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  • Name: Leonid Yakubovich ( Yakubovich Leonid )
  • Date of birth: 31 July 1945
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actor, television producer, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Leonid Yakubovich: biography

    Leonid Yakubovich was born on 31 July 1945 in Moscow. His family members held important and respected in the Soviet Union profession: father Arkady Solomonovich was an engineer and worked as a designer at the factory, the mother, Rima S. was a gynecologist in a local hospital. From early childhood, Leonid accustomed to independence and brought up in severity.

    In the school years, Leonid was a member of the drama club. In the sixth grade, they staged a play «twelfth night», where the boy had to play the Jester. After the speech a young Yakubovich decided to become an actor.

    During the school holidays before the eighth class adventurer Leonid together with his school friend have signed up for the expedition in Siberia. Parents were not against and even independently endorsed the decision of the guy. Leonid went to Siberia, the expedition was delayed for six months, and when the man returned to Moscow, the school was already the second quarter of classes. In view of his absence, that actually equated to absence, Leonidas was expelled from school.

    Yakubovich went to night school in parallel, combining education with work as a plumber in the aviation plant them. Tupolev. When it came time to choose a College for admission, Leonid decided to fulfill his childhood dream and become an actor. He acted in three theater Institute. However, when the guy said about the joyous event of his father, he was advised first to «serious» profession.

    Yakubovich went on the recommendation of Arkady Solomonovich and filed documents in the Institute of electronic engineering. Study was given to the guy pretty hard and he again turned to art, enrolling in the student Theater of miniatures. Two years later, the future artist moved to Moscow engineering-construction Institute named after Kuibyshev.

    In 1971, Leonid graduated from the Institute and went to work at the factory Likhachev. In parallel with the work he continued to write humorous stories and scenarios. Since 1979, Yakubovich became a writer of two Soviet television: «come on, boys!» and «well-ka, girls!». His lyrics also began to recite from the stage of the famous comedians of the time.

    In 1984 Yakubovich began working as an auctioneer and later founded the first auction House in the USSR. Even then, the artist was a well-known man in the country.

    In the early nineties Leonid became interested in aviation thanks to my friend Yuri Nikolaev, who first brought him to the airport. The artist arrived in Kaluga aeronautical technical school, from which he graduated in 2001. Passed special courses, Yakubovich received a license for flight and since then regularly flies the plane.


    Leonid Yakubovich debuted at the Soviet television in 1968, together with the student KVN team «CAPES». Like all members of the popular TV show, which was almost the only entertainment program on Soviet television, it became the city star. He and other guys from KVN learned on the streets, took autographs, their performances on TV watched it. For ten years he was a member of the team «CAPES».

    In 1991 the artist was invited to the casting of a leading entertainment TV program «Field of Miracles» on the «First Channel», and in November of that year he became the lead of the show. «Field of dreams» was a phenomenal success and popularity. Went there from all corners of the former Soviet Union, and the Yakubovich became the face and symbol of the program.

    Still most people firmly associate the host name with this show. Although the principle of operation of the TV show is very reminiscent of the American equivalent of «Wheel of Fortune», that Yakubovich was perfected and came up with the basic «chips» of the project. Director and author of the show Vlad Leaves welcomed the emergence of the black box in the program, as well as the organization of the legendary Museum show «Field of Miracles», where numerous gifts from the participants.

    The well-known leader was invited to other projects. In 1996 on the TV channel «RTR», he led the program «Tests of the week». In the same year, he became the leading game show «Wheel of history» on TV channel «Russia». In this game the participants had to guess the historical event that before them played. The show was not a great success and was purchased by the TV channel «ORT», which lasted until 2000.

    Leonid Arkadievich was also made by the author of the program, becoming one of the founders of the music game «Guessing game» where participants had to guess the song. But the program has been very expensive and had low ratings, which was soon closed. In 2000, Jakubowicz returned to the WHC as one of the jury members.

    In 2005, Leonid Yakubovich became a Director of vid TV company that produced the show «Field of Miracles». In the same year, he created a series of programs devoted to the last hours of the lives of famous artists — «Last 24 hours».

    Personal life

    With his first wife Galina Antonova, the artist became acquainted in his student days. Galina was a soloist of the group «Citizens». Leonid began to care for the girl, and in the fifth year they were married. The young people settled in the apartment of the parents, and in 1973 they had a son Artem.

    The life of the couple was not always cloudless, there were times when not enough money, and their house was surrounded by groupies popular Kvnschiki. In the early nineties family relationships finally cracks, and in 1991 Yakubovich filed for divorce. Artem had a hard time leaving his father, but Leonid tried to the best of my ability to help my son. He left his wife apartment, but their daily communication practically came to naught.

    In the mid-nineties Yakubovich married Marina it is Known that he worked in the advertising Department of the TV channel «LOOK.» In 1998 they had a daughter Varya.

    TV shows

    • Field of dreams
    • Tests weeks
    • The wheel of history
    • Dykan’ka
    • Wash in a million
    • The last 24 hours
    • The Island Of Crimea


    Leonid Yakubovich

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