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  • Name: Lev Prygunov ( Lev Prygunov )
  • Date of birth: 23 April 1939
  • Age: 77 years
  • Place of birth: Alma-ATA
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actor, artist, poet. People’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Lev Prygunov: biography

    Lev Prygunov — Soviet and Russian actor, poet and artist, people’s artist of the Russian Federation. He starred in over one hundred films, most famous of which are «Children of don Quixote», «Tavern on Pyatnitskaya», «Going to storm» and «Battle for Moscow».

    Leo was born in Alma-ATA in the family of botanist-naturalist George Prygunov. My mother was a teacher of Russian language and literature. When the boy was not yet ten years old, his father, who went through the Great Patriotic war, accidentally killed, carrying out its own scientific expedition. It happened in 1949 and since then his son fell on the shoulders of the mother.

    Jumpers grew withdrawn and quiet. He was shunned by peers, learning bad, did not like to read. Following the example of his father, he disappeared in the forests and steppes, exploring the wildlife, as very interested in botany and ornithology. In memory of his father Leo even tried to become a biology teacher, which entered the biological faculty of the Alma-ATA pedagogical Institute. But there the young man lasted only two years.

    The fact that beginning to make themselves known innate attraction to the arts, previously suppressed Jumpers, again in memory of his father, the scientist. Realizing that he has his own path, Leo takes documents from teacher’s College and sent to Leningrad, where the first attempt goes to the Institute of theatre, music and cinematography at the rate of Tatiana Georgievna Salnikovoy.

    After high school Lev Prygunov acted on scenes of the Central children’s theatre in Moscow Drama theatre named after Konstantin Stanislavsky, the Theatre-Studio of film actor, and then began to play in antrepriznyh performances.


    In the third year of high school theater Lev Prygunov received an invitation to star in the melodrama «shore leave». At the audition, he met with Vladimir Vysotsky, with whom he maintained good relations afterwards. Then the films with the participation of the young actor began to go out every year and not always alone. Drama «Morning train», a war film about the Italian soldiers, «They went East», Comedy, «Children don Quixote», the drama about science employees «Going to storm,» a lyrical story, «Sasha, Sasha» — all these films aroused great interest among the audience.

    One cannot ignore the work of the actor in a detective «Without the right to be wrong». He got the role of the villain, but the Jumpers was able to present his character that the audience for a long time remained under impression from seen. No less successful was the drama «Tavern on Pyatnitskaya» and production the picture is «Honest, intelligent, unmarried». The Leo G. calls his best work of the Soviet period, historical TV series «Heart of Bonivura».

    With the beginning of 90th years when in the Russian film industry was in crisis Lev Prygunov began acting in foreign films, mostly American, playing the role of the «Russian villains». It can be seen in the Thriller «Express to Beijing», the science fiction Thriller «Holy,» biographical drama «the Story of Robert Hanssen» and other foreign films.

    Recently, the actor appears in the series and the films of Russian and Ukrainian production. It should be noted Thriller «Joker», a military drama «the Confrontation», a biographical series about the legendary commander of the airborne troops of General Vasily Margelov «Airborne dad», a family melodrama «the House on the Lake.» And, of course, the lion of Jumpers took part in the paintings of his son, the Director Roman Prygunov – «Solitude of blood», «Indigo», «duhless 2».

    Personal life

    The first time Lev Prygunov married in the mid 60-ies. His chosen name was Ella, and that she was the mother of his only son Roman, who is now very well known as a film Director. But Ella and Leo didn’t live very long – the actor’s wife to death has died in a car crash.

    This tragedy Leo G. was going through is incredibly difficult. It was very difficult to be a single dad because Jumpers identified Novel in a boarding school, where he taught the children of other movie stars. But with his son he remained very friendly and close relationship. At the first opportunity, he took Roma to himself, went with him to relax and spent the maximum possible amount of time.

    Six years after his wife’s death, Leo has met a new woman named Olga. Despite the fact that between husband and wife for nearly 16 years apart, they retain their Union for over 20 years. Jumpers in interviews, often repeating that he was incredibly lucky that he met a woman like Olga.

    The main fascination of the actor or other person is painting. Serious painting he began in his student years, and since the mid 80-ies regularly exhibited his works at exhibitions of Moscow, St. Petersburg, London and other major cities. Also Leo G. writes poetry, publishes collections of poetry. Many of the works he devotes his best friends – the poet Sergei Chudakov and Joseph Brodsky.

    Jumpers calls himself a staunch anti-Communist and believed that the October revolution and the Communist government of Russia caused massive damage, comparable only with the invasion of the Nazis.


    • 1962 — Dismissal to the shore
    • 1965 — Children Of Don Quixote
    • 1965 — Going to storm
    • 1975 — No room for error
    • 1981 — an Honest, intelligent, unmarried
    • 2003 — Operational alias
    • 2004 — Spy game
    • 2005 — thank you For everything
    • 2006 — the Confrontation
    • 2009 — House on the Lake
    • 2015 — duhless 2


    Leo Prygunov

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