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  • Name: Leonid Utesov ( Lazar Vaysbeyn )
  • Date of birth: 21 Mar 1895
  • Age: 86 years
  • Date of death: 9 Mar 1982
  • Place of birth: Odessa, Ukraine
  • Activity: singer, actor, conductor, conductor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Leonid Utesov: a biography

    Leonid Utyosov – the legend of Soviet music. He is known as singer, actor, reciter and poet. The multifaceted artist’s personality and unique style of play made him an iconic persona of the Soviet era. The cliffs was a good friend of Isaac Babel, Isaak Dunaevsky and Mikhail Zoshchenko.

    Family and childhood

    The actor’s real name – Lazarus I. Vaysbeyn, he was born on March 9 (March 21, new style) 1895 in Odessa. The boy was born along with twin sister, called Pauline. All in the family of Joseph Kalmanovich and Malki M. Vaysbeyn had nine children, four of whom died. Brother and sister Lazarus and Pauline was older than the twins.

    Leonid Utesov in his youth
    Leonid Utesov in his youth

    In childhood, the boy wanted to become a fireman or captain of the ship, but then the neighbor is a violinist, his passion for music. During his studies At the commercial College Faig, where Lazarus was enlisted at the age of eight, the future artist already played several musical instruments and sang in the orchestra. Finishing school the young man was not lucky, he was expelled for truancy and academic failure at the age of 14 years. According to one version, the future artist was expelled from school for hooliganism and pranks.

    Early career

    Talent young man was enough to launch a career as an artist in a traveling circus. Since 1911 Lazarus acted farce Borodanova, parallel to learning to play the violin. In 1912 he was invited to Kremenchug miniature theatre where the actor worked under the pseudonym of Leonid Utesov. The name change was the requirement of the authorities. The actor wanted to have a name that no one had ever heard, and he came up with it. For several years, the young man managed not only to show the rapid creative growth, but also to visit many major cities of their homeland. During a tour of Zaporozhye, the artist met his future wife.

    Leonid Utesov in his youth
    Leonid Utesov in his youth

    In 1917, the Cliffs became the winner of the competition of couplets in Gomel. The victory spurred him to gather in Moscow a small orchestra and performing with him in the garden of «Hermitage». During the civil war, the famous Odessa worked in his native city, took part in a Comedy play performed in the theater of operetta. It is believed that the patron of the artist at that time was a famous crime boss in Odessa Bear jap (Mikhail Vinnitsky). About it speaks positively of the Cliffs in one of his early autobiographical books. Contemporaries say that Mishka Yaponchik was on friendly relations with Leonid Iosifovich. Friends of the Cliffs and Isaac Babel, the author of «Odessa tales», which was based on the story about the criminal life of Odessa in the early twentieth century.


    In 1928, Leonid Osipovich visited Paris and fell in love there in jazz. Unknown to the Soviet public a music genre so captivated the artist, that in 1929 he was presented with the orchestra’s own theatrical jazz program. In 1930 he prepared a new concert, where the Cliffs have included orchestral imagination of Isaac Dunaevsky. In 1934, the screens out the film «Jolly fellows», where Leonid Osipovich starred together with the musicians of his orchestra. With the singer in the film played a young actress Lyubov Orlova. In 2010, the first Soviet jazz-Comedy with Utyosov was shown on television in restored color version. The famous song «Heart», performed by Utyosov in this film, was written by Isaac Dunaevsky long before the filming.

    The repertoire of Leonid I. more than one hundred compositions. Some of the most famous songs because of the related stories. In 1935, the song «Odessa Kichmay» in the execution of Utesov became a popular hit. The period of the Soviet time was particularly busy due to Stalinist repression. The singer was also quick performing frivolous songs, having received a warning from the authorities. However, at a reception in honor of the rescue of polar explorers of the icebreaker «Chelyuskin» Rocks performed the song «Odessa Kichmay» in the St. George hall at the personal request of Stalin.

    There is a theory that Isaak Dunayevsky in 1936 wrote the song «he Lived a brave captain» for Leonid Iosifovich, but in the singer’s repertoire is not included. In 1937, the artist has presented a program «Songs of my homeland» and introduced a daughter Edith in a band as a soloist. In 1939, he became the first performer in the USSR, starred in a music video. In 1941 the Great Patriotic war, and the Rocks moved on to songs of Patriotic character. In a matter of months, the musicians picked up new repertoire and went to the front with the music program «beat the enemy» to support the fighters of the red army.

