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  • Name: Lev Durov ( Durov Lev )
  • Date of birth: 23 December 1931
  • Age: 83 years
  • Date of death: August 20, 2015
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 161
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, theater Director, teacher, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: Widower

    Lev Durov biography

    Everyone’s favorite actor Lev Durov, a native Muscovite. He was born in old Lefortovo district of the capital on 23 December 1931. Except a Lion in the Durovs family has grown up two daughters. Durov lived near Lefortovo Museum, in a communal apartment of an old house where rooms resemble narrow pencil cases. Later, Lev, remembering his home, joked that it was in a past life was stable, and room – air stalls. Facilities in their house was very conditional: one bathroom for the four dozen communal apartments.

    Lev belongs to the oldest dynasty of circus clowns and animal trainers Durov brothers, who were behind the creation of the national school of training circus animals. But the parents of the Lion had neither the circus nor the art of any relationship. Dad was head of the «Soyuzvzryvprom», and my mother worked as a researcher in the Central military archive of the Ministry of interior.

    Apparently, the genes of famous ancestors still won, and the boy began to show artistic tendencies. He gladly attended the drama Studio of Palace of pioneers, where he studied under the guidance of talented teacher Sierpinski gasket. The share of the Lion fell hard during the war. The boys, among whom was she had to extinguish incendiary bombs on the roofs of houses in Moscow. And Leo participated in the initiative, entertaining in hospitals wounded soldiers. He sang, recited and danced, beating off a tap dance.

    But learning from Leo was not. He was not pleased with marks parents and teachers are often caused dad and mom to talk about the progress and behavior of the son. Durov Jr. was often a fight, then he repeatedly threatened to expel him from school. But the father punished the son, yelling and smashing, and silence. As Lev says, it was even worse because daddy’s son was considered the most influential person among all others.

    After school, artistic young man, of course, went on to do artist. Hearing that favorite Mat typing your course old mhatovtsy Georgiy Gerasimov and Sergei Blinnikov, Lev Durov it did here.

    Lev Durov theater

    Soon Lev Durov became the best student of the course and the favorite pupil of the teacher Blinnikova. His talent is not questioned by anybody. After graduating in 1954, of training, an aspiring actor gets into the troupe of the Central children’s theatre (CDT). He was extremely lucky, because there was a fatal meeting with the Director Anatoly Efros, with whom Durov will work for almost thirty years.

    In CDT, the young actor stopped for ten years. This is the most light, when he started a great biography of the Lion of Durov. Here they are going to play different roles: from the cucumber in a children’s play for kids to Fyodor in the play «Boris Godunov».

    Especially remember Leo K. one of the famous plays of Rozov «good luck». Victor S. brought her to Evening in 1955. Durov has since played in all performances of the works of the playwright.

    When Anatoly Efros moved from CDT in the Lenin Komsomol Theater, he took several artists. Durov went for the Director, who for ten years was his idol. In the theater, Lev plays from 1963 to 1967-th year. The Efros invariably uses in all his performances. And the next transition to the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, he takes with him again. In this theater, Lev stopped completely and serves up the current time.

    And then under the leadership of Anatoly Efros, Lev Durov played a lot of their best roles. He was Tybalt in «Romeo and Juliet», Sganarelle in «don Juan», by Jevgenim in the Marriage. Each of these works has been a revelation for the young artist. To see a great game of Lion Durov in Gogol’s «Marriage» lucky theatergoers Scottish Edinburgh. The author of the review in the local press urged the countrymen to visit the Russian performance at least in order to see the brilliant play «tragic clown Lev Durov».

    Russian theater-goers think that they are much more fortunate than foreign, because they were lucky enough to see the game of the lion of Konstantinovich in performances of «You are someone, stariche?», «Tribunal» and many others. His most successful theatrical work of Lev Durov considers the role Snegireva in the play «Brother Alyosha» in pink script.

    Lev Durov: Director

    After graduating from the Higher courses for Directors Lev Konstantinovich Durov works as Director. In the theater on Malaya Bronnaya he put a number of plays, which enjoyed great success with the audience. The most significant of these «Violent games» by Arbuzov, «Cinderella» based on the work by Schwartz, «Indictment» Nodar Dumbadze, «Curtains» by Michael Maria Varfolomeyeva and many others.

