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  • Name: Lera Kozlova ( Valeria Kozlova )
  • Date of birth: 22 January 1988.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: the Russian singer, ex-participant of Russian pop group «Ranetki»
  • Marital status: not married

    Lera Kozlova: biography

    Valeria S. Kozlov, better known to fans as Lera Kozlova, born in Moscow. Despite the fact that all of her further life was connected with music and singing, the girl never went to music school and developed his vocal skills with teachers-professionals. But his natural ear and talent for music led Leroux in children’s ensemble «Pinocchio.» Here she learned a lot. For example, to play drums.

    But best of all, the girl has got to dance. Its extraordinary ductility has allowed her family to hope that Valerie will become a famous choreographer. But Kozlov decided otherwise. Most of all she wanted to sing. To get into the domestic show business, the girl entered the Kiev Institute of culture, selecting a major «Producing».


    In 2005, when Lera Kozlova was 17 years old, she and her friends organized a rock band. Girls called her «Ranetki». First, Kozlov played drums, and the soloist was another participant. But when she went abroad, Lera took her place. The group quickly became popular. The singer-drummer became a bright feature of the «Ranetok» and brought them glory.

    How is rapidly gaining momentum in popularity of the team can be judged by the fact that in the same year they were born «Ranetki», they signed a full contract with the famous label. Already in 2006, girls-band collected round of applause to the biggest Russian festivals.

    The real glory fell on Lera Kozlova and her band members after the release of the TV series «kadetstvo». «Ranetki» recorded for the show a few songs instantly became hits. The popularity of the girls pushed the producers to shoot a new film, giving him the name. In the TV series «Ranetki», released on STS, starred Arthur Copalnic, Linda tabagari, Valery Barinov and Lera Kozlova. Youth, the tape had a lot of success.

    «Ranetki girls» recorded their album, which got the name of the group. It sold well and increased the army of fans of the girls ‘ team. However, in 2008, Lera Kozlova has left the band and started a solo career. Her first solo concert, fans saw in 2009 in Samara. The project had the name «Leroy». In the same year, the singer starred in the clip of fashionable group «Quest Pistols» and signed a contract with the label «KRUZHEVA Music». Kozlov appeared on the scene under a new pseudonym «Lera Lera».

    In 2010, fans of «Lera Lera» received from the beloved singer 3 new clips, which were very warmly received and earned her awards. According to the TV channel RU.TV Kozlov became the singer of the year. A year Leroy received the gold statuette «Oscar» and secured success, releasing his debut solo album, «Give me a sign».

    In 2011, viewers saw Lera Kozlova for the film «Summer, melting, rock-n-roll», where the girl went to one of the key roles.

    In 2015, it became known that the creative biography of Lera Kozlova went on a new level: the singer became a member of the musical group «5sta Family». She first appeared in the group at the concert dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the great Victory by singing the song «Sky on fire». Now the group consists of the «old» members, Julianna Karaulova, Basil Kosinski, Valery Efremov and «new» Lera Kozlova.

    Personal life

    From the moment when the popularity of the group «Ranetki» have gone up rapidly, personal life Lera Kozlova and other member of the team was keenly interested in the fans of the girls-band. It is known that the head of the «Ranetok» Sergei, Melnichenko and Lera happened, «office romance». The obstacle was not even the fact that he was married and he grew up a daughter who was not much younger than «ranetok.» Because of the constantly circulating in the tabloids rumors about their marriage when Sergei collapsed. As write in social networks, the couple lived for some time in a civil marriage.

    A year later they divorced. The reasons are called different. Say that because of the proximity to the head of the team Lera began to be late for rehearsals or not to be on them. Between her and Melnichenko conflict arose, which put an end to the relationship. Kozlov left the band.

    The beautiful blonde did not stay one. Soon the filming of the video «Quest Pistols» she started relationship with her party Nikita Gurucom. At first it was just friendship. Nikita helped her overcome depression after leaving the band and breakup with a former lover. But then they fell in love in the romantic sense. For some time both seemed to be serious. The couple was thinking about marriage. Goruk introduced his girlfriend with his parents. But this relationship failed marriage.

    Now Lera Kozlova is not married and plunged into creativity.


    • «Ranetki» (the group «Ranetki»)
    • «Give me a sign»


    Lera Kozlova

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