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  • Name: Lesya Ryabtseva ( Olesya Ryabtsev )
  • Date of birth: 28 July 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Activity: a Russian journalist
  • Marital status: Not married

    Lesya Ryabtseva : biography

    Lesya Ryabtseva – «Queen of scandals» of Russian journalism, which burst into the media space of the country, once an assistant editor-in-chief of radio station «Echo of Moscow» Alexei Venediktov. The attitude of the journalist in society and among colleagues is very ambiguous – some believe the young talent professional journalistic and others, on the contrary, Ryabtseva called an upstart and insolent, which has won the interest of the public only through personal relations and the ability to adapt to any situation.

    Ryabtseva was born Olesya Aleksandrovna on July 28, 1991, in Volgograd, in the family business. From childhood lived in comfort and love – the parents could afford to provide all the necessary of the child, from books and toys to travel and fashionable clothes.

    At the age of five Rabtsevych family moved to Moscow. There Les went to the first class of a private school, but due to rowdy behavior and strained relations with teachers were transferred to public schools. According to the journalist, in her youth, she was very different from their peers as not «interested in Lollipop and short skirts, and was fond of reading books and was a successful student.

    High school Ryabtseva finished almost straight a’s in her leaving certificate there were only two b’s in algebra and geometry. After high school she wanted to go in a MIFI, as it is particularly fascinated by mathematical logarithms and hyperbole, but after changed his mind and decided to get a good philological Humanities education. Thus she became a student of the journalistic faculty of the Russian state University for the Humanities. However, the diploma of the journalist Lesya and failed to receive the diploma was for her «boring» job which, Ryabtseva and can not bring to an end.

    «Echo Of Moscow»

    Journalistic career Lesya Ryabtseva began in his student years at the Russian magazine «Big city», devoted to the life of Moscow. At the end of the second year of University, future journalist had an internship to Alexei Venediktov, chief editor of «Echo of Moscow». He was the man who saw the Intern need a «vein» of a professional journalist, so I made the girl his assistant, and erected on a pedestal of liberal journalism, providing it with resources and a platform to run your own blog.

    Blog Lesya Ryabtseva «vaguely» in the vast which it shares with readers his impressions of meetings with the political elite of the country and from different parties, visited with Venediktov, is scandalous enough. All the heroes of this column, excitedly made a claim Glavred «Echo of Moscow» inappropriate remarks of a young journalist.

    A sharp tongue Lesya, her straightforwardness and sharp attitude with colleagues were the main «chip» of the journalist. Because of its manner of blogging in 2015 with the publication retired its founder and first chief editor of «echo of Moscow» Sergei Korzun, who personally took the image Ryabtseva. Also, the radio has lost the famous presenter of the program «Sensitive» Mitya Aleshkovsky, whose Les will not be allowed on the air. It drew attention to the scandalous young journalist, you were protecting the anchor, but she didn’t appreciate such protection and decided to go with the «echo of Moscow», as has already outgrown it.

    «Queen of scandals»

    December 5, 2015 the Lesya Ryabtseva said that he was leaving with «Echo of Moscow», but reserves several projects that will maintain on their own, without «team Venediktova». She stated that she wants to engage in the development of private media and invited to cooperate with former colleagues.

    The scandalous dismissal of the journalist from the radio station concluded that it had participated in the project «New Russian sensations» of NTV channel, which talked about his role on «Echo of Moscow», declared the reason of his coming, and also expressed his opinion on Russian opposition and colleagues, «the shop» in its usual manner.

    Lesya Ryabtseva — «Queen of scandals». So it is called in the program. The girl expressed her opinion about Alexei Navalny, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Ksenia Sobchak and even the President of the country Vladimir Putin. Moreover, opposition members and former colleagues spoke in straightforward offensive form, and the current leadership of Russia called «true workaholic» whom she respects and supports.

    On 14 December, the chief editor of «Echo of Moscow» made a public apology to its employees for the strong statements in their address of his protege. As it turned out, he knew about the preparation and filming of this program and even contributed to part of the controversial journalist in this project.

    Rumors and scandals

    Since coming Ryabtseva on «Echo of Moscow» and its rapid career growth, broad masses of the public began to loudly Express the fantasies of such «luck.» Office romance Lesya Ryabtseva and Alexei Venediktov did not discuss only the lazy. But the main editor of the radio station, the journalist herself, with her customary bluntness has repeatedly stated that they are purely working relationship.

    Also the reporter sounded in the program «Special opinion». Then she said that Russia’s population is 8 million people, which has caused a flurry of ridicule from social media users and «veteran» bloggers. All were surprised, how «humanist» could be so convincing to be wrong. From this scandal Ryabtseva came out with her head held high, never acknowledging its mistakes.

    In October 2015, former assistant chief editor of «Echo of Moscow» has again blown up the media space of the country. «Naked» photoshoot by Lesya Ryabtseva shocked by the frankness and caused an uproar in the blogosphere. Photo Ryabtseva did and posted the capital of the famous photographer Anton Martynov that did not bother the journalist. Many regarded this behavior as «self-praise», and well-wishers, the girls decided, so she decided to show the public that the tough blonde with glasses and «Snowden in a skirt,» as it became known after revelations of oppositionists, hiding exquisite girl with a good figure.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Lesya Ryabtseva since her arrival on «Echo of Moscow» has always been the subject of public debate. But the girl managed to hide from the prying eyes of their personal space and never to «light up» in public places with her boyfriend.

    According to the journalist, it is extremely happy in his personal life with her boyfriend who accepts her as she is. Ryabtseva did not disclose the name of the groom, but there is a version that is her favorite public figure and writer Eduard Bagirov.


    Lesya Ryabtseva

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