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  • Name: Leonid Zakoshansky ( Leonid Zakoshanskiy )
  • Date of birth: 31 July 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Tula, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: entertainer, journalist, television presenter, actor, producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Leonid Zakoshansky: biography

    Leonid zakoshansky – Russian showman, journalist, broadcaster, actor, producer, founder of the «ISU-Media Groups.» Best known for the work in the projects «You wouldn’t believe!» and «Talk show» on NTV

    Leonid Zakoshansky was born in Tula on 31 July 1984 in the family of lawyers. Parents instilled a love for the son of law, but the mind took very different passions.

    Leonid Zakoshansky in childhood
    Leonid Zakoshansky in childhood | Baby

    In his youth Leon was in many ways similar to their peers: fond of Cycling, contact sports and martial arts. In high school the young man became interested in hip-hop and break dancing. The latter seized the Leon so much that he even became involved in a professional dance Studio.

    In 15 years the young man already knew that he wanted to work in television. At school he started to take his first reports, which are willing to broadcast one of the Tula TV channels. After graduation the young man was determined to go to the capital.


    Leonid’s creative growth as a showman began in 2001. After a successful casting on the channel MUZ-TV Zakoshansky became a member of «the Seven under the sun.» After winning the show for Leonid opened the prospect of working on the music channel in the capital.

    Leonid Zakoshansky on Muz-TV
    Leonid Zakoshansky on Muz-TV | Vipartist

    A few years of working on MUZ-TV Leonid has become one of the most popular leading this channel. Popularity gave him the opportunity to go further, and in 2008 he moved on NTV in the program «You wouldn’t believe!». At this time also began a collaboration with Leonid the First channel, he became involved in several television projects as a guest.

    Leonid Zakoshansky
    Leonid Zakoshansky | Express newspaper

    In early 2008 Zakoshansky took part in one of the seasons of the show «Ice age». Partner the presenter on the ice was Olympic champion in pair skating Tatiana Totmianina. The pair was eliminated from the show before reaching the final of the competition.

    Leonid while learning the intricacies of skating sometimes trained together with Zhanna Friske. Partners of the singer and TV presenter in the «Ice age» Maxim Marinin and Tatiana Totmianina won the Olympic gold in Turin, so sometimes trained together in their wards. Frames combines skiing and Zakoshansky Friske was included in the edition of the program «Talk show», which was released in the summer of 2015 and is dedicated to the memory of Jeanne.

    Leonid Zakoshansky in the show
    Leonid Zakoshansky in the show «Ice age» | the Express newspaper

    In may 2008, there was a loud conflict between Leonid and singer Vlad Topalov. Zakoshansky at that time was the leading provocative program, «You wouldn’t believe it!». As reported mass media, the initiator of the conflict was the singer. In one of the capital’s restaurants he ran Zakoshansky and a verbal argument escalated into a fight, which had to reconcile local protection.

    Leonid Zakoshansky and Vlad Topalov
    Leonid Zakoshansky and Vlad Topalov

    A fight between men still held. Zakoshansky and Topalov became opponents in the Boxing show «king of the ring». Results of the battle was declared a draw. There is a version that the conflict was a sham, to attract attention to the speech of Leonid and the Power in the show. The archived recording of the match shows that Zakoshansky involved in a fake encounter, as has made great efforts to put the enemy in a horizontal position.

    In 2009 the TV presenter took part in the Christmas edition of «let’s get married». In this show he became one of the contenders for the hand and heart of the singer Yulia Kovalchuk. Rivals Leonid was well-known actors Maksim Averin and Alexander Nosik. Julia did not choose any of the candidates in husbands, but the star edition of the show «let’s get married» had good ratings and increased the army of fans Zakoshansky.

    In 2010, Leonid got a trendy haircut with Philip Kirkorov. During the filming one of the episodes of the TV show «You wouldn’t believe!» Zakoshansky, who interviewed the ex-husband of Alla Pugacheva. Philip Bedrosovich and Leonidas agreed on the hair style of the singer. On the grounds of this dispute was made one of the episodes of «You wouldn’t believe!», what the presenter of the program shaved himself bald Kirkorov.

    The new project «Let’s bury the hatchet» with the participation Zakoshansky appeared on NTV in 2011. The transfer was considered the causes of star conflicts and the path to reconciliation of the parties.

    The project «Talk show» that brought Leonid widespread popularity, was aired in 2012. For the theming of a new transmission Leonid altered his style of communication with the audience, became more tactful, calm and collected.