    Of the most successful recent directorial works Durov – production of «the Road to new York». This is a fascinating and fun story about the adventures of the daughter of an American millionaire, in which lots of dancing and great music. Not so long ago at the theater premiere of the work of contemporary playwright Voronova «the passion of Tomcalova» staged by Lev Konstantinovich.

    Lev Durov: movies

    Known to millions of Soviet viewers Lev Durov becomes thanks to the movies. His debut in the movie took place back in 1954. For half a century, the actor played more than 160 roles. And the first was a black and white picture of «Good morning», where young artist depicted this hour.

    His first prominent role Lev Durov played in the film Romm «Nine days of one year». It starts an endless number of wonderful works in the now well-known and loved paintings, including «All the king’s men», «Seventeen moments of spring», «Xenia, beloved wife of Theodore» and «Kalina Krasnaya».

    Her participation in the film «d’artagnan and three Musketeers», where Lev played the cutest captain of the Royal Musketeers de Treville, lucky Charlie in the movie «Armed and dangerous», a sad role in the film «Farewell to Matyora» made the actor a star of Soviet cinema.

    Has added to the popularity of the actor and a more modern tape. In the Christmas film «the Orphan Kazan», Lev is very touching and convincingly portrayed one of the three «popes» – a retired pilot Kaveshnikova (the other two «parents» played by Oleg Tabakov, Valentin Gaft). Stunningly played Lev Durov, and in the film «the Moon was full garden.» This is a touching picture of the last years of the life of the couple.

    It is noteworthy that a great actor was never abandoned, it would seem that does not meet his high grade work. For example, he voiced the dog Ball in one of the most favorite cartoon «Holidays in Prostokvashino».

    In 1991, Lev Durov deservedly received the title of people’s artist of the USSR.

    Lev Durov: illness and death

    Durov has repeatedly stated that he is not afraid of death. In the late 1990s, he suffered a severe stroke and clinical death. Many times he «died» in the movie. Fortunately, back then the popular favourite came back to life and was even able to continue working.

    Alarming news about the disease and serious condition of the beloved the Lion Durov appeared in early August 2015. In August 2013, the actor have already been hospitalized with a hip fracture. But in September of the same year Lev was discharged and on the mend. And then it seemed that the worst is behind us, but in early August, 2015 actor and Director again was urgently hospitalized. He was unconscious. Previously Durov was diagnosed with a second stroke.

    Recently it became known that as people’s favorite has deteriorated – he had increased respiratory distress and diagnosed with pneumonia. Doctors of the First city hospital of Moscow did not give a comforting predictions, but millions of fans of the talent of the artist was hoping for a miracle.

    However, it did not happen. On the night of 20 August 2015 people’s artist Lev Durov died in hospital.

    Lev Durov: personal life

    With his future wife

  • By Catherine Kirichenko Lev Durov became acquainted in his student years. They studied together in the School-Studio MXAT. Leo was not what is called a handsome man: short and nondescript. And Ira was universally recognized beauty. To get rid of unnecessary inquiries about why Russell chose such a nondescript guy, Irina answered: «Here you have balberka? No? And the Lion is». What it is — no one knew. But when the curious asked her about the mysterious object, he bashfully lowered his eyes and replied that it was «too intimate». As it turned out, balberka is a float from a fisherman’s net. The couple lived happily for a long 57 years. They had a daughter Catherine, and they had grandchildren Katya and Vanya. In 2011 Ekaterina Kirichenko died. Two years before her death, she fell and broke her hip. Doctors have refused to operate the 79-year-old woman and a long time she lay without moving. Lev touchingly caring for the wife. Her passing was a terrible blow to the actor.

    Lev Durov: filmography

    • Guest from the Kuban
    • Nine days of one year
    • Case and Polyvinyl
    • Bumbarash
    • A big change
    • Kalina Krasnaya
    • Seventeen moments of spring
    • Xenia, beloved wife of Theodore
    • The moon was full garden
    • Sirota Kazanskaya

    Lev Durov: photo

    Lev Durov

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