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  • Name: Lera Gehner ( Valeria Gehner )
  • Date of birth: 8 January 1971
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: singer, actress, Director, screenwriter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Lera Gehner: biography

    Lera Gehner jazz singer, founder and leader of the funk show group «L. E. R. A.» , «Lera Gehner band» and «NO BUDDS». In 2016, she participated in the fifth season of the popular TV show «the Voice.»

    Leroy was born in Saint-Petersburg. Her father was quite a famous composer and multi-instrumentalist Yury Kasyanik, and my mother sang as a backing vocalist in several vocal and instrumental ensembles. So the love of music the girl had inherited. Biography Lera Gehner began when she was a preschooler and went to study at musical school in violin class, and also joined the children’s choir of the Leningrad radio and television.

    Valeria Gehner
    Lera Gehner | Official website

    In addition, in school, she played sports, namely field hockey, and also went to drama school for three years and played in the theater «Blue bridge». In General, Gehner dreamed of becoming an actress. She went to Moscow, but not in one of the capital’s universities has not passed. In his native Leningrad, she successfully overcame all creative tests, but failed on the subject of «history of the USSR».

    Valeria Gehner
    Photos of the singer | Official website

    Disappointed with the situation, she travels to Germany, where he began singing in local clubs and restaurants jazz, Russian and Gypsy romances. In Germany Lera wrote the script for the movie and even won the Grand in the category «Best foreign screenplay». But for filming the money was not enough.

    After returning to Russia, Lera will be performing again on the stage, for example, she was one of the main roles in the famous play «the vagina Monologues», and also with his head immersed in the world of music.


    During his creative life Gehner has organized several author’s projects. In the team «L. E. A. R.» she mixed jazz standards with rock and reggae, the group «Lera Gehner band» to this cocktail mixing such styles as funk, soul, Blues, ballads, disco, jazz. Were a similar project to «No Budds».

    All style teams the singer’s very difficult to drive into the framework of any one genre. «Lera Gehner», as says the singer, in fact, not only the name but also the musical image and style. During one concert, the singer manages to change many timbres and vocal genres and is constantly seeking the voice of the diversity of their performances.

    Together with a team of «Leroy Gehner band» in 2004, the singer recorded and released a Studio album, «Today I am Part of You, Dear». And after five years in co-authorship with Alexey Popov after working together on a number of projects released the album «Flora & Fauna» consists of two parts.

    On one half of the recorded traditional jazz and funk compositions in an old, «vintage» arrangement. And the second part consists of songs Lera Gehner, modernly decorated with the use of electronic samples and with the participation of professional DJs.


    In 2016 already experienced and popular singer decided to try his hand in the TV show «the Voice.» As stated by the singer in interviews, unlike the beginner she has no high expectations and pseudo-ambition, and so she gets pleasure from the process of execution with a large stage and sings primarily for the students. And prompted to come to «the Voice» Leroux gehner the requests of her fans who wanted to see their favorite singer on TV.

    In the blind auditions of Hehner presented to the jury members of the song of Vladimir Vysotsky «My Gypsy». Her expressive manner struck Polina Gagarin and Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan even danced during Lerinage rooms. It is in favor of a young coach and made their choice Lera and eventually joined the team Bilan.

    Personal life

    When Leroy lived and worked in Germany, she met a German photographer Ulrik Gennera. Later, he also began to make a documentary. Personal life Lera Gehner has been associated with man for several years, but later they separated, and she returned home.

    Valeria Gehner
    Photo by Lera Gehner | Official website

    By the way, her new name is «Gehner» in Russian pronounced as «Gender», but when you change documents, the staff of the passport Department made a mistake by making dobukvenno transliteration, and the Russian passport Lera now it appears «Gegner».


    • 2004 — Today I am Part of You, Dear
    • 2009 — Flora & Fauna


    Valeria Gehner

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