    Leonid Zakoshansky
    Leonid Zakoshansky | Overgraph

    Successful projects NTV helped Zakoshansky to take the position of Executive editor and producer of the television programs on this channel. The master also invited as a master of ceremonies at the ceremony of well-known music and television awards. In his instagram Zakoshansky pointed out that he is the founder of the company «GIP-Media Groups.»

    Leonid Zakoshansky
    Leonid Zakoshansky | Overgraph

    In October 2016, released a new project Zakoshansky, called «people Too», dedicated to the life of the non-public representatives of sports, music and fashion.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Leonid Zakoshansky interested in a whole army of fans. In each interview, admits that he has a favorite, but while he’s single, his fans will grow.

    In 2008 Zakoshansky I had a brief relationship with singer Alexa. Together the pair went to the world football championship Euro 2008, as it became known to the press. Alex gave an interview regarding this relationship.

    Alex | Cleo

    In 2011, during the celebration of his birthday Zakoshansky took the gift of a passionate kiss from Laysan Utyasheva. The singer is not shy cameras and the company’s star friends Leonidas. Kiss the girl added the remark that they Zakoshansky friends for nearly ten years, and there is nothing surprising in such manifestation of feelings.

    Leonid Zakoshansky and Laysan utiasheva
    Leonid Zakoshansky and Laysan utiasheva | Russian dialogue

    Such a statement confused the journalist finally, they decided that a couple found. Now the presenter has a family. Laysan utiasheva married comedian Paul Will in 2012, and bore him two children. Zakoshansky supports with a colleague at channel friendships. Family Laysan Utyasheva is not an obstacle to her friendship with Leonid.

    In an interview Zakoshansky admitted that he is not afraid of family life and married as soon as I meet the right girl for this. This statement became reaction of the presenter to the fact of making it to the list of celebrity singles Russia. According to Leonid, he has twice in his life was close to the wedding.

    Leonid Zakoshansky
    Leonid Zakoshansky | Fashion

    For the holidays 2016-2017 Leonid and his girlfriend flew to Miami.

    In the instagram account leading many photos of motorcycles and related paraphernalia, because he is the President of the motorcycle club «MC Pride». Leonid likes to publish and photos with your friends.

    Leonid Zakoshansky and Andrey Malakhov
    Leonid Zakoshansky and Andrey Malakhov | Instagram

    There is in the joint photo with Andrei Malakhov, which reviews the entertainer calls his friend. Men are leaders of such programs on different channels. For this reason they are often compared and even credited them with hostility.

    Andrei Malakhov and Leonid Zakoshansky have a lot of mutual friends and often found at formal and informal events, they are not enemies.

    Interesting facts

    Nationality Leonid Zakoshansky not as advertised. Mother of TV presenter name is Natalya Leonidovna, and daddy Andrey. The society actively discusses the presence Zakoshansky Jewish roots, but broadcaster this information is not commented.

    The showman has a law degree. At the insistence of parents, Leonid came to the Tula College of law, graduating in 2005, after five years Zakoshansky appeared the diploma of the Moscow regional Institute on a speciality «jurisprudence».

    Leonid Zakoshansky
    Leonid Zakoshansky | Gallery

    In 2001, Leonid participated in a casting for a reality show. He came to the audition in a suit and introduced himself as a producer, securing this trick in the project. Before you get on television, Leonid worked in the gym, in a nightclub, worked as a salesman, designer and radio presenter.

    The first seasons of the program «You wouldn’t believe!» was filmed with the participation of two leading. Counterpart Leonid was Mr Tishenkov. In 2009, co-host Zakoshansky died of alcohol poisoning.

    Leonid Zakoshansky
    Leonid Zakoshansky | NTV

    During filming, Leonid had a dispute with the stars of the national stage, as the material of the program often had scandalous character.

    In Tula the broadcaster has a share in the law firm. Leonid helped to open the law office «Partnership Zakoshansky,» which runs most of its close relatives.

    Leonid Zakoshansky
    Leonid Zakoshansky | Leexy

    Zakoshansky enjoys extreme sports, he likes to snowboard and jumped into the sea with a 23-meter cliff.

    Leonid has starred in several films where she played the role of himself. The most notable project of this kind is a crime drama «PA» with Konstantin Kryukov, and Igor wernick starring.


    Leonid Zakoshansky

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