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  • Name: Lev Leschenko ( Lev Leschenko )
  • Date of birth: 1 February 1942
  • Age: 74 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: singer, vocal teacher, music producer, actor, poet
  • Marital status: Married

    Lev Leshchenko: biography

    Military bearing, trim figure – the lion of Leshchenko will not give his age. The singer was born in Moscow on 1 February 1942 in the family of military personnel. The child of Leo was held in Sokolniki — it was the post-war years.

    The boy soon left without a mother – she died a year after his birth. Again Leshchenko-senior married only five years. About stepmother Lev Valerjanovich recalls with warmth and love, says she raised him like a son, love and attention.

    In childhood, the boy often went with his father to a military unit. Colleagues jokingly called him «son of the regiment». Leo grew up a very lively child, so the father put him petty officer Andrey Fesenko.

    From an early age, the boy heard songs soloist. In those years he already dreamed of a creative career, but has not decided who she wants to be an actor or a singer, so I joined a choir and drama club at Palace of pioneers. A few months gifted teenager played in all city competitions.

    No wonder, received a certificate, Leshchenko applied to drama College, but flunked out. Then I served in the army, which he held in Germany. And after demobilization – the second, this time successful attempt to enter the GITIS.


    Lev Leshchenko settled in the Grand theatre right after school. Examinations in theatrical schools he failed, so he worked as a stagehand: it was in 1960. Lev Leschenko has said that that period of his life was rich – he was lost in the theater until late at night. During the day he worked and in the evening hurried to the gallery to watch the performance.

    Acting career Leshchenko started on the second course of GITIS, when he joined the operetta Theatre. His debut role was a sinner in the play «Orpheus in the underworld» — was two words: «Suffer little warm.»

    In 1990, Lev Leshchenko founded the theatre «Music Agency». Two years later, his brainchild has grown to the status of state theater. Over the years the «Musical Agency» released a lot of programs and music pictures, among them — «Military field romance», «10 years EMERCOM of Russia», «STAR and young,» and many others.


    The Leshchenko — unique, soft, velvety voice with great range. Probably, therefore the singer enjoy listening to the older generation and young people.

    Start his big singing career has given the competition for radio and television of the USSR, which took place on 13 February 1970. Next was the festival in Sopot, where Lev Leshchenko sang a song For «that guy» and won. The next day, talking about him all over the Soviet Union.

    Even more popular has brought to the singer the song of David Tukhmanov’s «Victory Day». Lev Leshchenko performed may 9, 1975. He now considers this to be a smash hit with its principled achievement.

    Many songs from the repertoire of the artist became a reader of the Russian platform. At the closing of the «Olympiad-80» thousands of Luzhniki stadium sang with Leo Valer’yanovich «goodbye Moscow, goodbye.»

    In 1980 Lev Leshchenko was awarded the order of Friendship of peoples, and three years later he was awarded the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR. In 1985, the singer was awarded the order «badge of Honor». In 1999 on the square of Stars concert hall «Russia» were his nominal star.

    In its creative biography of Lev Leschenko has recorded more than 10 LPS & albums, played dozens of original songs. He also teaches in the Russian Academy. Gnesin. Many of his students became popular entertainers: Barbara, Katya LEL, Marina Khlebnikova and others.


    For the first time in the movie, Lev Leshchenko was filmed in 1967. It was a cameo role in the film «Road to Saturn» and «Sophia Perovskaya». In 1975 he was invited for the lead role in the film «Looking for dawn».

    In 2005 Lev Leschenko has appeared in the TV series «Doomed to become a star.» Five years later, the screens out Comedy «rabbits! Burn» with its participation.

    He often takes part in shooting of musical films, among them — «Old songs about the main thing.»

    Personal life

    He was 34 when he met the love of my life. Lev Valerjanovich was on tour in Sochi, when suddenly the Elevator came Irina who was younger than him by 12 years. She studied in Budapest and didn’t know that she is a popular singer. Irina took the satellite for the local mafia. The next day she flew to Moscow, and the singer went after her.

    At that time, Leshchenko was married to Albina Abdulova, whom he met in GITIS. But well-wishers were quickly told her about the movie the adventures of her husband. When a woman arrived home on the doorstep waiting for him the suitcase.

    A year after the landmark meeting in the resort of Leo and Irene were married. The girl abandoned the diplomatic career and devoted herself to her husband and home. She now works as an assistant Director in the theater «Music Agency».

    The couple Leshchenko no children. The doctors gave Irina a diagnosis of «infertility» a year after the wedding, but their relationship is not destroyed.

    Lev Valerjanovich faithful to his wife and considers himself a happy man. When he signs autographs, writes: «Wish good». Singer believes that kindness and love is progress.


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    Lev Leshchenko

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