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  • Name: Lidia Smirnova ( Lidiya Smirnova )
  • Date of birth: 13 February 1915
  • Age: 92 years
  • Date of death: 25 July 2007
  • Place of birth: Menzelinsk, Tatarstan
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Lidia Smirnova biography

    Lidia Smirnova — Soviet and Russian actress, in 1974 became the people’s artist of the USSR. She is known to film fans for such films as «My love», «a Guy from our city», «Balzaminov’s Marriage» and a series of films about rural precinct police officer Aniskina.

    Lidiya was born in Tatarstan in the family of an officer and a teacher. But two years after her birth in the country there was a revolution. Lida’s father went missing in the civil war (he fought on the side of Kolchak). In the same period, were killed and the younger brother of the girl. From experienced loss mother lost her mind, ended up in a psychiatric hospital, where he soon died.

    Smirnov has practically become a brat, but sought out her uncle and taken to his upbringing in the city of Tobolsk. In 20 years, the family moved to Moscow, where Lydia began to study at the ballet school of the Bolshoi theatre, but after school he entered the industrial and economic College. At the end of the school the girl was sent to the General Directorate of aviation industry, where it worked for a short time, because the direction was a student at the aviation Institute.

    So if fate Smirnova same as millions of her compatriots, if one day, when she was a second year student at University, her street was not informed about the set in a drama school. Having considered this option, Lydia filed documents in several Metropolitan acting faculties and, to my surprise, was. In the end, the future star graduated from the Studio of the Chamber theater, began to serve, on this stage, and then played in other Moscow theatres.


    First experience with a camera Lidiya Smirnova received in 1938 in the Comedy «New Moscow». However, its role was minor and the girl’s name is not even stated in the credits. But following the film, released two years later, made her famous all over the country. Musical lyrical Comedy «My love» is still included in the annals of the best domestic films.

    Soon after the war began, many good actors and Directors went to the front. However, in several paintings Smirnov managed to play and in that hard period. Highlights the military drama «a Guy from our city» and «It protects the Homeland». After this great victory, Lydia starred in a lyrical Comedy «New house», a fantastic political film with elements of mystery about the decadent West «Silver dust», the psychological drama «Three out of the woods».

    Later the talent was in the Comedy «Welcome, or no trespassing» and «Balzaminov’s Marriage». It should be mentioned that Lydia Smirnova has always been a versatile actress, well played a role in every position. Her repertoire includes both major and minor characters, positive and negative images, romantic nature and strong-willed prudent ladies.

    Not to mention a series of movies about policeman Fedor Aniskin, who leads the rural investigation. Smirnov first appeared in the first part of the series, which was called «the Village detective», and then appeared in all the other paintings, «Aniskin and Fantomas», «the return of the son,» «And again Aniskin».

    Lidia was not the only actress of the Stalinist period, which was popular in 90-e years, and in the 21st century. She starred in the Comedy «the Shelter of comedians», the melodrama «the Perfect couple», the political drama «the Totalitarian novel» tragicomedy «Cap». The last major role was actress shocking old Iraida A. in two seasons of the TV series «the Successor».

    By the way, the famous phrase that the more complex the role, the more interesting to work on it, belongs to Lydia Smirnova. And on this principle she picked up the scripts, Directors and partners in the paintings. Later, these words will repeat hundreds of other actors.

    Personal life

    Lydia Smirnova was a very striking woman, so she attracted many men, and her personal life has been more than rough. An array of vibrant supporters before the first marriage of the actress stood out legendary composer Isaac Dunayevsky. He literally filled up the girl flowers and gifts, several times made her proposals, but each time was refused.

    In the same period of time Lydia had an affair with the captain of the ship «Kuban» Valery Ushakov. But she married another man, journalist Sergei Dobrushin. Alas, their marriage was not long – the husband volunteered for the war, where he at Smolensk was missing.

    The death of a spouse Lidia Smirnova, who was in evacuation in Alma-ATA, experienced very hard. She discontinued all attempts to care for themselves, although they were very many. Particularly distinguished by their activity directed by Friedrich Ermler and operator Vladimir Rapoport.

    It is the second of them after a while was able to break the coldness of the actress and married her. As admitted in his memoirs Smirnova, she never loved her husband, had numerous Affairs, but loyalty to Vladimir, his concern for her, when the woman was sick with fever, would not allow her to file for divorce. Moreover, when Rapoport was diagnosed with a deadly disease, Lydia Nikolaevna has used his popularity to achieve the best treatment and continued to man a life of 15 years.

    Widowed a second time in 1975, more actress married not out. However, her tumultuous personal life continued. She had short Affairs with Directors Leo Rudnik and Michael Kalatozova, but with the writer Konstantin Voinov Lydia Smirnova was close to a total of about 40 years.

    Interests Lydia Nikolaevna was not limited to work and amorous adventures. She loved to travel. The Soviet Union, she traveled far and wide, and visited 28 other countries. Actress collected dolls in national costumes, and her collection numbered several hundred copies. In addition, a woman regularly attended ballet performances and very well versed in classical music. Best friend Smirnova was the actress Faina Ranevskaya, with whom she lived in the same apartment block.


    Lidia never make allowances for your age. She was always busy and active, almost to the end came out on stage and starred in the movie, engaged in social activities as a member of the Union of cinematographers of Russia.

    The last few months, people’s artist held in the hotel «Nikolsky Park», located in Zelenograd. There she died of old age on 25 July 2007 on 93-m to year of life.

    About the fate of Actresses was a documentary film «there is No death for me». She herself wrote a book of memoirs «My love.»


    • 1940 — My love
    • 1941 — We are waiting for you with a victory
    • 1942 — the Guy from our city
    • 1953 — Silver dust
    • 1958 — Three out of the woods
    • 1964 — The Marriage Of Balzaminov
    • 1964 Welcome, or no trespassing
    • 1968 Rustic detective
    • 1986 — Believe in love
    • 2001-2005 — Heiress


    Lidiya Smirnova

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