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  • Name: Lera Kondra ( Valeria Kondra )
  • Date of birth: 27 may 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Actress, singer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: Not married

    Lera kondra: a biography

    Biography of Lera Kondra is an example of a successful career that has developed both on the runway and in television. The girl harmonizes with the model track. It looks perfect, fits the parameters, which are so popular with organizers FashionWeek’s.

    Lera kondra was born in the Russian capital, her father Vladimir – the trainer of Russian national team on volleyball. The artist herself says that it was thanks to dad in her inherent desire to always win and to be first in everything. Sports career of the father in childhood was the need to frequently relocate, as a result, Lera Kondra there are not a lot of close friends.

    Vladimir kondra was always confident that she will be successful, he wanted Valeria was in the future a sports journalist. But the Lera kondra his opinions never shared. Her dream was to be a fashion model, under the covers with a flashlight, she thumbed the prestigious glossy magazines, where confident girls showed designer outfits. So she decided to undergo training at a modeling Agency, while concealing this information from the father.

    Photo of Lera Kondra has always turned out very well, she felt confident on the runway and therefore did not go unnoticed. Parents learned about success daughter accidentally when she called home and reported the location of the photo shoot. At that time, Lera kondra could already boast a successful career model.

    The girl’s parents insisted on the necessity of obtaining higher education. The future artist did not argue with them and entered the faculty of journalism. Later, the father was assured that after graduation she started to really work.

    Lera kondra: career

    Working as a journalist Lera kondra start on the TV channel «Zvezda», which led the reporting on the fighting. Her work was very demanding, sometimes even dangerous, because at one point she decided to switch to the channel «Ren-TV» with more «light» oriented.

    Presenter trust the program «I’m a traveler», which came out every Saturday. Lera Kondra was a busy schedule, lots of flights, the constant change of climate. At one point, Valeria, who got used to the travelling, tired and realized that this process is not for everyone. At that time, her modeling career continued and it was extremely difficult to combine shooting glamour with journalism.

    After a while the producers channel «Muz TV» invited Leroux Condra to cooperate. There she was destined to meet with the Director of the video clip Irakli «Take a step». He looked through portfolios of the stars and decided that Lera kondra will fit harmoniously into the atmosphere of the clip and make it popular.

    In just a few days, she became recognizable not only in glossy circles, but also among music fans. With the fee amounted to such a sum that it did not have. Lera kondra successfully cooperated with Irakli Pirtskhalava, and producers decided to do another collaborative video for the song «Around the earth». Here she not only acted as a «decoration», but also sang a duet with the artist.

    Lera kondra realized that music is her calling and decided to arrive in GITIS. However, high school required a lot of time, which the rising star was not simple.

    Lera kondra: clips

    Solo career Lera Kondra began with the video for the song «Bartender Sasha», which appeared in the rotation in 2011. Then he became popular and still remains relevant.

    The second song «Compass» was provocative. Then the clip was directed by guru Vlad opelyants, known for his work with Zemfira, Alla Pugacheva and Valery Meladze. In the video, attended an American actress Natasha Alam, thanks to the ingenious plot of the clip faded out of rotation on music channels.

    The most shocking video of Lera kondra, «This is not true,» which shone a popular and successful young actor Konstantin Kryukov. Then «spread» the rumors about the novel guys, but the girl persistently denied them.

    In the 2012 edition of iFamous recognized Valery sexiest singer of our time.

    Lera kondra: personal life

    Personal life of Lera Kondra didn’t become public knowledge until the Dating with the rapper Body. The artists first met in Kiev and interested in each other. At that time their relationship was carefully hidden due to the lack of Guf with ISA Dolmatova.

    This turn of events did not discourage the artist. Rumor has it that the singer was ready to give birth to a child performer in the next few years. Last year it became known that kondra and Guf broke up, but it didn’t help the idol of millions to save a marriage with ISA.

    Lera kondra: filmography

    Filmography Lera kondra is not impressive, the star appeared in just two scenes:

    • «Rzhevskiy against Napoleon»
    • «Love in big city 2»

    To see the actress in the clips Irakli, Guf, Ptaha and Slim.

    Lera kondra: photo

    Lera Kondra

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