    In the first year of its tour, the orchestra has given over 200 concerts. In 1942, Leonid Utesov was awarded the title of honored artist of the RSFSR. The band continued to tour with the military-Patriotic repertoire until the end of the war, the most popular songs of the time: «Wait for me», «Katyusha», «Song of war correspondents», «Odessa Bear», «Soldier’s waltz». Leonid Osipovich was among the artists participating in the festive concert in Moscow on 9 may 1945.

    In 1947 Utyosov jazz orchestra was renamed the orchestra of the RSFSR. In the same period was presented orchestral fantasy «Moscow», prepared for the celebration of the 800 anniversary of the capital. In 1951 came the song «black sea», which became the hallmark of Odessa. It was written for the soloist by modest Tabachnikov and Semyon Kirsanov. In the postwar period, Variety orchestra of the RSFSR under the leadership of Leonid I. continued to provide new music rooms. In the early fifties Edith Utesova left the band, and after 10 years left the scene and her father. In 1965, Leonid Osipovich, was awarded the title of people’s artist of the USSR.

    Theatre and movies

    Rocks tried his hand as an actor in 1912. The famous Odessa worked in Kremenchug theatre of miniatures, in the Theater of revolutionary satire, the Leningrad theatre of musical Comedy, theatre of the Leningrad theatre of satire in Moscow dramatic theatre. Utesov were good roles in operettas. Film debut of the artist was held in 1919. Cliffs appeared in the film «Lieutenant Schmidt — freedom fighter» in the role of lawyer Zarudny. Four years later he played the role of Petlyura in the ribbon, TORGOVYY Dom «antanta I Ko». In the late twenties was also shooting other feature films.

    Leonid Utesov in the film
    Leonid Utesov in the movie «Career Spirite of Spandura» | Movie-Theater

    In 1931 the actor along with Claudia Shulzhenko played in the play «Conditionally killed» on the stage of the Leningrad music hall. In 1954, Leonid Osipovich acted as the Director of the variety show «Silver wedding». Cinematography is not so interested in the famous Odessa theatre. Most of the films with the participation of the soloist is of a nature documentary, although in his account there are a few feature films, including the world-famous Comedy «Jolly fellows».

    Leonid Utesov in the film
    Leonid Utesov in the film «Jolly fellows» | Movie-Theater

    The work in this tape left, Leonid Iosifovich disappointed, he joked that the Lyubov Orlova «ate his tape.» In the early forties was a very popular film-concert with participation of soloist under the name «Concert-front». At that time, the artist toured with his orchestra, raising the morale of red army soldiers. In 1981, due to problems with the heart and the artist decided to leave the scene. In the same year came the last film with the participation of soloist, filmed during his lifetime.

    Personal life Utesov and his women

    Leonid Osipovich was twice officially married, but after the death of the legendary singer began to open the details of his numerous amorous adventures. There were even children born out of wedlock soloist in Odessa and Moscow, although documentary evidence of kinship with the legendary artist.

    Leonid Utesov with his wife and daughter
    Leonid and Elena Utesova with her daughter Edita | LGrate

    The first wife came Leonid I. in 1914, when he met a young actress Lena Elena in Zaporozhye theater and could not resist. The cliffs, according to his niece, twice tried to leave the family, but did not dare. The first wife gave birth to actor’s daughter Edith, and was there for 48 years. Leonid Osipovich was widowed in 1962. By the time he had long had a connection with the dancer Antonina Levels, which in 1982 became the second wife of the artist. Leonid Osipovich survived his daughter from his first marriage. The cause of death of Edith Utesova in 1982 he became a severe form of leukemia.

    Memory and heritage

    Cliffs has become a truly cult figure in the history of Soviet art. About his life and work filmed a lot of TV. After the death of the singer, on 9 March 1982, left a huge archive of photographs, letters, records, books and personal belongings. A lot of valuable artifact lost, but part of the correspondence and family photographs saved the niece of the artist. On her initiative the Museum was opened by Leonid Utesov. Currently, the exposition is greatly expanded thanks to the efforts of Edward Amchislavsky. The apartment Museum is located in Odessa in the house of childhood and youth Utesov.

    Monument To Leonid Utesov
    Monument to Taras Shevchenko in Odessa Official site of Odessa

    Leonid Osipovich wrote four books of autobiographical nature, in which he shared his memories and thoughts. It is named after one of the streets in his hometown and the asteroid. Discography of favorite songs soloist has more than 10 CDs. Leonid Osipovich was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow.


    • 1919 — Lieutenant Schmidt — freedom fighter
    • 1923 — Torgovy Dom «antanta I Ko»
    • 1925 — Career Spirite Of Spandura
    • 1927 — Strangers
    • 1934 — Funny guys
    • 1963 — Melody Dunayevsky
    • 1974 — Peter Martynovich and years of great life


    Leonid Utesov

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