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  • Name: Leslie Mann ( Leslie Mann Apatow )
  • Date of birth: 26 March 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: San Francisco, USA
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: American actress and comedienne
  • Marital status: married

    Leslie Mann: biography

    Edition of «Elle» in 2012 named her Hollywood’s Queen of Comedy. Millions of movie-goers agreed with this definition.

    Leslie Mann was born in March 1972 in San Francisco. But childhood and teenage years, the future actress took place in a noisy group of five half-brothers on the Sunny coast of Newport. Her mother, real estate agent, flew 3 times married. About his childhood years, Leslie has maintained a dual impression. It seems that the girl felt very comfortable in such a large family, because you are shy and quiet, she always heard the recommendations to be quiet and keep to yourself emotions.

    Leslie Mann once told reporters that she so lacked freedom in the expression of the accumulated emotions that she chose acting. No one here asked to be quiet were allowed to cry and to laugh.

    After high school, Mann went to the drama Studio Joanne Baron and D. W. brown. Taught acting, Leslie was absorbed like a sponge. She soon appeared on the scene, playing at first small, and then the key role in the improvisation theater troupe «The Groundlings».


    A cinematic biography Leslie Mann was gaining momentum slowly. For the first time on the screen 18-year-old actress has appeared in commercials for the Polish brand «Nouvage». A year later, in 1991, the girl starred in an episode of the series «School of virgins». Following the appearance in the movie took place in 1994, but also did not succeed.

    Leslie took the job and waited for his moment of glory. In 1996, the young actress starred in the romantic Comedy entitled «Things I never told you». But this project had special success with the audience. But another film, released in the watershed in 1996 was the starting point that launched the successful career of Leslie Mann.

    A large role in the black Comedy «cable Guy» went to a young artist is not easy. To get it, Mann had to go about 500 competitors. But the effect is worth the effort. The main characters played by Hollywood stars Jim Carrey, Matthew Broderick and Jack black. The film was very warmly received by the audience.

    Since then, the popular comedic actress only grew. The following year she played her first leading role in the Comedy «George of the jungle», appeared before the audience in the way of charming American heiress Ursula.

    After a two year hiatus that Mann devoted to family and children, she again has pleased fans, having played a rich flake in a Comedy Dennis Dugan’s «Big daddy». Co-producer and the protagonist of the film was Adam Sandler. The project has brought 163 million dollars at the box office.

    The status of Hollywood star Leslie Mann has established itself in the tragicomedy «Perfume» and the crime Comedy «Stealing Harvard.» And after the release of their debut tape, Judd Apatow’s «the Forty year old virgin» where the man trusted Leslie a key role, Mann became known as the Queen of Comedy. Even more successful was another project Apatow’s «knocked up».

    Then followed a series of brilliant Comedy, after each of which the fame Comedy Hollywood stars shone brighter. «Survival school», «Funny», «I like you» – these films have received the warmest audience reception.

    Mann and is known as the artist of sound. Her voice say the characters of the animated film «Rio» and the Oscar-winning tape «Paranorm or How to tame a zombie».

    Personal life

    As mentioned above, future husband, then a screenwriter Judd Apatow, the actress met on the set of «the cable Guy». Judd saw Leslie, he immediately decided that this woman would become his wife. After a few weeks of Dating Mann also understood that, although at first, as recognized herself, was in love, not Apatow, and Ben Stiller.

    Their happy marriage resulted in many successful joint projects, among which were two girls, which came to light in 1998, and iris (2002). Daughter have already made their first steps in the cinema.

    Today’s personal life, Leslie Mann – this is her friendly and cheerful family. The actress claims that she and her husband are very different: he represents the voice of reason and intelligence, it is emotion. But this does not prevent their happy coexistence, but rather to provide a few staples.


    • «The cable guy»
    • «George of the Jungle»
    • «The forty year old virgin»
    • «A little bit pregnant»
    • «Funny»
    • «17 again»
    • «I love you, Philip Morris»
    • «I like you»
    • «Love in an adult»
    • «Elite society»


    Leslie Mann

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