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  • Name: Leonid Stavitsky ( Leonid Stavitskiy )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1958
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: Political leader of Russia, Deputy Minister of construction and housing, ex-mayor of Zvenigorod
  • Marital status: Married

    Leonid Stavitsky: biography

    Leonid Stavitsky

  • – the famous politician of Russia, Deputy Minister of construction and housing, is a member of multiple state commissions and organizing committees in charge of preparations for the commissioning of the Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur region. Leonid Stavitsky was born in Moscow in 1958. Education in the Metropolitan Missy. There Stavitsky studied construction in industry and civil area. Immediately after graduation went to work.

    First place in the career of Stavisky became the company UNR APU. In this organization, the young specialist was able to quickly climb the corporate ladder. In the work Stavitsky proved excellent. In those years he participated in various construction sites of all-Union scale. For example, Leonid Stavitsky worked objects belonging to various ministries of the Union. And work on such important projects was a good school for beginners.

    After the collapse of the USSR, Leonid Stavitsky tried their hand at entrepreneurship. He created a new construction company. In this business structure, which was called «Robin», Stavitsky was a leader. But already in 2000 he moved to the civil service. And that work in state agencies became a major industry.

    Political career

    His first steps in the civil service he did in the Moscow region. Leonid Stavitsky was invited to take up a senior post in the Ministry of construction in the region. There he became Vice-President. In this position He was responsible for the construction of houses and infrastructure, interacted with various organizations, including the state examination.

    Leonid Stavitsky became the mayor of the city of Zvenigorod. In this city he was able to realize many ideas. So, during the work, which lasted about ten years, stawicki did everything for rapid development of Zvenigorod. With him there were new houses and social facilities. And most importantly, the builders did not stop even in difficult economic years, which are called a crisis.

    Leonid Stavitsky was twice elected on a post of the mayor of the city. And each time voted for him more than half the population of Zvenigorod. And in 2011, for the third time he became mayor. Only now under the new law of elections was not, and his candidacy has appointed the members of the «United Russia».

    Work Stavisky in the city of Zvenigorod was successful from the point of view of interaction with investors. Leonid Stavitsky has attracted huge investments. And the volume of injections into the economy Zvenigorod, if the new mayor has increased about 30 times. With such a large-scale financial support Stavitsky engaged in the development of the city. In those years In Seniorage there were also large sports facilities, including local sports Palace. This is the legacy that He left town.

    The Ministry of construction

    After this period, a career in the life of Leonid Stavitsky it is not less significant step. Since 2013, he is Deputy Minister of construction of Russia. On Stavisky assigned many duties associated with coordinating the activities of departments, construction of houses for the Russians who lost their homes due to natural disasters.

    In recent years, Leonid Stavitsky regularly visits the Amur region. There he engaged in the supervision of works on construction of the cosmodrome «East». The fact that stawicki became the head of the relevant Supervisory Commission.

    Leonid Stavitsky is also known for its fruitful work for the benefit of Russian sports. For a long time he was the head of the handball Federation Moscow region. And then he was invited to become Vice-President of the Russian Federation on this sport. For merits before the Russian sports Stavitsky received relevant honour.

    And this is not the only reward of the civil servant. So, Stavisky gave about 15 different awards. He received honorary diplomas from the Russian Orthodox Church. Also he was awarded several medals, confirming the huge contribution Stavisky in the development of Russia.

    Personal life

    Leonid Stavitsky married. In his spare time, the politician prefers to spend time with family in nature. Close from the environment Stavisky talk about his love of fishing.


    Leonid Stavitsky

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