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  • Name: Liam Hemsworth ( Liam Hemsworth )
  • Date of birth: 13 January 1990
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Melbourne, Australia
  • Height: 191
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Liam Hemsworth biography

    Liam Hemsworth — Australian actor, best known for his part in the popular TV series «Neighbours,» «the Princess and the elephant» and «the Hunger games».

    He was born in one of the largest cities of Australia – Melbourne. Liam was the youngest child in the family. His parents already had two sons, Chris and Luke, who later became actors. The father and mother to the scene had no relationship. Mama Leone van OS was the teacher of English and Craig Hemsworth, counseled people as a lawyer in the social sphere. Also Hemsworth in his free time helped the society for the protection of children.

    When Liam was 8 years old, the family moved to a small island Phillip, what part of Australia. There’s a boy graduated from high school and began to get involved in performing arts. Hemsworth was still a schoolboy, when successfully passed the first audition and when started his acting career.

    Only having matriculation, Liam, along with brother Chris went to the United States, because they believed that there to make a successful career easier. While the boys began to earn enough, they lived by their agent, Chris William ward. Apparently, he realized that these young people are very promising, and his good attitude is rewarded handsomely.


    The first projects a novice actor become a youth TV series «Home and way», «McLeod’s Daughters» and «Enjoyment». It was a small role, but they allowed Liam Hemsworth to gain the necessary experience on the set. In 2007, he receives a contract, which brings Liam out of the discharge of the secondary actors. It was a family TV series «Neighbours» in which the actor created the image of Josh Taylor. Interestingly, before there was shot by his brother Luke.

    This was followed by a fabulous picture of «the Elephant Princess», a fantastic Thriller «the sign,» the detective «Triangle» and the melodrama «the Last song». Had Hemsworth to star in the Thriller Sylvester Stallone’s «the Expendables», but after signing his character was excluded from the scenario. However, Liam appeared in the second part of the movie.

    The film that brought the actor not only popular, but also international fame, was the dystopian Thriller «the Hunger games». His character Gale Hawthorne drew the attention of the audience and did not disappear from the screen in all parts of this fantastic tape. This success has allowed Hemsworth to accept only leading roles.

    It can be seen in a military film «Young hearts», the crime drama «Empire state», the Thriller «Paranoia» and «On the edge», the melodrama «the Revenge of Haute couture». The latest innovations with the actor fiction Thriller «independence Day: the Renaissance» and the Western «the Duel».

    It is worth to mention the unusual category, which got Liam Hemsworth. In 2010, after the Australian screening of the emotional film «the Last song», the actor received the award Nickelodeon Australian Kids’ Choice awards for «Best kiss».

    Personal life

    While filming the melodrama «the Last song» Liam Hemsworth met his partner in the film Miley Cyrus. She is the daughter of famous musician, country artist Billy ray Cyrus. Liam and Miley almost immediately started Dating, but in every way tried to hide this fact from prying journalists and fans.

    Three years later, the couple announced their engagement, but in September 2013, they broke up. The Hemsworth even began a romantic relationship with Mexican actress Asou Gonzalez. But at the end of 2015 Liam came back to see his ex-girlfriend and at the moment we know that they are engaged again. However, when the wedding will take place, unknown even to the closest people.

    The actor forces gives charity and is an Ambassador for the Australian Childhood Foundation. For this step it cited the example of parents who devoted their entire lives to children, and not only his.


    • 2007-2014 — Neighbors
    • 2008-2011 the Elephant Princess
    • 2009 — Triangle
    • 2010 — the Last song
    • 2012-2015 — the Hunger games
    • 2012 — Young hearts
    • 2012 — The Empire State
    • 2013 — Paranoia
    • 2014 — On the edge
    • 2015 — Revenge couture
    • 2016 independence Day: Rebirth


    Liam Hemsworth

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