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  • Name: Lesya Nikityuk ( Lesya Nikityuk )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Khmelnitsky, Ukraine
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: Leading
  • Marital status: Not married

    Lesya Nikityuk: biography

    Biography of Lesya Nikityuk began in a small provincial Ukrainian town Khmelnitsky. After high school she continued her studies at the humanitarian-pedagogical Academy. Actively participated in student parties, celebrations and other events. Became a member of the team of KVN «Tornado Deluxe».

    Diploma nikitiuk decided not to move in the chosen direction and decided to conquer the TV screens.


    The first step in the career of Lesia Nikityuk became involved in the Ukrainian «Rollers Show» uncle Zhora. It was 2009, then appeared in company with a close friend Olga Panasenko.

    A few years later girls were on a Comedy project «Laugh comedian», so to speak, to show themselves and to earn money, but in the fourth minute lost.

    The second time the girls amused Vladimir Zelensky in the company of Eugene Mishka (last season in place of Eugene sat in Mikhail Galustyan). The lack of complexes, a friendly mood, some stage experience – and voila, the girls took 50 000 UAH.

    The third time persistent girls have won the 20 thousand. In several episodes success has brought parody Olga gerasimyyuk. In the Russian version of «Laugh comedian» girls took their share of 250 000 rubles.

    Live performances are charismatic simpleton gathered over 5 million views on Youtube. It was a breakthrough on television.

    «Heads and Tails»

    In September 2012 Les nikitiuk successfully passed the casting of large-scale tourism television project – «heads and Tails» and has become the leading Andrey Bednyakov. Predecessor Nikityuk was Zhanna badoeva, which, in fact, is the author of a successful travel show. Badoev for a while tired of numerous trips and decided it was time to devote time to the family, which is incredibly much I missed her.

    In the creative tandem with Bednyakova Les quickly caught the fancy of viewers and quite professionally mastered the skills of leadership. A few seasons she traveled with the creative team and led exciting stories. As a result of any incident Nikityuk was released. Say the patience of the organizers came to an end when carousing on the Cote d’azur Les in one night pulled 30 000 $ in a casino, the result of a gold card was blocked at the behest of the producers of the show.

    In spite of this, a new host quite harmoniously joined to the format of the program, and care nikitiuk upset many viewers. Then the leading place was taken by the bride of Andrew — Nastya is Short.

    No sooner had the nikitiuk to disappoint fans by leaving the show, as it soon appeared again on television in the program «Les zdesya». The girl was in his element, and this possibility of her courtesy channel «Luxe TV». Unusual leading style provincial asks tricky questions of members of the Beau Monde, do not hesitate to wonder what they have in her purse who walk and sleep, eat, dress up and where.

    Body-blonde loves to party and free alcohol in stellar company. The forest like no one else can feel famous people on the nerves and stamina. Sometimes the story happens in the pause between dances on the bar. [Allows himself something that does not allow others to love her and resist her happy and go. Despite the fact that Lesya Nikityuk had the reputation as «the lioness of rural» or «rural diva», her look and love, in fact, way over inflated dummy – a successful, ironic stage persona.

    As she says leading, the main goal is to catch a star and be done with it photos for the main pages in social networks.

    Nikitiuk actively participates in charity events and concerts for the unity of the country. Do not hesitate to participate in corporate events and weddings as the lead.

    In the 10th anniversary season of the show «heads and Tails» Lesya Nikityuk reappeared on the TV screen. Missed a few seasons the best travel show, the girl has agreed to be leading the new season of «around the World», which promises to be the most grandiose in the entire history of the project.

    In the middle of the round tour, the audience learned that Lesya Nikityuk left the project. For a long time, the producers kept me wondering, but later it became known that Nikityuk had not left his way, and just began leading a new project: Lesi have to go round half the world in search of the perfect man.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Lesya Nikityuk – a solid mystery. The girl stops all attempts of journalists to find out something personal. Interesting to the audience and many fans can only guess what is happening in your life leading off the camera, and with whom she shares their happiness.

    Television projects

    • «Rollers Show»
    • «Laugh comedian»
    • «Heads and Tails»
    • «DESA Les»


    Lesya Nikityuk

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