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  • Name: Lev Yashin ( Lev Yashin )
  • Date of birth: 22 October 1929.
  • Age: 60 years
  • Date of death: 20 Mar 1990
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: football goalkeeper, champion of Europe, winner of the «Golden ball»
  • Marital status: married

    Lev Yashin biography

    Lev Yashin – the legendary Soviet football goalkeeper, who played for Moscow «Dynamo» and the USSR national team and won a lot of team and personal trophies. Yashin was the first Soviet player who received the prestigious award «Golden ball» and still remains the only goalkeeper to be awarded this honorary sports award. He became a legend not only domestic but also world sport, primarily because he was a pioneer of this style of goalkeeping, as the game outputs and batting the ball over the crossbar.

    Leo was born in Bogorodsk district of Moscow. His parents were ordinary workers of the factory. Father Ivan worked as a mechanic, master was mother Alexandra. The first lessons of football, a boy got in the yard of his home. When Leo was 11 years old, the Great Patriotic war. Along with his parents he was evacuated to Ulyanovsk and went to help as a porter. Soon the teenager was qualified locksmith and began to produce military equipment.

    After the war, Yashin returned to Moscow, Leo continued to work at the plant, and in the evenings played for Amateur team «Red October» from Tushino. Professional coaches are paid to a promising young man his attention, when he was serving in the army. Yashin chose the Moscow club «Dynamo» and became the goalkeeper of the youth team.

    Football records

    Soon he will be the third after the famous goalkeeper Alexei Khomich and Walter Sanaya in the first team. Since Lev Yashin played only for Dynamo, having the shirt of this club for 22 seasons, which is a unique achievement. Yashin is so dedicated to this team even in matches for the national team came out with the letter «D» on the chest.

    Few people know that the first Lev Yashin at the same time playing football and hockey, and with the puck he showed also a very significant results. For example, in 1953, became the champion of the Soviet Union and even was a candidate for the national team, but it was then decided to focus solely on football.

    I must say that in one of his first matches for «the Dynamo» Lev Ivanovich missed quite a curious goal, which entered the history of Soviet sport. Goalkeeper Volgograd «Tractor» knocked the ball forward, he reached the penalty area the goalkeeper of «Dynamo», but Yashin accidentally collided with the defender and the gate was not protected. But this failure did not break the Lion, and, on the contrary, made it even stronger.

    The goalkeeper began to use innovative methods of play in the penalty area, used not only the hands, as was customary at the goalkeepers of the time, but actively playing with their feet. The coach of «Dynamo» and the USSR national team often had to listen to angry statements from the Ministry of sport, whose leaders simply could not understand why Yashin is not playing «the old way» and called his style a «circus».

    The next innovation that was introduced by the goalkeeper of «Dynamo», began batting the ball instead of the previously required fixing it. It was a genuine breakthrough in football, because hard running the ball very difficult to catch tightly. And Yashin began to repel him aside or transferred through the crossbar for a corner. Although Lev had, by modern standards, not the highest growth for his role, but his jumping ability and long arms did the trick.

    Worldwide Soviet goalkeeper for the flexibility called «Black Panther», and for an instant move on the frame of the gate – «Black spider». The color of these nicknames were the way for the black goalkeeper’s shirts which were invariably worn Yashin. Largely thanks to their goalkeeper Moscow «Dynamo», the five-time champion of the country three times won the Cup and many times took prize places.

    In 1960, the year Lev Yashin, together with the Soviet Union national team won the European championship and before that won at the Olympic games. For his achievements he was awarded the highest honor an individual trophy for the player — «Golden ball». Still no goalkeeper in the world could not repeat his achievements. Goalkeeper Lev Yashin, the legendary is the same example as for the field players, the Brazilian Pele, with whom Soviet football player, by the way, friends.

    His last match legendary player held on 27 may 1971. It was the farewell match between the team of the society «Dynamo» and national team of world stars. Arrived in Moscow the Englishman Bobby Charlton, German Gerd Muller, Eusebio, the Portuguese and other high-end players of the time. At the completion of a career Lev Yashin became the coach, but in this field not much has been achieved. It is mainly engaged in child and youth teams.

    According to the international media and different football federations, Lev Yashin is the best goalkeeper of the XX century and included in the list of the best players in the history of the «sport # 1».

    Personal life

    Lev Ivanovich Yashin was for many years married. His wife Valentina Timofeyevna gave hope to the Soviet sports two daughters, Irina and Elena.

    One of the grandchildren Yashin, whose name is Vasily Frolov also was the goalkeeper of the Moscow «Dynamo», as well as his grandfather. And then played for the St. Petersburg team «Dynamo» and «Zelenograd».

    Lev Yashin loved fishing and for hours at a time could spend, sitting with a fishing rod in silence contemplating the water surface.

    Disease and death

    The retirement had a negative impact on health Yashin. The body of an athlete, accustomed to much exertion, began to refuse, when the training stopped. Lev Ivanovich survived the heart attacks, stroke, cancer and even leg amputation.

    Most of his diseases were associated even with tobacco addiction. Even as an athlete Yashin could not give up the addiction. Because of the cigarettes he often had an ulcer, and he took baking soda, which mitigated the pain.

    March 18, 1990, the legendary footballer was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. But in this title he lived only two days. March 20, Lev Yashin died from complications related to Smoking, and gangrene of the legs.

    In memory of the famous player named many streets and some stadiums, monuments and memorials, and the international football Federation established a prize named Yashin, which is awarded to the best goalkeeper of the final stage of the world Cup.

    But the name of Lev Ivanovich began to perpetuate not only after death. Even as a player its line was devoted to the goalkeeper such famous poets as Vladimir Vysotsky, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, and many others. Yashin also appears in the popular «chants» the Dynamo fans.


    Lev Yashin

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