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(biography, photos, videos) William John «Liam» Neeson

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  • Name: Liam Neeson ( William John «Liam» Neeson )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Ballymena, Northern Ireland
  • Height: 193
  • Activity: British and American actor
  • Marital status: widower

    Liam Neeson : biography

    Liam Neeson was born June 7, 1952 in Northern Ireland, in the town of Ballymena. The boy was born to a poor family of deeply religious Catholics. His father worked in the local Catholic school in the role of caretaker, and my mother was a cook. In the family, except the son Liam has grown three daughters. The name Liam is derived from the Irish form of William. And yet Liam was the name of the local priest, who was in the Armagh very respected.

    When the boy studied at school he was very fond of Boxing. Often came home with injuries, including a broken nose, than a very upset mom. But soon the guy has achieved tangible success in this sport, and even won the Junior championship in his weight class.

    Another passion Liam Neeson was the theater, the young actor often played in a small Amateur troupes. Eleven years Liam received his first starring role in the school play. Perhaps it is from this period begins the biography of Neeson. Then the boy played without a break all the school years, interrupted only by the box.

    But to learn he had no time. Somehow after high school, he was able to enroll in Queen’s University Belfast, where he studied physics and computer science. But soon as the careless student was expelled. Neeson has long sought their place under the sun. He worked as a driver on the truck, the operator on the forklift, an assistant architect and even a carpenter. But how many jobs have not changed Liam, the theater remained his constant passion.

    Liam Neeson: movies

    Liam went to audition and listening, hoping, that it will take in some theatre troupe. Took it, but only in a cameo role. Only in 1976 Liam was lucky: it took the team of the Belfast theatre. Now it plays, but it’s not those roles that you dream of. So after a while Neeson goes to another theatre in Dublin. First, the actor didn’t have much luck, but when he was noticed and invited in his film Director John Boorman, everything changed. One could say it Burman opened viewers Liam Neeson, which is so loved by millions of viewers around the world.

    Liam played Sir Gawain in the film «Excalibur». It wasn’t the main role, but still quite noticeable. The most important in «Dublin» period of the artist began his role in the films «the bounty» and «the Mission» with Robert De Niro.

    In 1987, Liam Neeson decides that the closer he will move to Hollywood, there would be closer to success. The way it happens. In the same year, the actor starred in the film «the Suspect», where his partners were cher and Quaid. The film comes out in theaters and gets a warm reception from viewers and critics.

    The hour Liam Neeson came in 1993. He received one of his most famous roles in a dramatic tape of Steven Spielberg «

  • Schindler’s List». It was this picture that made the actor famous. Soon, Neeson becomes the happy owner»
  • Oscar» and «Golden globe» — the dream of all actors.

    To consolidate the success and to prove that his popularity is not accidental, Liam Neeson was succeeded the following year when he appeared in «Star wars: Episode 1. The phantom menace».

    And then the artist went on a solid winning streak: one famous film with his participation was replaced by another. Comedy «love actually», the painting «the Battle of the titans» and «Kinsey», the Thriller «Taken,» has collected a 200-million fees – all these films made Neeson at the peak of popularity.

    The most notable paintings of the last years was «Chloe» is a Thriller in which Liam Neeson played together with Julianne Moore, and the detective «Unknown» with Diane Kruger. And the Thriller «the grey», released in 2012, where the hero Liam Neeson came into confrontation with wildlife and wolves among the snow of the desert, looks at one go and keeps the audience in constant tension, forcing empathize with the hero. Very organic Irish actor and as a Navy Admiral in the blockbuster «battleship.» And the film «the Dark Knight: the Legend» with Liam Neeson grossed over a billion dollars.

    Today, the number and amount of awards received by the artist for his contribution to cinema, so infinite, that the transfer will take a lot of time.

    Liam Neeson: love life

    Loud first novel Liam Neeson occurred during the filming of the picture «Excalibur». While working on the film he met the already famous actress Helen Mirren. Despite the fact that Helen was much older than Neeson, they began a romantic relationship. But on this novel gravitated popularity Mirren, its origin and wealth: Liam Neeson could feel the superiority over the other. Relations «burned out» and disappeared.

    It is quite another thing

  • Natasha Richardson. The result was a perfect couple. Fifteen years of their joint life had not been marred no scandals, no Affairs. In 1995 they had their first child – a son Mikel. A year later a second son – Daniel. They say it was really exemplary and a strong Alliance of two loving people. Unfortunately, in 2009, tragedy struck: Natasha crashed on the ski slope, having received a fatal injury. Liam sat next to her hospital bed until the last moment. Favorite female actor died shortly afterwards.

    The husband was completely dedicated to his job and the children. Not so long ago he began to appear at social events with beautiful companions. However, to marry one of them in a hurry.

    A few years ago, Liam Neeson adopted the Islamic faith, explaining the transition from Catholicism to the fact that only in Islam he found answers to all their questions.

    Liam Neeson: filmography

    • Excalibur
    • Bounty
    • Under suspicion
    • Schindler’s List
    • Fight
    • Hostage
    • Les Miserables
    • Chloe
    • Kinsey
    • The Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe

    Liam Neeson: photo

    Liam Neeson

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