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  • Name: Leonid Slutsky ( Leonid Slutsky )
  • Date of birth: 4 may 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Height: 186
  • Activity: football player, Honored coach of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Leonid Slutsky: biography

    Leonid Viktorovich Slutsky is the head coach of CSKA football club and now the national team of Russia on football. Is sports awards and the title of honored coach of Russia. In 2011, the athlete won the Cup of Russia, and in 2013 and 2014 he became the champion of Russia. Has in its Arsenal six team trophies. Slutsky since childhood, played football and became a great goalkeeper. Who knows how it would have continued his career if not for an accident.

    Leonid Slutsky is the best coach in football and a great player in the WHC. In August 2015 he was elected as the chief coach of the national team of Russia, which occurred after the removal from the post of Italian Fabio Capello. Slutsky was able to nurture successful young sportsmen and to lead CSKA Moscow to a visible results.

    Leonid Viktorovich was born in Volgograd birth 4 may 1971. His parents were excited about his son, but soon tragedy struck. When Leonid was six years old, his father, the master of sports on Boxing, has died. The boy grew up with a mother who worked as a kindergarten teacher and then became the head of this preschool institution. Leon grew sympathetic and kind child. He, like all children of the Soviet Union, went to school, but third grade was recorded in the football section of the stadium «Spartak». After receiving the certificate of completion of secondary school, Leonid Slutsky continued his studies at the State Institute of physical culture in Volgograd. Along with his studies in the higher institution, Leonid became a player-goalkeeper in youth soccer team «the Star» of the Settlement.

    The young player gave hope, but everything was broken in one autumn day. Compassion and good nature of the people played a cruel joke. Deciding to help a neighbor get out of the poplar cat, Slutsky has put an end to the career of the player. Tree branches could not stand this young player, and he is training came to the hospital with fractures and a concussion. A year lasted treatment. Leonid Slutsky was able to develop a knee joint, but the goalkeeper’s career is over.


    Leonid Viktorovich Slutskiy was a good student, graduating from the Institute with honors. After graduation he continued his education in graduate school, simultaneously beginning his coaching career. He was only twenty-two years, when he got to his team «Olympia» twelve-year-old boys who dream of becoming famous players. His coaching career began in 1993. Under the direction of Slutsk Volgograd «Olympia» in 1999 won the Cup of Russia, having the opportunity to play in the second division.

    Since 2001 Leonid began to train players that play in the second team «Uralan» from Elista. After the collapse of the Elista club Leonid Viktorovich took the coaching position in the second structure of football club «Moscow». Long he had to train twice. In 2005 Leonid Viktorovich became a mentor to the team.

    Such cooperation with club «Moscow» lasted only two years, although the players could receive the prize in the Cup of Russia. At the time of FC «Moscow» remained in fourth place and got a chance to play in the UEFA Cup.

    Despite all the team’s achievements, Leonid Viktorovich Slutsky was fired from his post prematurely terminating the contract that was signed before 2010.

    Slutsky did not remain without work, he was invited to become the head coach of Samara «wings of the Soviets». The contract was signed for three years, but there happened to friction and misunderstandings. Although the club played with good performance, Leonid Viktorovich still had two years to go, writing a letter of resignation at own will.

    Since 2009, the athlete becomes a coach of CSKA. Under his guidance athletes have achieved exit in the playoffs of the Champions League, and in 2011 won the championship, taking the Russian Cup for the sixth time. This award was the first trophy for coach Slutsky.

    CSKA has its UPS and downs, but Leonid Viktorovich has always believed in the potential of their children.

    In August 2015, the Slutsky was entrusted to coach the football team of Russia, while leaving the opportunity to coach CSKA Moscow. After the failure of the «Euro 2016» Leonid Slutsky has declared his desire to leave the post of head coach of the Russian Federation.


    The life of Leonid Viktorovich is not monotonous. He is interested not only in sports. His passion regarding the «club of cheerful and resourceful and humorous television show «Good jokes». He played for the team of Volgograd «Third sons», took part in games of the Higher League of KVN, acting as not only a trainer, but a dancer and musician. Leonid Slutsky can not imagine my life without sport and without humor.

    Personal life

    Childhood Leonid Slutsky was held without a father, but this did not prevent him to grow up and become a real man who knows how to love and could not deny his family. Leonid Viktorovich married. He has a wonderful wife and a wonderful son Dimitri.


    Leonid Slutsky

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