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  • Name: Leva Bi-2 ( Igor Bortnik )
  • Date of birth: 2 September 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: musician, singer, poet, composer, actor, vocalist and guitarist of the rock group «Bi-2»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Leva Bi-2 biography

    Egor, Igor and Lev – three names of the soloist of group «Bi-2». He was born September 2, 1972 in Minsk, the parents named their son Egor Bortnik.

    Left he was in Africa. The father of the future musician – physicist – received an invitation to teach at the University of the Congo. The family moved with him. Once dad brought Yegor the tooth of a lion with which the boy did not leave. For this the local boys called him a Lion. The name is so much Front that he decided to keep it.

    Igor he was when he received a passport in 1991. It was in Israel, and local officials are unable to correctly enter the name Egor to the document. So the Russian passport musician Yegor Mikhailovich, and in the Israeli – Igor Mikhailovich.

    The love of music came to Leve in childhood. He now remembers how strong impression on him made the song «Cruiser Aurora». Then he decided that he will write songs. However, everything was confined to a single composition based on folk art. Then Loew became interested in psychedelic music.

    At school he was a good student until 7th grade, and then enrolled in drama school in Minsk and lost interest in learning. In the theater Studio of the Lion met with Alexander Uman, better known as Shura in the band «Bi-2». It is the Uman helped future musician to fill the gaps in education, advised what books to read to him. This acquaintance grew into a strong friendship.

    In high school, Loew was a rebel: you grew a pigtail, appeared to class in a tuxedo and overcoat, then slashed school uniform.


    Passion for music is inextricably linked with the poetry. Loew himself wrote candid poems about life. The first person he showed was his uncle. A relative said that the Lev has potential. This was the beginning of his career.

    Soon Lev together with Shura organized a group of «Brothers in arms», was rehearsing around the clock and at the festival in Minsk, took first place. After the first success they renamed the band «Bereg istiny», and in 1989 reduced the name to «Bi-2».

    In 1991 left a team successfully toured Belarus, recorded his first album, «Traitors». The album turned out to be prophetic – the Soviet Union broke up, the musicians began the crisis. Shura went to Israel, and soon after it went away, and Left. Unfortunately, in Israel with the works failed. The guys performed at festivals, recorded the song «barbarian», became an instant hit, but the great success never came.

    In 1993 Shura moved to Australia – the band broke up. Leva Bi-2 have stopped playing music, and songs sung only in melee range. This continued for 5 years until he decided to fly to Australia. In 1998, the musician recorded the song «Heart», and then the album.

    Day Levs worked, and in the evenings together with Shura gave concerts. They did not think about returning to Russia, but the familiar «Bi-2» gave a few songs on capital radio. The band’s music blew up the esters, and the musicians came the long-awaited popularity.

    Leva and Shura returned to Moscow, but came the default. Walking on the producers to no avail. Just at that time Sergei Bodrov picked the song for the cult film «Brother 2» and decided on the song «nobody writes to the Colonel». The film was a huge success, and the song instantly became a hit. Bi-2 became stars, and a year after the release of «Brother-2» was awarded the World Music Awards. Their records sold record numbers.

    Today Leva and Shura continued to give concerts, go on tour and build new plans. For 20 years, they never quarreled that in the modern show business rarity.

    Personal life

    Leva Bi-2 had been married twice, and his second wife, he met much earlier than with the first. His first wife – Irina Makeeva. They got married, when his son Theodore was a year old. However, the complex relationship a stamp in the passport is not fixed. The meeting of Leo with his first love ruined his marriage.

    With Asya Streicher, his second wife, they first met on the train, when traveling to the festival in Jurmala. Asya was accompanied by a group of «Mumiy Troll» as a tour Manager. Leva Bi-2 says that he saw and fell in love, and after 15 minutes took the risk to admit the ACE of love. At that time, their paths diverged.

    Leva married to Irina, the family grew up son, but fate again brought him and Ah together. At first they met in secret, but the wife of the musician found out about this scandal. Loew left the family, and after a divorce married a Teacher. In 2008, Asya gave birth to a son Aviv, and in 2010 came to light, David.

    In this marriage a complicated relationship: the couple then parted, then again live together. Once Asya even wanted to recover from Lyova Bi-2 child support through the courts. Her decision she explained to reporters that they had long been living apart. However, the pair are increasingly seen together. So, the family life of a musician is getting better.


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    Leva Bi-2

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