy of dramatic art and decided to become a novelist and screenwriter. But attraction to acting was victorious and he returned to the stage.

    Theatre and movies

    As an actor Liev Schreiber, first took place on the stage. In 1993 he made his Broadway debut in the play «the summer house», was later involved in many Shakespeare’s tragedies, including such plays as «hamlet,» «Henry V,» «Cymbeline,» «Macbeth.»

    In 2005, he played Richard Roma has become very popular in the play «Glengarry Glen Ross», for which the actor was awarded the main theatrical award «Tony». Another award «Award of the League of the drama» brought him a production of «talk radio». In addition, Schreiber along with Sigourney weaver played in a very successful Broadway play «the Throne of the Lord.»

    In the movie, the actor started with small roles in TV movies and series. In addition, Liv starred in many non-profit and independent films. Drew the attention of the actor in 1996, after the release of the teen horror film «Scream», the success of which resulted in 2 sequel. The actor played the role of rapist and killer cotton Wire. Interestingly, the working title of this painting was «scary movie». In the future, it has not been used, but so the writers later called a series of parody movies.

    In the future, Schreiber was invited to paintings of the same genre. Of the most popular are «Phantoms» and «the omen», which was released 06.06.06, which was specially rigged by Director John Moore, to release date symbolized a terrible number, which is based on the plot of the film.

    But Liv starred in films of other genres. On account of his war drama «the Call», telling about the Second world war. The actor plays Sousa Bielsko – one of the brethren that was organized in 1941, in Belorussia, the Jewish partisan unit. The film is based on real events.

    It is also worth noting two political film project. The drama of «Project «Yeltsin,» says that during the elections of the President of Russia in 1996 on the results of the vote was influenced by American political scientists invited by Anatoly Chubais. Liev Schreiber plays one of these experts, Joey Shumate. Newspaper the times claims that the script of the film is not fantasy, and the publishing house have irrefutable evidence of this fact. The second project is the canadian mini-series «Hitler: rise of evil», which tells of the rise to power of Adolf Hitler. In this film, the actor plays a successful entrepreneur Ernst Hanfstangl, who is the initiator of creation of image of the leader of Nazi Germany – a short mustache, swastikas, and so on.

    Liev Schreiber in 2005, tried his hand as writer and Director tragicomedy «And all was light». Touching the tape, filmed in the style of a road movie, was very warmly received at the Venice film festival, Schreiber was awarded the «Laterna Magica Prize».

    Personal life

    At different times Liev Schreiber had a relationship with actress Kristin Davis and to film producer Kate Driver.

    On the set of the drama «the Painted veil», he met with actress Naomi watts, which since 2006 lives in a civil marriage. In July 2007, Naomi and Liv had a son, Alexander Pete, whom the family called on Russian manners – Sasha. A year and a half, the couple had their second child Samuel Kai. Liv and Naomi say they would decide on a third child, if we could be sure that it will be a girl.

    Schreiber is keen on sports, especially football, basketball, fencing and Cycling. The actor swims well, sometimes the surf.


    • 1996 — Scream
    • 1998 — the Phantoms
    • 2001 — Kate & Leopold
    • 2003 — Project «Yeltsin»
    • 2006 — the omen
    • 2006 — the Painted veil
    • 2007 — love in the time of cholera
    • 2009 — X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine
    • 2013 — the Last days on Mars
    • 2015 — Sacrificing a pawn


    Liev Schreiber

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